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Guest Picks: Dreaming of Spring
"rints.html Definitey don't have to limit yourelf to just the color green. When I..."
Loving Color: Enjoy the Sweet Taste of Raspberry
If the color raspberry were a person, I would describe her as confident, bold, fashionable and sweet. Raspberry brings a bold vibe to any room. When added in small doses, the space becomes a bit more sassy. And when used as the main color, raspberry...
Guest Picks: Get That Kitchen Organized!
"ition.html Oh my, 3 tiers of paper towel dispenser? Not sure how the "Exact Spice..."
Happy Color: A Rainbow of Dressers
A generation ago, people typically bought their bedroom furniture as a set: the dresser with matching mirror and matching bed frame. Nowadays we do quite the opposite — everything is about mixing and matching and decorating with furniture that's unique...
Checklist: What To Do in the Garden This Month
Baby it's cold outside! Perhaps that chill keeps your thoughts far from the garden, but winter is actually a perfect time to fix your mind on the outdoors. There are tasks to be completed, dreams to be outlined and housekeeping chores you'll want to...
Jewelry Storage: 8 Pretty, Practical Organizing Ideas
Ever since I outgrew my musical jewelry box with the spinning ballerina inside, I've been at a bit of a loss as to where to stash my expanding collection of baubles. In a perfect world, I'd have a closet tricked out with custom-configured, velvet-lined...
Guest Picks: Cookie and Kate's Cooking Essentials
Ever since I got serious about cooking, I've tried to invest in durable, high-quality, non-toxic pieces for my kitchen. Here's a collection of my very favorite and most-used cooking tools (and a few that are on my wish list). — Kathryne from
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