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Kitchen of the Week: Classic Style for a Southern Belle
"over the island! I love the contrast of the white with the pine floors! Can I get... Liked the flow of the kitchen and the neatness of the layout. Also, I find a very... problem is the placement of the electrical outlets. They interrupt the lines of the horizontal... along the wall. And why did the electrician place the outlet right in the middle... middle of the side of the island? Shouldn't the outlet be higher, up near the trim? It..."
Kitchen of the Week: Simple Style Fuels Creativity
"From the amazing dishes Shanna Mallon of Food Loves Writing whips up, you wouldn't... delicious, the kitchen was perfectly organize. I just love the restraint, the richness... one's style is cluttered or streamlined, this is the attitude to take into it.... cleaning the kitchen so much easier and faster, and it eliminates that "cluttered" feeling... writing style. You'll just fall in love with her Encouraging and inspirational the..."
Lay of the Landscape: Tropical Garden Style
"live on the edges of these climates, places like the American South or Pacific Northwest... throughout the summer and bring indoors over the winter. Fortunately, many of our favorite... easy. The plants that define "tropical" — palms, bougainvillea, bromeliads, orchids... handle the cold while looking like they were imported directly from a tropical jungle... should find the time to discover what the names of all the plants and flowers I have...."
New Southern Style for the Kitchen
"believes the South is in the midst of a renaissance. “Southern decor has transformed... leading the trend of mixing styles. We’re becoming more and more eclectic.” Here... deep, but the new South allows for creative liberties that are sure to suit any style... you’re in the mood for dumplings or dim sum. While there are a few ingredients that are... incorporate the hallmarks of Southern decor into any kitchen...."
Give This Style the Old College Try
"evoke the collegiate aesthetic at home, from subtle to seriously fanatical... '60s, The Official Preppy Handbook and the movie Animal House. The reality at age... crispness in the air, the leaves are starting to change, football season is in full swing... kidding, the dorm was called Balz. Yup, pronounced like you think.) However, the Balz... collegiate style stem from a romantic ideal of brick Ivy League dorm rooms of the 1950s..."
Exploring Architecture: Discover the Secrets of Georgian Style
"look at the features that mark this architectural era in Britain and beyond... refers to the architectural style of the period between 1720 and 1830. It takes its name... departed from the English Baroque style of the early 18th century, which was characterized... colors. The Georgian style in Britain and other English-speaking countries had a much... name from the four British King Georges (I, II, III and IV) who ruled from 1714 to 1830..."
Family’s New Style Rises in the Aftermath of a Flood
"they like the open space and decide to keep it... after the disastrous June 2013 floods in Alberta, Canada. Once the floodwaters had... tearing out the walls of homes as quickly as possible. After the sledgehammering in their... stood in the open space and realized they really liked it. The small, compartmentalized... gone, and the couple saw the potential to design an urban loft look they had loved so... McMahen; the basement of her home was filled with water and its first floor had more..."
My Houzz: A Farmhouse-Style Getaway in the Santa Cruz Mountains
"down the brown and redesigning for modern living, a trio of friends turns a 1980s... the boundaries of the property,” says Morgan. “The art studio was built, and all... the property required some serious design love. The three friends asked contractor... getaway. “The gardens started taking shape. We got chickens. The dogs got used to the... Cooper, the CEO of a psychiatric hospital, spotted a fixer-upper on 18 acres in the..."
Pick the Right Paint Finish to Fit Your Style
"The question of finish may be as crucial as color. See which of these 9 varieties... impact on the look and feel of your room. Read on to get the rundown on nine of the most... more, the choices are endless — and the decision you make can have a profound impact... your style. But what about the finish of your walls? From velvety matte to high... Applying the wax at the end was fun and easy. I also like the faint smell of the wax..."
Regional Style: The Jersey Shore
"hair, the Jersey shore is a happening hotbed of colorful seaside design... about the houses. Forget the amazing seafood and boat rides on the bay. Forget... Forget the boardwalk and frozen custard. I want to walk the sidewalks and ogle the scores... and down the tiny towns along the shoreline. Join me as we check out the seaside beauties... down to "the Shore," and you'll most likely be greeted by salt spray in your hair, summer..."
Pick the Right Drapery Top for Your Room's Style
"pleats, the headings of your curtains speak volumes about your attention to detail... look the same, take a closer look at the top of each. The heading of a window treatment... individual style — sometimes more than the fabric itself does. From elaborate to unpretentious... heading styles speak volumes about attention to detail. Check out some favorites below... The panels in the back-tab ripple fold picture are yummy! And the room's not bad..."
Learn the Lingo of Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles
"to make the right choice when you shop... a big style statement in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, and the doors, drawer... about the basic types and why some cost more than others, I visited Canyon Creek... overlay, and the drawers to the right are full overlay. Pull out the drawers and the drawer... Obviously, the inset door/drawer design hides the edge bellow the plane of the cabinet... for each style is exactly the same size. The only difference is that the drawer fronts..."
Guest Picks: The Artfully Styled Kitchen
"Upgrade the Look of Your Kitchen... linger at the dinner table long after the last bite has gone. — Kelly Serra from The... into the most vibrant room of the home. Scour your bookshelves and closets for... The kitchen has long been an afterthought when it comes to accessorizing and decorating... quite the opposite, it is truly eye opening how adding a few simple treasured items... move into the kitchen and freshen up your look. Bring in colorful artwork and sentimental..."
American Architecture: The Elements of Craftsman Style
"California, at the turn of the 20th century. The Greene brothers were influenced by the English... became the most popular style of small house throughout the country from about 1905... against the Industrial Revolution in an effort to promote the work of craftsmen and... and the handmade over the machine made), as well as by Oriental wooden architecture... on of the style through national periodicals like House Beautiful and Ladies' Home..."
Lay of the Landscape: English-Style Gardens
"designed in the early 1700s as a reaction to the formality of the latter. The goal was... is it the French-style garden set in a strict geometric pattern. In fact, the first... define the basic elements of an English garden, the style itself has grown and changed... basics of the style can be applied even to the smallest garden.... represents the landscape of the English Isles and much of North America. This is not..."
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