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American Architecture: The Elements of Cape Cod Style
"architecture style was born in New England but has stood the test of time around the United... coast. The style saw a resurgence during the colonial revival period during the first... of the English hall and parlor house to suit the stormy weather of the New England... found in the Midwest and on the West Coast. Why you'll love it: This is the quintessential... which the style is named). Revival examples are all over the Eastern seaboard, however..."
The Ins and Outs of Northern California Style
"California style bridges the gap between inside and out... everyone from the Spanish to the hippies. It is, above all, a place where the line between... synonyms. The coast is ever present, but the designs are not exactly beach style. And... The design and architecture of Northern California closely match the culture of Northern... obsessed with the outdoors. When I think of a quintessentially Northern California style..."
Lay of the Landscape: Coastal Garden Style
"can be the ultimate in soothing landscapes if you know how to work with the elements... ng by the sea is not for sissies. Even the best day at the seaside will bring noticeable... When the weather is stormy, there’s the added dimension of strong winds, even stronger... right on the sea’s edge, the soil itself is probably sandy, salty or both. Despite... live at the seaside to have a garden that is reminiscent of the coast. By following..."
Kitchen of the Week: Beach-House Beauty With a Practical Style
"harmony with the rest of the house. “Working with the architect allowed me to make the best... that the kitchen would be the heart of their new vacation home, the couple enlisted... England. The original structure had to go, but the new wood-framed house that replaced... enlisted the help of kitchen designer Stephen Graver, who consulted with the architect... space in the kitchen,” Graver says. “We were able to redesign the windows to emphasize..."
Kitchen of the Week: Style Trumps Ease in a San Francisco Loft
"goods. The desire to preserve large windows and the lack of available wall space prevented... mind the extra lifting. He sees it as a minor sacrifice in the name of creating a... point in the industrial loft setting. “It was really all about the look,” says Cindy... matter for the homeowner, a San Francisco tech CEO who enjoys exercising and doesn’t mind... built the almost entirely custom kitchen. “OK, in hindsight there should have been..."
Screen Style Forecast: When the 'Girls' Grow Up
"decorating styles the girls on HBO's new series will choose when their taste matures.... cheered the arrival of the brutally honest and unsentimental Hannah Horvath, written... Dunham. How the 20-somethings in Girls deal with the trials and tribulations of their lives... decorating styles. With my Houzz hat on, I looked at each character's current decorating... decorating style to predict what it might look like in 10 years...."
Lay of the Landscape: Modern Garden Style
"calmness in the garden to match the serenity of contemporary homes... and with the hardscape playing a much more important role than the plantings. It also... blending the indoors with the outside world. Though such a garden may seem like a complete... drop from the roof rather than meander through the garden, and what lawn you have will... longer be the focal point of the backyard. Surprisingly adaptable. Modern or contemporary..."
Lay of the Landscape: Southwestern Garden Style
"profuse in the desert landscape as the sunsets are breathtaking... This is the home of chilies. This is also the home of some of the most amazing plants... The American Southwest is a land of extremes. Temperature is the most obvious extreme... sand, and the dusty greens of the foliage. Water is scarce, but where rivers run or pools... areas, the seasons are reversed — winter is the growing season, while summer is when..."
Kitchen of the Week: Upscale Barn Meets Industrial Loft Style
"river in the U.S. Lowcountry, owned by an interior designer and called The Barn, you... it as The Barn,” she says. “When it went on the market, I walked inside and fell... to just the right consistency and serves up a look that’s cozy, clean lined and original... years; at the time it was a vacation home shared by several couples. “They put a metal... all of the old-school lines of it — I saw everything I wanted to do, and we bought..."
Roots of Style: Dutch Colonial Homes Settle on the Gambrel Roof
"from the Netherlands brought the gambrel roof and other quaint details. Has your... place the shallow atop the steep. Add dormers, often one long one, to the steep portion... re to the necessities of the time. Though simple gable roofs also sheltered some... houses, the unique gambrel form became increasingly popular to the point of ethnic... this, the gambrel roof has been shared and mixed across several styles, including..."
Room of the Day: High Eclectic Style in a Luxe Sitting Room
"he and the homeowner refer to as “the haven.”... right off the master bedroom, so we wanted to make it romantic,” says interior designer... Peace. The room is layered in antiques and contemporary art, making it feel as though... whole, the room tells a story of travel and a love of art and design history. Here’s... chair. The color, the silhouette, the tufts, those legs.... she's darn near perfect... inspiration. The room's snug proportions and isolation from the rest of the house is NOT..."
Room of the Day: Cheery Cottage Style for a Master Bedroom
"to give the room the cottage feel they craved.... window was the driving inspiration for this cozy master bedroom redesign. In addition... antiques in the best light, these homeowners wanted a comfy, family-friendly atmosphere... giving the formerly dark and dated master bedroom a cheery makeover. Here’s a look... keeping with the rest of the house? I love the addition of beadboard, but the house I'm... eyelet on the bed. A red dresser is used in the bedroom to hold clothes and the television..."
Plantation Home Style Stars in 'The Descendants'
"course, the lanai all play their part in the Oscar-nominated film's tropical setting... that made the audience feel like the sets had been lived in not just by the characters... role in The Descendants was undoubtedly one of the film's main draws. But design e... hightailed to the cinema also to see how the movie's setting (Honolulu and Hanalei Bay) and... and the ancestral home's significance was translated in the production and set design..."
Room of the Day: Modern Cottage Style for a Sunny Breakfast Nook
"The owner of this home has a fearless love of color, a passion for prints and an... area. The designer helped her brighten up her entire Medford, Massachusetts, house... I love the colors and textures in this kitchen. I love the chairs and the round table... thought... the tiny round table that was chosen for the space leaves the majority of the... feeling to the place. The banquette was a real steal of an idea. Sometimes the simplest..."
Roots of Style: Georgian Homes Offer Familiarity Through the Ages
"since the 1700s. Does your home show off any Georgian details?... England as the result of the Renaissance's reaching the British islands in the middle... of the American colonies. Americans built in the Georgian style for most of the... until the 1780s that the nearly identical Adam style began to take over. In the... search for the familiar or an association in the context of our families. This could be... England in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, coinciding with the establishment of..."
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