23 tillandsia Stories

Make a Beautiful and Long-Lasting Driftwood Centerpiece
"succulents and tillandsias in a piece of driftwood I found on the beach in Washington. See... long. Tillandsias (optional)Succulent and palm potting mix or natural compressed..."
Dirt Optional: Amazing Air Plants for Wall or Tree
"love love tillandsias....just tucked some on a grapevine wreath i had, and is hanging... looking for Tillandsias. In fact, the SF Flower Mart now sells a wide variety of amazing... with tiny Tillandsias perched inside and large hurricanes stuffed with ornaments and... these Tillandsia plants for a couple of months and they have been so easy to live... succulents and tillandsia air plants. “Our inspiration was the amazing and unusual qualities..."
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Christmas Tree!
"Succulents and Tillandsias (air plants) to decorate a beautiful tree branch that I mounted..."
Bromeliads: The Ultimate Collector's Plants
"plantings. Tillandsia. Most bromeliads can live in the treetops, but Tillandsias do it... famous Tillandsia is hanging moss (Tillandsia usneoides, zones 8 to 11), which drapes... plant (Tillandsia fasciculata, zones 9b to 11) and Tillandsia xerographica (zones... dry out. Tillandsias, which are in the bromeliad family, may need occasional misting... ground. Tillandsias are so adept at treetop life that they absorb moisture from the..."
Freshen Up the Bath With Lush and Healthy Plants
"the BathTillandsia. Tillandsias, better known as air plants, require no soil to grow... for your tillandsia, either use a spray bottle to mist it twice a week or submerge it... here) and tillandsias can be mounted directly to a piece of wood, since their root systems... watering. Tillandsias, thanks to the fact that they don’t need soil, can be placed just..."
8 Houseplants You Can't Kill
"soon. 2. Tillandsia. Any plant commonly called air plant has got to be easy, right?... Tillandsias need no soil to grow — what's easier than that? A member of the bromeliad... family, tillandsias get their nourishment from the surrounding environment (air, humidity... also give tillandsias a weekly soak — dunk them quickly into water and then let them..."
Got a Hot, Humid Landscape? Add Tropical Flair With Air Plants
"airplant (Tillandsia utriculata)Cardinal airplant (Tillandsia fasciculata)Ball moss... in the Tillandsia genus. They are also the most common air plants used in home decor:Giant... (Tillandsia recurvata) Staghorn ferns. Staghorns consist of several species within..."
Air Plants Go Easy on Indoor Gardeners
"collection of Tillandsia climb the wall in a unique planter designed by John Lamos for Viducci's... foliage, Tillandsia xerographica is a versatile air plant that can grow to be quite..."
Retro Houseplants Get a New Look
"These tillandsias, or air plants, are displayed in a cast-stone frame by artist John... plant (Tillandsia xerographica) and you'll want to own it. Its gray-green foliage..."
Guest Picks: Modern Indoor Planters
"pots and tillandsia is perfection. I'd hang this in my studio for inspiration. How lovely... leather tillandsia holders — be still my beating heart. These beauties would be a great..."
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