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20 Holiday Essentials to Get You to New Year's
"wrapping paper Christmas morning....and last time I checked paper can be recycled..... napkins, paper towels, tissue, and batteries (especially if you have kids) etc, A couple... wrapping papers (something fairly traditional-looking - which requires a lot of digging... Colored paper, cinnamon & champagne. I'll post why later - gotta go take some muffins... how much paper was recommended, and do you know what's in a Tide pen?! The plain brown..."
12 Design Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Better
"toilet paper holders, magazine racks, combo TP and magazine holders, and a nifty TP... toilet paper holder we found for the master, but it's just barely visible in the pics... toilet paper holder. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper. But there is light... facial tissue, and waste bin combo that I just do not have enough height under my... mother papered the walls above the tiles, and within a few months it had grown black..."
Harness the Cloud: 8 Ways to Automate Your Housekeeping
"already buy paper goods (TP, tissues, and paper towels) in bulk on Amazon. It takes some... sensitive papers I would either stick to the old-fashioned paper storage system or keep... roll of paper towels with a broom handle, without needing a ladder. I'm not exactly... here for paper management, specifically the Doxie scanner. Does anyone else have r... red card holders have free delivery @mcqk - I also have reservations about scanning..."
Easy Hospitality: 3 Basics for Successful Hosting
"pizza box, paper towels, the tv. and a blanket! The second reason is, What Goes Around... stack of paper cups in the bathroom along with a night light for any night time needs... available - tissues, nightlight, wastebasket, extra pillow or blanket, place for suitcase... rolls of tissue around, pay attention in the morning, and if there's less that half... on the holder and you are expecting guests (or unexpected ones show up), replace it..."
12 Great Decorative Alternatives to Curtains
"covering- any tissue paper or acetate scrapbook paper (clear plastic with designs on it)... press the paper onto it while it's wet. The white tissue paper looks just like the rice... use the tissue paper or acetate scrapbook paper and glue for a stained glass look.... press the paper onto it! If the tissue paper is delicate, put it on the dry window and... colored tissue paper and will often change the design for holidays. The best part is..."
Guest Picks: Accessories That Are Perfect for Fall
"have the tissue house!! Love the coat rack and metal hoop stand and minimalist mirror... buy the tissue house? Don't care for people 'plugging' their products as part of their... Umbra tissue house. Very nice to cover the ugly floral boxes, but somewhat unfunctional... and the tissues have to pull out the angle of the chimney. I'd still buy them again... house tissue boxes (on amazon)! Too cute. They're going in places where it's nice..."
Style Up Your Bathroom Storage
"toilet paper with different shades of tissue paper and then tie a bow around them... contact paper, wallpaper, decoupaged paper or fabric, cork sheeting, wood veneer, thin... button, paper clip, etc. that gets emptied out of pockets and left on countertops,... toilet paper in that space. I put a yard stick down through the holes which keeps... toilet paper in a rusted wire basket. I'm not usually overly stuffy, but that bathroom..."
Dream Spaces: 12 Beautiful White Kitchens
"that the holder is like a built-in toilet-paper holder under the countertop. I am planning... built in paper towel holder. Since I am generally the one who is casually chatting and... toilet paper holder in the powder room for others. Empty!!! The replacement either... built in paper towel holder, I assume this refers to the first photo in this article... not a paper towel holder. Just my two-cents. These are all lovely. I would love any..."
Guest Picks: 21 Nifty Pantry Organizers
"and the paper towel holder on top fits toilet tissue perfectly. http://www.rev-a-shelf... spice holder is ON MY LIST!!!!! I need to get me an over the door holder for the... clear shoe holder on her pantry door. It holds everything from seasoning packets to her... in the holder--to ME three drops IS empty!!!! Where ARE those hiding in those fridges... Shelf paper is a great way to dress up a pantry and add some instant personality..."
Better Places to Stash That Soap
"rotating soap holder", I've found 2 sources already that you can buy the holder and soap... roll of paper towels on a cute holder in her powder room. We've got counter-mounted... toothbrush holder. Master bath: specialty ceramic molded toothbrush holder bought in... brush holder or a cup. It is Urquiola from Axor. http://www.houzz.com/photos/11... rotating soap holder - off to find one! Great article, thank you. I recycled a Casa Noble..."
Easy Green: 23 Ways to Reduce Waste at Home
"toilet paper holder. Plastic Wonder Bread bags. The nice heavy paper that retailers... water and paper pulp needed to make PAPER TOWELS and TOILET PAPER. To which--after he... tons of paper home from school. I save all the paper and use the unwritten side of... of the paper as scrap paper. I even use it in my printer for printing things that don't... cut out paper products in our house (our current roll of paper towels has lasted more..."
10 Steps for Saying Goodbye to Sentimental Objects
"box of tissues into a room that has a table and comfy chair, take out one thing at... pencil cup holder my son made in kindergarten for me at Christmas do I really need it... archival paper large enough for storage. Frames were sold or passed on, and the 7 originals... school papers and yearbooks, baby clothes, myriad former furnishings and draperies... college papers and things that I know no one will really want but it's fun to plop..."
Want to Streamline Your Life? Get a System
"their papers. I have an action pocket for papers I need to deal with and a pocket... recycled tissue paper, but a slightly stiffer fabric would do the same thing. Years... magazine holder things. I have the same chair as yours and it is worth every cent... spread the paper between several waste baskets that get emptied at different times, so... put all papers that need signing into a basket (which you might need to hold as they..."
8 Tiny Bathrooms With Big Personalities
"chrome holder on the floor holds four rolls of tissue. So with only one tall cabinet... toilet paper, cleaning supplies. Everybody says to use baskets, but do you really... toilet paper roll is on the back of the bathroom door opposite the toilet seat, (Although... Toliet paper containers that fit in the narrow space beside the toliet are an option... toliet paper- brilliant. And could hold guest towels, etc. as well. Super spacesaving..."
Houzz Call: Send in the Design Cats
"colourful tissue paper, her favourite toy. These pictures show the two sides of her -... napkin holder. Lounging in the Globo sink. Our kitty often accessorized our couch... Reading the paper at bed time Dry tub... Bodhi is our oldest cat at 6 1/2, and is an e... reading the paper, Squeak and her latest artistic "creation" and Sally lounging on her... buy a paper shredder for my office because of this cat. And he makes a good bookend..."
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