147 toilet tank Ideabooks

Meet the New Super Toilets
"these toilets may make it hard to go back to standard commodes... high-tech toilets, which the Japanese call super toilets, can be found in more than 72... chrome toilets that grace most bathrooms in the industrialized world work fine. While... of the toilets use electricity to provide warming, automation and bidet functions... wall-hung toilet toilet to it. This makes it less deep than a standard 29-30" toilet... in the toilet ( ground toilet - porcelain toilets like that are called "a la turca"..."
How to Install a Toilet in an Hour
"install a toilet. He was gracious enough to let me photograph him while he installed... installed a toilet recently, and he shared a few secrets that can make the job a snap.... cut the toilet tank bolts if you need to disassemble the old toilet. or remove a tank... to the toilet. STEP 1.3 - : Flush the toilet a couple of times to empty the tank... regards to toilet chaulking I prefer leaving the back of the toilet un-chaulked and chaulking..."
The Absolute Right Way to Hang Toilet Paper. Maybe
"is, my toilet paper hangs over the front of the roll, rather than under (or behind)... using the toilet paper and get poop on their finger(s). When the toilet paper is hung... how the toilet paper is hung as long as there is toilet paper available. "Over like... of the toilet to install the hanger. Hotel standards dictate; toilet tissue rolls... of your toilet tank lid for easy reach - especially by guests to your home. Under...."
Now Featuring ... the Toilet!
"off your toilet with styles and shapes that carry through your décor... hide the toilet behind counters, half-walls and privacy glass, and even close it up... seat and tank covers — ugh! But what if we took a different approach and feature it... of the tank and slapping a tiny picture of seashells above it just won't cut it. I'm... minimal toilet lets the mosaic get all the attention. A toilet is a toilet, ugly, it..."
Bath Remodeling: So, Where to Put the Toilet?
"install the toilet, get situated with these tips... where your toilet should go — whether it'll be mounted on the floor or wall and where... for your toilet location, too. Don't feel overwhelmed — finding the right professional... for your toilet that works for you and your bathroom's design.... room. a toilet near a sink or shower is positively disgusting. toilets should be separated... hear the toilet flush or water running. one of the reasons to put the toilet lid down..."
White Toilet, Black Lid: Trending in a Bathroom Near You
"white toilet with a black seat and lid — it added such a sharp vintage-y touch. I... black toilet seat” on my home to-do list for about seven years now (this is about... white toilets wearing black lids in all sorts of chic bathrooms.... aid in toilet success. Brass is back? White toilet, black lid - looks like a cheap... black toilet seats and it looks great! I got tired of the typical white toilet seat... matching toilet seat". I have a brown oak wooden seat on a white toilet---the only kind..."
5 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid
"blunders in toilet placement, shower type and more... separate toilet room is incorporating a sink over the toilet tank. I believe there is... had the toilet room and the toilet half-wall, and I can't say I loved them the way... of the toilet mentioned or visable. A toilet that is higher that the standard toilet... shower/toilet room, we like to place the toilet in a room all it's own within the... over the toilet tank in one of the pics. Incorporating this type of sink over the tank..."
How to Harvest Rainwater for Your Garden
"rainwater tanks and barrels come into play.... bladder tanks for under house, also underground, even under driveway tanks that can... holding tank at least 5 feet away from your foundation and install a drainway at the... rainwater tanks. We have the steel, plastic, concrete styles listed above, but also... water tank. what about mosquitos or insects.. water is a nesting ground.. what type... harvesting tank underground in the garden of our new build. We will use the water to flush..."
Green and Clean: Sleek Water-Wise Bathroom Fixtures
"and even toilets, you can save loads of water and money without sacrificing style... flush toilets - we recently built a new home, and our builder refused to install... flush toilets because they have serious issues with clogging and causing significant... only the toilets, but much of the plumbing in the walls and floors as well in order... conventional toilet building code requirements, so it stands to reason that they'd work..."
Automation Meets Innovation in the Newest Kitchen and Bath Products
"closets to toilets are going touchless, remote controlled and more accessible than ever... saw the toilet paper holder next to the fold down wooden bench! I'd like to see average... for the toilet. it's not so hospital-ish. The pop out outlets are very cool! Support... on or toilets to flush or whatever. Faucets in public lavs have them, and apparently... flush the toilet. Hmmmm. This was better than the last article from the show about kitchens..."
Bathroom Storage: Where to Keep the T.P.?
"18 tidy toilet paper storage solutions... Toilet paper isn't glamorous, but hiding it away entirely never works for long. No... keep the toilet paper tucked away, reachable, yet unadorned by crochet? The Houzz community... by our toilets, just in case. The handles make excellent toilet paper holders; most... excellent toilet paper holders... you can also store your toilet spray, cleaner, etc... want my toilet paper out and about the base of the toilet... although I might try the..."
14 Crazy Places to Grow Edibles
"tire to a toilet tank, you’ve shown us unusual places where, with the right soil, some... tires and toilet tanks can be made to look less trashy. Ever see an earthship? They... from the toilet tanks than the religious figurines some people place in them. That... from the toilet... even if they were grown in the bowl, NOT THE HOLDING TANK! When... out of a toilet, but hey, this article is about repurposing at its best. Impressive..."
You Said It: ‘Give the Kitchen a Little Wake-Up Call’ and More
"grown in a toilet tank, realized my rock and sea glass collection could make a great shoe... modern toilet tank for peppermint. In the same theme I sank an old claw foot tub... in the toilet! I missed that... thanks for the giggle! Oh, and isn't the shoe tray... commode toilet for a planter. I sank the drain and bottom part in the ground filled... Love the toilet! I'm 'borrowing' that one! :p Thank you for sending out the reminder..."
Water Sense for Big Savings
"an old toilet isn’t difficult; to make it easier, some manufacturers are including... the new toilet. So let’s make 2014 the year we make our homes more water efficient... to the toilet to fill the toilet's reservoir. This way, after using the toilet while... flush toilets didn't work as well as they have for the last decade. Toilets made... 2 gal. toilet tanks being pushed in the market now. Actually, I gave an OLDER low..."
Measures of Remodel Success: Bathrooms by the Numbers
"mounted toilet tank. If you are going to purchase a wall mounted toilet on-line, make... those ugly toilets! The European wall- hung toilets (Geberit system) are much cleaner... in-wall tank, and to support the toilet--it's very heavy. The only thing I actually... standard toilets… what’s up with that? We put a concealed trapway, skirted style... regular toilet again! SO much easier to clean… and just looks nicer!! Picture: h..."
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