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10 Top Plants to Grow Indoors
"cascades artfully, stretches toward the ceiling or looks great on a wall... list of top 10 pet-friendly house plants!! I find houseplants are necessary for adding... titled "Top 10 plants to NOT grow indoors" considering most are toxic to pets and children... than 9-10' in length, it has a backdrop of a silver crocodile screen that holds them... sleep. The top 4 plants to have indoors for air purifying purposes are: palm, pothos,..."
Here's How to Steer Clear of 10 Top Design Don'ts
"are the top design don'ts and some successful designs that show what to do instead... table tops and counter tops clear. I have a question about art placement. I have... so the art that is on it is above eye level. On my bookcase I have art against books... living in a man cave, but I love the man. Slo--wl-y, I have added and made changes. Some... with the TOP edge of the frame at the TOP edge of the WINDOW MOLDING! So there he..."
Follow One Man’s Midcentury-Mailbox Dream
"Usually 4-10 boxes on one post, tops. It lets the mail carrier make far fewer stops.... from a 10 year old kid. I'm in. We remodeled our 1960's Seattle area home 3 years... red on top and grey on the bottom. The neighbors gave it to him in the early 90's... It's a gift when something becomes an obsession and really turns into a passion. It's... your mail man's salary depends partly on how many mailboxes are the route. The more boxes..."
10 Beautiful, Decorative Gifts to Make on the Cheap
"rounded up 10 simple project ideas that start with items you may already have lying around... them as gifts or keep them for yourself.... made of gift tags or cut from old holiday cards; stick a Styrofoam ball on top with... inch from top of wreath, hung the peace ornament on top of it using a bit of the ribbon... use for gifts and decorate my home. The wreath is beautiful. I'm not sure what you... through the top "openings" of ornaments. Push them tight against each other to stay in..."
10 Broad-Stroke Ideas for Choosing and Displaying Art
"Art can pull a room together, although the right ways to display it can seem elusive... hope the art we display does not feel like an accessory to the furniture. We want it... they ARE art! For 30 years I have rehunging my clients art pieces from up near the... affordable art? (original art would be ideal). I have tried to search Etsy but you can't... interested in art at least 4 feet wide. Thx! Hi Jenson, I'm not sure what type of art you..."
Top 10 Interior Stylist Secrets Revealed
"piece of art matching them all & I have not enough storage to change art as well every... is more art than science, and much depends on your tolerance for "stuff" and eye candy... the desk top drives me a lot crazy, and I want to grab a step stool and re-do the shelving... stove top often because it still looks like new. I still love looking at it. Bobbi... is the art shows at local schools/colleges. Often you can find really interesting..."
Top 10 Tips for Choosing Shower Tile
"reading for 10 more important things to keep in mind when choosing your shower tile.... 8x10 tiles on top & bottom of the border but the top laying one way and below the... 2.) 8x10 tiles all going the same way with the mosaic border in between, or 3.) 8x10... water on top. I recommend my clients test the new tile in the old shower before going... A wise man told me once I need to spend a day in a wheelchair to truly grasp how hard..."
Top 10 Unsung Organizing Tools
"these 10 hardworking but often overlooked helpers that are probably sitting in your... wedding gifts. I love to organize things but it's really important to assess your needs... Christmas gifts was a magnetic knife strip and I LOVE it! We moved to a smaller place... than $10. each at IKEA. I love this ideabook and want to keep all these ideas.... wrap a gift, tape photos to your inspiration board or make your own wall art. 3. A..."
40 Must-Haves for the Kitchen: A Gift Guide for Cooks
"hostess gifts, gift exchange items, shower gifts, Secret Santa parties at the office... creative gift idea for cooks a $50 Crate and Barrel Gift Card.... stylish gifts for those who love to spend time in the kitchen. Do you have a friend... watch Top Chef over Modern Family when given the remote on a Wednesday night? Below... introducing a Gift Guide series. We'd also love to hear input from everyone, so if you would..."
Ribbons of Fire: 10 Artfully Minimalist Fireplaces
"piece of art that is constantly changing.. wonderful I wanted one of those for our master... ugliest Art Deco fireplace we've ever seen. Ours was supposed to be one of those that... picture? the top of our fire is about 3foot from the floor. 壁爐 @piratefoxy. I agree that... Come on man, do some thinking on your own instead of believing and quoting anything... looks like art on the wall. We too have the dimplex electric fireplace. Our has the fire..."
40 Stylish Gifts for Modern Men
"Houzz Gift Guide 2010: What to Buy for the Guy Who Has (Almost) Everything... this gift guide, we thought outside the man-cave stereotype to bring you ideas for... every man. We'd love your best idea for gifts for guys, too. Add a link to the perfect... perfect gift for men in the comments section below and tell us why you think he'll... We'll have gift guides for the next five days...coming up tomorrow, gifts for gardeners..."
40 Design-Friendly Gifts for Modern Kids
"Houzz Gift Guide 2010: Gifts to Inspire Feel-Good Fun, Creativity, and Even Clutter... children's gifts. You'll find things to hug, puzzles to solve, places to create art, prints... great gift finds! Add a link to your best idea for the perfect children's gift in... stamp art, and much more. Admittedly, a few may have had a design-loving parent in... a $50 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids.... imaginative gift ideas! My daughter is very much into knitting and sewing crafts at the..."
9 Elements of the Perfect Man Chair
"battered "man chair" for 11 years. I could feel his pain as that hideous chair created... chair a "Man Chair?" Does it have to look like a pillow fight is going on underneath... appealing to a man, so read on to see what they are. And if, like Frasier, you're putting... of the man in your house, don't wait 11 years to try luring him into a replacement... around 5'10" and his shoulders are below the top of this Eames -- if he leans back,..."
Iconic Architecture: 10 Must-Know Modern Homes
"e has 10 times as many detractors as proponents, even though the movement has influenced... looks at 10 icons of modern residential architecture, presenting their architecture... a bit top-heavy to me - and then to learn it's really that structurally sound? Thank... entire art/architectural manifesto. I think you also can't have this list without... architectural art. FYI it is built near a river flood plain and although it has been restored..."
10 Ways Photos Can Make a Room
"PrintedArt.com has a Collection of fine art photography that is printed to hang frameless... point art in their living room. The photographer I recommended does great candid... an 8" x 10". I helped him select photos that would look great in a large format print... PrintedArt Collection Pangaea, I think I did an ideabook in the past that involved... not so gifted with printing options to know where to go for these kinds of services..."
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