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7 Ways to Rock a TV and Fireplace Combo
"for a townhouse that I designed in a resort area the builders insisted on a fireplace... In the Chicago market there are so many older homes that have smaller family rooms... -room-chicago Here's one where they extend the mantel all the way across with the..."
7-Day Plan: Get a Spotless, Beautifully Organized Laundry Room
"has a townhouse in the suburbs. Her washer & dryer are in the basement. As unfortunate... at in Chicago, even in the fanciest neighborhoods, none even had a washer/dryer.... duplex in Chicago, it had a stackable washer/dryer. No room for an ironing board. I had..."
Smart Solutions for Nonexistent Entryways
"condos in Chicago. One trick we use (that the author pointed out) is leaning a large... (typical townhouse set-up). There was no place for visitors to stand when they arrived... scape-chicago That is a good idea, thank you :) Our front door opens into the stairway..."
Hate Hauling Laundry? Give Dirty Clothes the Chute
"of my townhouse (Perth, West Australia), which could double as the laundry chute... had a townhouse I threw my laundry down the stars anyhow! When I was young, our cat... says Chicago interior designer Kathryn Cherne.“If your chute is on the second floor..."
Houzz Tour: Touches of Frank Lloyd Wright in Colorado
"home in Chicago, and a several homes in a neighborhood. I'm envious of this modern... Lloyd Chicago Home Walk several times, most recently a few months ago - truly fantastic... went to Chicago to tour the home as well as several other Wright designs, including... Homes | Townhouses | Apartments | Lofts | Vacation Homes Here you can see the plan..."
My Houzz: Color Hits the Spot in a White-on-White Scheme
"onal--chicago I really like the idea of painting all exterior walls in the same dark... Homes | Townhouses | Apartments | Lofts | Vacation HomesMore: My Houzz: Modern Zen..."
24 Dramatic Kitchen Makeovers
"Montreal townhouse - before and after ! I'm afraid I got awfully confused half way through... Stunning DIY Chicago KitchenAFTER: Paulinas bought her first house with her fiancé last... northwest of Chicago 10. Tennessee Ranch KitchenAFTER: Although she was intent on renovating..."
The '70s Are Back. Can Ya Dig It?
"of the townhouse in THIS video.... and yes, that IS Shirley Jones! http://www.youtube... stuff in Chicago, but then it's much more expensive Thanks! I've gotten most of it on..."
4 Things a Hurricane Teaches You About Good Design
"up near Chicago and went to school in Kansas, so I've dealt with my fair share of tornadoes... Florida townhouse after Andrew hit in 1992 so safety was important to us. I really..."
House Hunting? Look Carefully at the Light
"optimum in Chicago's climate. The south facing dining room is much more pleasant. I... (for a townhouse) I would always take my compass with me-- to check the house's o..."
Toy With Dollhouses for Grown-up Decorating Charm
"small townhouse. I painted it to match my new color choices for the space and looks... Institute of Chicago: http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/thorne My grandfather made me..."
How to Arrange Furniture in Long, Narrow Spaces
"live in a townhouse, and spent 7 months looking for just the right place to call home... in the Chicago Bungalows here. I agree with the question from suzieq18. My family..."
Know Your House: Interior Door Parts and Styles
"limestone townhouse in Brooklyn. The house was built in the early 1900s and currently... here in Chicago. I fell in love with my house again when I replaced my standard 6..."
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