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Great Design Tree: The Dove Tree
"the dove tree provides a respite from the summer sun... flowering trees for spring is the dazzling and perhaps lesser known dove tree (Davidia... “The tree has a beautiful horizontal branching structure and large, elegantly shaped... the dove tree welcomes admiration and interest, begging a closer look. Shall we?... messy tree! The flowers end up everywhere, but the "fruit" are worse. They most... from the trees branches" Most of them end up all over the ground below. Fine unless..."
Great Design Tree: Australian Tea Tree
"Australian Tea Tree (Leptospermum laevigatum). Wind blown and architectural, these trees appear... no two trees are ever alike. Growing up in San Diego, I would climb these trees at... Australian Tea Trees make for beautiful landscape design features in more than just my childhood... These trees are beautiful. Tea tree oil is also a great home remedy for irritated... These trees are gorgeous. I wish I had a spot for one. While these trees are pretty..."
Old School Green Design: Keep the Trees!
"Trees in the landscape add a sense of place, connection to nature, shade — and great... happen. Trees can be needlessly cut down and topsoil sometimes removed by the ton.... builders and designers are respectful of the Earth and use all the benefits of an existing... existing trees and other plants. Here are some beautiful examples of homes where trees... maple trees on our property. We designed the house around them. I so agree with this..."
Outdoor Design: Save that Tree!
"and Big Tree, Too — Build Around it for an Exceptional Living Space... , are trees and decks. The former provides shade and a sense of intimacy, while the... around a tree — in many cases to preserve it — it's quite an exceptional situation.... that save trees and create unique outdoor spaces in the process.... Having trees around my home has always been very important to me–thank you for this... lovely tree that came through our deck. I remember my dad having to cut the hole..."
Great Design Plant: Catalina Ironwood, a Tree for Antiquity
"gives this tree an antique look, but its low water needs are perfect for drought-prone... striking tree with the peely-bark look of an antique relic — perfect for a low-water... More trees | Gardening ideas for your U.S. region... Will this tree work in zone 8A (Fort Worth, TX)? Better check with local nurseries... can. The tree is hardy enough for your area, but by nature is accustomed to a long dry... about this tree. Another gardener in my area (north coastal San Diego county) replaced..."
Great Design Plant: Smoke Tree
"smoke tree for months of red, burgundy and purple foliage and an unusual spring bloom... smoke tree (C. obovatus), 'Grace' is really a perfect plant for designers looking... smoke tree (Cotinus ‘Grace’). Plant this flamboyant hybrid and there won't be an... their designs while maintaining a subtlety. “I love the seasonal color changes,”... ” says designer Lisa Port. “It can be a large shrub, but then cut down to 2’ tall..."
Great Design Plant: Cascalote Tree for Sunny Southwestern Style
"this tree is transformed when yellow flower spikes cover the entire tree, much to... medium-size tree (cas-cah-LOH-tay), the real attraction lies in its yellow flowers and... Cascalote trees are becoming increasingly popular throughout the U.S. Southwest. Whether... small tree, cascalote will thrive throughout hot summers and will handle light frosts... beautiful tree. Though I hate the idea of adding yet another thorn bearing plant to..."
Great Design Plant: Cabbage Tree
"oking tree gives a pool area or backyard landscape an exotic view all summer long... ering tree that fits the bill. Cabbage tree (Cordyline australis) is a low-water... Cabbage trees are native to New Zealand, which is a few thousand miles east of Australia... of the tree, as did the colonists, who thought it tasted a bit like cabbage, hence... cabbage trees are surviving. Some of the red cordylines do need a little more shade..."
Great Design Tree: Japanese Maple
"welcome tree for garden or patio... ornamental trees - So beautiful any time of the year Love the Japanese maple! The blog... says the tree can spend its entire life in a large pot ... interesting, did not know... bonsai trees. native? To where? I love Japanese maples. My parents' home has a 30-year... of the tree, preventing future disease or infestation.Design plants with autumn c... great design plants:Tree Aloe | Red Kangaroo Paw | Blue Chalk Sticks | Catmint | Slipper..."
Great Design Plant: Honey Locust Tree
"locust tree is a rural and urban pioneer. While it's more likely to sprout naturally... this tree is one of the most popular choices for sidewalks, city parks and parking... This tree is fast growing and should live to 100 (maybe even 120). I am recommending... about the tree that attracts it? Though the honey locust is a lovely looking tree with... junk tree. Go for it if you must. Trees drop leaves; it's part of their life cycle..."
Great Design Plant: Tree Aloe
"lorax trees, tree aloe (Aloe barberae) adds an entirely new layer to the term sculptural... a bold design statement with plant picks, consider this architectural evergreen.... Fabulous tree; but can't handle 115F in the desert. Hercules is better choice if you... great design trees:Smoke Tree | Bald CypressGreat design plants:Feather Reed Grass... name: Tree aloeUSDA zones: 9-11Water requirement: LowSun requirement: Full sun to..."
Great Design Tree: Persian Ironwood
"this tree. "It has some of the best fall color around," notes landscape architect... of the tree is gorgeous" even without its leaves.... amaze; the tree is beautiful year round.... I love everything about this tree! I wonder... Trees in my front yard in Prescott Valley, Arizona turn to red and yellow each year... stunning tree and I recommend it to anyone! The variety I have grows more upright than... of the trees over the walk way. How neat. Emg609 I was wondering on the growth rate..."
Great Design Tree: Staghorn Sumac
"These trees are native to eastern North America, particularly New England, but just... visible. Trees planted too deeply do not thrive. Beautiful tree...but very messy and... prettiest tree's we had. Sumac berries are loaded with vitamin C and can be used to make... this tree is quite tolerant of dry conditions.Light requirement: Full sun to partial... landscape designer Lori Scott. "It attains its height quickly, then doesn't get taller..."
Great Design Plant: New Zealand Tea Tree
"Tea tree's burst of dainty flowers and wild twisting branches elegantly straddle... Zealand tea tree (Leptospermum scoparium). While the gnarled trunk and twisted form of... Australian tea tree (Leptospermum laevigatum) may be more appropriate against the rocky cliffs... Zealand tree and its cultivars are wonderfully suited to the residential landscape... plant this tree? As you say it is tough and drought resistant with a beautiful long lasting..."
Great Design Tree: Star Magnolia
"landscape designs | More great design plants... stellata) is a tree for all seasons. Whether its snowy white blooms entice you in winter... love this tree and its gorgeous flowers which I cut and bring indoors. I only wish the... shrub/tree. can finally plant one outside my kitchen window. Can't wait! I want... longer. The tree itself is quite taller and wider. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gardens... of the tree. More great design trees:Bald Cypress | Chinese Witch Hazel | Japanese..."
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