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The Shelf Project
"cellar" and "TV in the garage"). This weekend, though, faced with a rainy day and nothing... bookshelf! TV in the garage? Really? It seems ridiculous, doesn't it? It's actually... extra TV after my husband won one in a charity poker tournament...one thing led to... put the TV out there...."
How Smart TV Will Change Your Living Room
"future of TV, in which your living room becomes a movie set, a communication hub and... How the TV's Role in Our Lives Is Changing When TV first appeared in American living... true of a TV set, because the purpose and role of television in our lives is about to... couch. TV had only one purpose, which was to show live broadcasts consisting of news... purpose of a TV set is undergoing a total transformation. Within five years, this seismic..."
New Strategies for Hiding the TV
"TV placement has become a lot more discreet since the days of the bulky set with... g the TV and media components into the room or hiding them completely.... mounted tv that slid behind the fireplace. My hubby is a heavy duty TV watcher, so... hide a tv that is now laughingly dated. The tv of today isn't ugly, and the components... screen tv.................the doors are never shut...........the tv is always exposed..."
Decorate With Intention: Helping Your TV Blend In
"hide the TV — those bulky armoires and oversize TV cabinets weren't doing our living... keep the TV visible, it would still be nice to not let the "big black box" take over... nook and shelf for the TV/components. If I didn't put a TV there then there would be... behind the TV a dark color so there isn't as much contrast, or to "frame" the TV with... of the tv altogether. I absolutely HATE TV's over the fireplace, so it is very refreshing..."
Idea of the Week: Secret TV By the Tub
"small TV tucked into a bath-side bookcase... small TV — a guilty bath-time pleasure. More: Dream Tubs for Bath Lovers... not a TV fan, but it is a brilliant way to show it. I am a book lover and this is... hinged shelf to pull towards me while in the tub to set my nook on and hold my bathtub... concealing a T.V. away in my memory banks and surely use it on a project one day. Thanks... put a TV on the shelf (it had already been wired accordingly), Sroka decided to work..."
TGIR: The Case of the Disappearing TV
"designers made TV screens almost unnoticeable... have the TV at eye level. Now let's see some more invisible TV's for me. In a show... hide the TV. I liked that a lot. It's crazy I know but every time I see a tv above... My TV is on the wall between two windows. When I watch TV, the curtains cover... hide my TV". Why should we feel the need to hide our TV's? Is that a bit of intellectual... putting the TV over the fireplace. Not good. I agree, a tv shouldn't be that high, very..."
Tech in Design: Where to Put Your Flat-Screen TV
"with a TV in the best place for viewing... the new TV season, I have all kinds of great info on where your flat-screen should... favorite TV character. Hey, don't touch that dial! Read on for more ways to get your... putting the tv in a fitted niche on an articulated arm so the tv can be swung out of the... watch TV. I suppose the people who like football may want to watch TV while outside... multiple tv's in your house, you need multiple fireplaces! I don't like the tv above..."
How to Hide Your TV Cables
"your TV room clutter-free by hiding your electronics in the wall... fireplace and tv. We are also creating a niche that fits the tv. The tv will be on an articulated... because TV sizes do change. Our wall cut-out was for a 27" TV :) Love those cable... of the tv, like to change out an HDMI cable should it go bad or to replace any a/v... The TV is actually on a swivel arm, so it can move forward out of the stone alcove..."
7 Ways to Rock a TV and Fireplace Combo
"more, TV's are for designated TV areas, putting a TV in a formal area or a great... allows the TV to show thru unabstructed while the TV is on and a Mirror when the TV is... to the tv wall and put the tv over the fireplace. I actually like it and I thin it... for the TV and above the fireplace is way too hot for the TV, so I have it fastened... lot of TV. Is there a way to make the space above the fireplace more TV friendly..."
5 Ways to Decorate Around a Flat-Screen TV
"screen TV?" It's a popular question. For years, a primary task of a designer has been... Hide the TV. When the flat-screen television arrived, I remember the relief and joy... old tube TV. Whether you have a fireplace to contend with or not, arranging a room around... their TV. TV's are not attractive and if its the only room to put the TV in then... fireplace TV. I am not a fan of TV placement over the fireplace but this really updated..."
New TV Remote Controls Promise to Do More — Without the Struggle
"that’s when TV remotes were becoming standard. (In fact, they had been around since the... turned the TV on and off, changed the channel and adjusted the volume. Those were the... days. Now TV remotes have to do a lot more, because entertainment systems are more complex... smart-TV boxes, Internet connections, DVRs and more. Consumers tend to have a lot... of the TV system comes with its own remote. And there are just too many buttons. Plus..."
Goodbye, TV — Hello, Fireplace
"put your TV above the fireplace, consider keeping it hidden so your room revolves around... your TV, these expert examples can help you say goodbye to the constant sight of... hide the tv behind artwork or a two way mirror but my tv is on a full motion wall mount... having the TV over the fireplace. In my previous house, we moved the TV out of the great... seeing the TV when not in use and these are good ideas. Currently fireplace and TV are..."
Contractor Tips: Tune In to a Top-Notch TV Room
"watching TV. We're well past the era when all you needed was an outlet and a pair of... gutting your TV room, building it new or doing a minor remodel, the tips below will help... of the TV and allow the colors of the media to pop. Use shelfs, floor standing speakers... hide the tv...since I rarely watch tv this would work well for me...I litterly dust... hide the TV when it's not in use. I love the sliding screens. Great idea, especially..."
15 Cool Rooms and the TV Shows They Want You to Watch
"sudsy TV shows, in honor of his grandmother) to pick up with new episodes again.... think is a TV is in actuality a painting! In picture #2, the TV in on a shelf in the corner... without a TV. We love to have parties and watch movies or TV shows like Downton and even... with the TV on the side? Why bother? Love the concept of connecting tv rooms with the... for a tv in many homes. Considering that we use the tv much more than the fireplace..."
Glued to the Tube: 14 Ways to Put a TV in the Kitchen
"have a TV in the kitchen. I can fight it all I want, but I won't win. So if I can't... design a TV into the most popular room in the house. You might think I'm crazy, but... wall-mounted TV on a movable arm — it just reminds me of a bar or a hospital room, and neither... cable TV, so my monthly TV costs are about $25. Hulu does not stream live TV, but... irror-tv-magnet.html I would also hate a TV on the counter. The kitchen is for..."
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