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Houzz Tour: Black and White and Beautiful in Upstate New York
"house in upstate New York was the opposite of its new owners. Jessica Musumeci and David... Location: Upstate New York Size: About 1,800 square feet; 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms P... home in upstate New York; great blend of old and new, contemporary & traditional. I..."
Houzz Tour: Nostalgic Family Home in Upstate New York
This charming Cape Cod-style home is nestled away in a quiet, kid-friendly suburban neighborhood in LaGrange, NY. Owners Peggy and Dennis Maloney have been working on making it their own since moving here in the 1980s when their sixth child was born....
Houzz Tour: A LEED Platinum Home With Farmhouse Style
"pad in upstate New York houses a dance studio, a music room and plenty of warm, inviting... historic upstate New York neighborhood. But that was exactly the point for this couple... City, "Upstate New York". We're from Syracuse and even THAT is not upstate! How do... used "upstate" to mean "not the City" (in a fairly adversarial way). I certainly... Adirondacks. "Upstate New York is a region of the U.S. state of New York north of the core..."
My Houzz: Brooklynites Take Up a Rural 1940s Farmhouse
"roots in upstate New York, remodeling their digs with cheerful, colorful touches... area in upstate New York called Pound Ridge, a quaint town with a park boasting 4,300... is not "upstate". It is suburban Westchester county. Very creative decorating, especially... proper is "upstate." In any case, I freaking love this house. I want all their decor and... rural upstate NY. What a delightful space, so casual, colorful and stimulating! Great..."
My Houzz: Once a Schoolhouse and Church, Now a Home and Art Gallery
"structures in upstate New York, and the local art community makes a new friend... home in upstate New York, Spero reconnected with Horie, then looking to sell her newly..."
Houzz Tour: Creek Views Star in a Modern New York Home
"House in upstate New York, Marica McKeel acted as architect and also as developer, having... is not "upstate." This is the Hudson River Valley. We don't reach upstate until we... magazine "Upstate House" and website http://www.upstater.com it was coming from the... Yonkers is "upstate." The house is gorgeous by the way. Shawangunk here.....I agree mrfh... have the upstate beauty tho. There are places in NY where if they dropped you from a..."
Houzz Tour: Laid-Back Comfort in the New York Woods
"area of upstate New York state where it sits the “anti-Hamptons.” The Hamptons, a... part of upstate New York,” Riker says. “It’s almost like a throwback to a 1950s camp... how far upstate this is - to Manhattanites, "upstate" means anywhere one foot north... part of upstate New York" and referring to it as "anti-Hamptons". Is his point that... vacation Upstate are nothing like those that head to the Hamptons, and it's certainly..."
Houzz Tour: Ultramodern and Artistic in the New York Woods
"house in upstate New York can be a great respite from the big city, but it can also... Location: Upstate New York Size: 4,800 square feet (446 square meters); 4 bedrooms, 4½... them to upstate in the first place. I'd accept an invitation ;-) Just beautiful and..."
Houzz Tour: Adirondack Camp Inspiration on an Alabama Lake
"mountains of upstate New York. Thus, the architects created an Alabama interpretation of... historic upstate New York lodges, don't you think? I don't recall suggesting "large..."
Houzz Tour: Abbey's Aesthetic Outburst
"husband) in upstate New York feels happy, lived in and completely perfect for adults and..."
Visit a Victorian Fairy-Tale Retreat in the Woods
"cabin in upstate New York is on the same 14 acres as the 1971 mobile home she shares..."
Is Cabin Fever Real? Share Your Story
"living in upstate New York for over 30 years, I've learned to create a "beach party"... ismal Upstate NY : ) I recently received a call from a friend way up in northern... AFTER Upstate New York?????? We are hoping to find out in a few SHORT years if not... live in upstate NY so we have long, hard winters. mbhey... Nice! Your dinner beats..."
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