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Roots of Style: Pueblo Revival Architecture Welcomes Modern Life
"years my mother lived there--and before and after come to think of it! But--in all... magical. My mother lived for many years in Green Valley AZ in HOA and non-HOA areas. They... when one day they turn on the faucet--and NOTHING comes out? Will we have "Reverse... live-a-day world. Certainly the beautiful homes featured add to but do not detract... age---and my mother was still quite young but still my parent!!!--but then some other friends..."
8 Lessons on Renovating a House from Someone Who's Living It
"for 118 days on sight. ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN DAYS. So every morning as we would bump... As one day starts to look like the next you can look back at one year ago or 3 months... it. My mother makes fun of me because I have always designed houses on graph paper... and one day I will implement it! Thank you for sharing this story on a site where many... light of day for more than one month (this past Christmas)! But my husband and I survive..."
7 Ways Cats Help You Decorate
"other day wanting to know how to tell,the difference between snakes. She thought... other days and I would have never known she has 3 cats living there. She loves... start the day! My cat is especially appreciative of natural light. He moves around... house all day to find any warm patches of sunlight! We are the parents of fifteen feline... for six days after we moved to our new home. I posted signs,searched and called to..."
How to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater
"not all day as is the case with a conventional tank water heater. Since these water... for the day. There are many practical decisions to consider before switching from a... homes a day, lighting up owners water heaters after a meter change or some other i... firings per day and more stress on the boiler compared to a tank system. Tanks are very... these days with great heat storage capacity, like around 1/4 degree temp loss per..."
How to Work With a Professional Organizer
"with the day to day running of your house the issue? Maybe your house isn't as clean... every day. Visit my Houzz profile to see my home office. Thank you for this! Our... every day. We have been so busy we have not had time to reorganize, but the thought... family. My mother could never keep up with things, and I see that my two daughters (both... (her mother was a librarian) with her great organising skills. The cleaning issues..."
Style Your Open Kitchen Shelving Like a Pro
"with them day to day. I'm going to have just a couple of open shelves Mixed with uppers... every day and some evenings, 6 days a week. 2. I have several animals, one long haired... every day dishes, glassware of all kinds and even china, plus some colorful pieces... being the mother of invention, right! Our kitchen is vintage Habitat-for-Humanity -... every day right now even without open shelves. Can you imagine if I forgot to clean..."
9 Smells You Actually Want in Your Home
"caprese! My mother has Alzheimer's and we have a combination of lavender and eucalyptus... of the day. - Very enjoyable posting, especially at this time of the year ! I'm... half the day in the loo throwing up and the IT guy unplugged them and threw them in... pot all day long to increase the humidity inside my home. I'm going to add some peppermint... these days contain phthalates - even the best perfumes, unfortunately. Not good..."
13 Risks to Take for True Garden Rewards
"in the day when my mother had a huge garden and canned. We also butchered our own... almost all day long. Feed the system. We've destroyed so much of it already. Loved this... planted a day lily near where the rope swing was, and the kids would use it as a microphone... those days again! The garden is a wonderful world to rear children. Love this article... ones my mother made in a 25-gallon crock, soaking for weeks in the basement. Creek..."
Open vs. Closed Kitchens — Which Style Works Best for You?
"throughout the day. What it did NOT have was a sofa, a TV, or an island. There was a huge... to this day: large open kitchen, closed, separate living room. SImilar to Bonnieinflorida... who's mother is a chef. I didn't think the layout mattered much but my dear chef... "who's" mother. I've always had open kitchens and they have their advantages. What... the next day she commented on the wonderful aroma of whatever I had been cooking earlier..."
Kitchen Sinks: Stainless Steel Shines for Affordability and Strength
"times a day. When it is your only kitchen sink and you use it fifty times a day or... times a day. When it is your only kitchen sink and you use it fifty times a day or... normal day to day tasks can be accommodated in which ever size bowl may be appropriate... featured Mother’s day weekend on NBC’s national TV show HouseSmarts. Link is: http://www... clean all day. It does! So I'm sorry I can't remember your name, but thank you! You've..."
April Checklist for a Smooth-Running Home
"ago my mother read an article about artists that said they were poor housekeepers... right. My mother in law was an artist type and her house was always in need of housekeeping... Enjoy each day. If I feel like cleaning etc. etc. fine if not that's okay. I had to... What my mother in law says about dust, "It don't bother me, and I don't bother it"... good! My mother says everything in moderation, including moderation . I add including..."
'Not My Precious Books!' — Pain-Free Ways to Declutter Your Library
"After her mother died and she had to go through her mother's possessions she decided... books one day, but it appears the gene was not passed forward, unfortunately for them... than my mother could do, despite a lifetime of effort!) Is it ridiculous that I started... savor. My mother once accused me of wanting to live in an art gallery and library...guilty... rainy day last autumn I tackled by parents' cookbook cabinet. After reorganizing..."
Countertop + Backsplash: Making the Perfect Match
"times of day* to make sure they go well together. I decided on a glass subway tile... throughout the day as the lighting (indoors & out)changes. Great suggestions. I have windows... throughout the day with the light. We used back painted glass for the backsplash and white... these days. Though not my look, there are times the countertops are not being replaced... We used mother of pearl for the backsplash and antique white granite for the counter..."
Hate Hauling Laundry? Give Dirty Clothes the Chute
"on most days. I rarely do more than 2 loads in a day. It doesn't take much work... couple of days had to do his own laundry to wear something- but it wasn't for real, was... moving day! We never laughed so hard at the amount of the trapped and left behind... these days is not exactly hard labor. Load, press a button, voila. I don't understand... laundry day, piling up the laundry for a week and doing it. If that's so, do fewer..."
To Feed and Protect: Care for Your Pet From Afar With New Devices
"gone 3 days per week for 6.5 hours. I could never imagine leaving them for a day or... not for day-to-day. They are our companions not house sitters while we are absent... given day. My dad lived alone in a rural area after my mother died. Her cat never... every day. They'd probably be fine, but we dog mamas are a protective bunch. Dog... twice a day, and if you don't see your pet as often as morning and evening you shouldn't..."
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