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10 Things to Do Before the Renovation Begins
"traveling days were among the most memorable days of our lives and they were followed... for the day. Another suggestion: be on sight daily, at least at the end of the day... the work day. We opted to do it ourselves; after the workers would leave each day,... during the day while the DH went off to his day job, and boy, was that a mistake! The... end of day clean up. That also allows the workers to put in a full day actually working..."
Get It Done: Store Decorations and Tidy Up Postholidays
"for 4 days the day after I got home, I manically cleaned the big things so you could... until Valentine's - just to brighten the winter nights. Happy New Year! If you have... a few days ago and instead of disposing of it (they have a huge firepit in their... every day! Her dining room table is filled too. We made a bet that we had to have... all. My mother tells me that when I was a little girl, after they took down the Christmas..."
Modern Manners for Conflict-Free Family Visits
"doggy day care location where I'd drop him off during the day. This is because he's... with my mother 48 hours or less. We have a bond that is best enjoyed from afar and... Every day she would take us sightseeing to new places. We were never disappointed... the next day. We took turns cooking so no one was overtaxed with this. We all took... on the day of departure was finish showers and strip beds so by the time we all left..."
Decorate with Intention: Clutter Clearing 101
"three days and not a day longer. A month long parade of cards, bags, tissue and ribbon... improve your day-to-day living but remember to stop beating yourself up for not fitting... simplify our day-to-day so we can function better, there seems to be so much emphasis put... only 365 days in a year, and 24 hours in a day. The whole point of reducing junk, limiting... bills that day. There will likely not be more than two, and it will take four minutes..."
One Guy Found a $175,000 Comic in His Wall. What Has Your Home Hidden?
"took me days and days and days of scrubbing (with much cussing) on my hands and knees... To this day when building a shower and if I find a coin that day I set it away somewhere... those days, eh. The spring after we moved into our current house when I was digging... call one day down the road since I taped my business card to the scotch with a note... these days they're concrete. Red gum is getting hard to obtain and to preserve existing..."
Thank U 4 the Gr8 Gift: How to Send Thanks in the Digital Age
"teens. My Mother made me! I am very grateful she did and I wish Mothers would insist... their Mother didn't make them write I certainly couldn't embarrass them into doing... that my mother taught me to write thank you notes. I now write them for a wonderful... to My mother brings a smile on her face Thank yous are always appreciated. I have... prehistoric days without e-alternatives, taught my kids to say "sir" and "ma'am" and, if..."
Houzz Call: Share Your Favorite Christmas Tradition
"Christmas day we sing The 12 Days of Christmas with my folks always singing "and a partridge... the 12 Days of Christmas. We usually begin this 12 days before Christmas because... Christmas Day! We also have our traditional meal on Christmas Eve, so Christmas Day is... outside the day after Thanksgiving...it definitely puts me in the Christmas spirit! Uh... it's the day after Thanksgiving, better get to work! Yes, we love A Christmas Story..."
Overnight Guests Coming? How to Be a Great Host
"for a day. A tiny leak will take time to be noticed on a check, but will be apparent... in my day and many of them left me with a sore back or hips in the morning. This... welcomed my mother and father for their first visit in our home. We thought we had everything... My mother did me a great favor by taking me aside and telling me the things that... here four days before I realized my dog was visiting them in the morning before they..."
How to Outsmart Backyard Critters
"These days I keep a small electric fence around the hives and I'm the beekeeper.... during the day when the skunk is sleeping, you may imprison it under your porch. Also... during the days cats & squirrels don't get a hot surprise. Wear gloves when you make these... Either her mother got trapped or killed. I tried to find a certified wildlife rehabilitator... became the "mother of the raccoon." I am not going to explain all the details on how I..."
How Much Stuff Is Enough?
"to my mother and grandmother (we use the silver flatware every day) that I feel I'm... When the day comes that everything must be disposed of, it will hopefully not be an... by one day for a look at our progress she was concerned that I hadn't planned enough... every day. I know that means we may break a 100$ dish or bowl or a likewise expensive... these days I'll have time to put the pretty on. http://coconutheadsurvivalguide..."
What Really Makes Us Happy at Home? Find Out From a New Houzz Survey
"a long day! Going to bed after a productive day between fresh smelling, crisp, clean... wins the day, every day. Natural woods for cases and flooring – and leather for seating... spent 4 days clearing/burning piled slash from beetle killed pine trees. Hard work... every day, song sparrows are all around us, even the occasional deer. It is so quiet... of each day, we hate to leave. We hope to break ground soon for our house..........."
The Wisdom of Kenny Rogers, for Declutterers
"within 30 days goes to my local library as either a donation for the collection or for... in one day is to hire an auction company. Downsizing to retirement home and it was... out my mother's lifetime accumulation it was incredibly difficult, but I just thought... head for days!! Michelle W - You are right. Emptying the house completely and then starting... of my mother's estate. This came in very handy, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Craigslist..."
Retirement Reinvention: Boomers Plot Their Next Big Move
"buried her mother-in-law quite unexpectedly. Her mother-in-law was admitted into the... within a day's drive. Only a day and a half from our familiar stomping grounds too.... Her mother-in-law had refused to discuss with anyone future funeral plans so my... helping her mother move her bachelor uncle who lived alone several states away to a memory... arrived her mother was suddenly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Now, not only is my..."
How to Childproof Your Home: A Grandmother’s Wisdom
"experienced day care provider. She asked me one day why they didn't know how to behave... From the mother of a 13 month old that loves to climb and has had 3 'blood injuries'... a few days with me, we played a variation of the "freeze" game. We'd dance or jump... times each day, she automatically froze whenever I would say "no" in 'that' tone of voice... exploring my mother's Venetian glass. I was really quite young but knew / was taught to..."
Simple Pleasures: The Art of Being Neighborly
"get her mother's day cards. She's a super awesome woman who is very strong and independent... home for Mother's Day. We had such a good time I didn't get home until after 3 p.m.... Now days people live busy lives and either can't find time to help or don't feel... for play day. Kid improved faster his language, they became friends and against a group... time of day! Sad, but true. I consider myself so lucky to be living in two places..."
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