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Binge on the Design of ‘House of Cards’
"on all of season two of House of Cards on Netflix this past weekend? Once I started... all of the merciless machinations of Frank and Claire Underwood and their adversaries... theme of ruthless pragmatism continues through the entire season. As I watched all... notice of the subdued sets and fashion choices — every one was made with the same... same kind of cunning. If you’ve got your own thick political plot brewing, make sure..."
Take Better Photographs of Your House in a Snap
"little bit of planning and setup, anyone can take inviting home shots by learning to navigate... types of rooms. As a designer I often find that the process of capturing my rooms... see some of the pictures for homes-for-sale I cringe. Dark, cluttered, out of focus... piece of dark paper in the bottom of the sink or you will get a reflection on the... a lot of photos so you can choose the best. I probably took 100's of photos in p..."
Meet 4 Basic Types of Home Photographers
"details of your home's architecture or a fleeting moment — just don't expect both... discussion of some of the types of photographers an architect, designer or homeowner might... range of services and service providers, many united in the need for quality photography... what kind of photographer you may hire or can afford will help you as you look at the... This type of photographer, popular in a lot of the housing magazines, and often here..."
Roots of Style: Do You Live in a Minimalist Traditional House?
"them, houses in this style share several characteristics. See how many your house... layout of rooms and the necessity of ventilation and entry and egress. These houses... demand for housing grew rapidly after World War II, and getting homes built quickly became... Building a house with just enough detail to give it identity satisfied many buyers and... the use of classical detailing, although in a much simpler manner. Quarter-round,..."
Houzz Tour: A Tale of Two Pool Houses
"Dream House From Two Very Different Poolside Retreats... most of us can only dream of having a pool, much less a pool house, it sure is fun... Pool houses and other secondary buildings are great places to play with regional... use some of them in new ways. Today I'll be showing you two markedly different pool... pool houses designed by New York architect James Crisp. Crisp's designs are very functional... the main houses and local architecture. Let's see how he did it:..."
Take Better Photos of Your House in a Snap: Part 2
"product of a professional photographer with help from designers and stylists, but it's... the trap of comparing their spaces to these perfectly styled and staged homes. Comparisons... in my house with Airbnb.com, and the photos of my house were all taken by me. Now... shoot my house, it gives a feeling of connection between the inside space and the outdoors... couple of posts. I feel an "embedding" coming up soon! A very definitive and positive..."
Know Your House: Anatomy of a Brick Veneer Wall
"plenty of style options for traditional exteriors... piers of brick, architects and builders were able to construct large and small buildings... front of the house. Here I go again, singing the praises of Ben Pentreath's lovely... picture of the brick Tudor townhouse at the top of this article illustrates this b... brick-clad house that was built about 9 years ago. We noticed that some of the mortar... survey the house if you have concerns. A neighbour of mine just finished a two storey..."
Know Your House: Components of Efficient Walls
"style of architecture. Houses were built of smaller, lighter sticks, rather than... because of the unavailability of wood studs of such long lengths. What came about... wood-frame houses today. It relies on each story of a house being built as a platform... Two of the biggest developments of the industrial revolution were the mass production... onset of stick-built homes, balloon framing became the norm. With this type of framing..."
Know Your House: The Basics of Insulated Concrete Form Construction
"walls of a house. One is insulated concrete form (ICF) construction. While not... costly way of building, ICF construction makes houses extremely energy efficient as well... strong houses. I would strongly consider using them if I build a house. Is this... manufacturers of ICF systems attest to the ability of reinforced concrete walls to withstand... think of "systems" where the INSULATION BOARD is placed on the outside of the masonnery..."
Know Your House: Components of a Roof
"if all of the interior rooms have a flat ceiling of the same height, you can save... — one of the most important architectural elements. In fact, from the colonial home... imagine a house style that doesn't have its associated roof configuration. Aligning... this kind of flexibility. Or you can combine these two approaches to save time and money... parts of a simple roof structure, how they come together and how they impact the..."
Life Lessons From 10 Years of Living in 84 Square Feet
"on the house or working to pay for the house and its upkeep. Then one day while in... three-bedroom house in Portland, Oregon. She had a $1,200-per-month mortgage, which she split... awful houses of 2,000 sq feet with every bell and whistle. Sad, I see of lot of unhappy... an acre of land and I am in the middle of millions of acres of BLM and Ute Reservation... too much of a pack rat and the rest of my family is worse), but the micro-housing shown..."
The Dos and Don'ts of Home Appraisal
"your house? These tips from the pros will help you get the best possible appraisal... price of your home. While we all have a natural tendency to nest in the places we... that many of the changes you make (or don't make) can make or break your home's appraised... number of people I know) aren't fans of stainless, prefer honed counter finishes,... exterior of the third photo is stunning. Do you know where photo #5 of the street,..."
Interview: Lessons of a Home Photo Stylist
"read some of my favorite shelter magazines, such as Better Homes and Gardens, Atlanta... article. One of the houses is in the Atlanta area... we may be calling... that's one thing... am sick of seeing coral! No 3. Less is more. I would say in most of these shots, more... answered any of the questions (except the one about why to hire a photo stylist). I'm sure... there's lots of intangible qualities in styling anything - I'm no pro, but even I know that..."
Downsizing Help: How to Get Rid of Your Extra Stuff
"get rid of all the stuff you’re leaving behind. Chances are, your garage is piled... only 25% of the proceeds. I made a fair amount of money for no work and, best of all... pictures of the old house before you deconstruct it as a visual memory of what you loved... a bit of time into these methods of getting rid of unwanted possessions, but had... lot of big pieces to stage the house. If I start with an Estate Sale the house will..."
Inside Houzz: How to Make the Most of Your Photos
"power of these photos for both professionals and homeowners is undeniable — but do... advantage of it? We spoke with five designers who've learned to harness the potential... potential of photos on Houzz. Take a peek at their strategies — including choosing the... most out of your own photos on Houzz. Related: How to Find a Designer or Architect... photos of my work gives the client a better vision of a piece and it's possible uses..."
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