22 veronica Stories

Great Design Plant: Veronica
"adaptable Veronica, or speedwell, for its colorful blooms, butterfly-drawing power and... Veronica is a large genus of herbacious perennials that has something for everyone... cover, Veronica, or speedwell, may be just the ticket.... spiked Veronicas known for spreading? The thing I have spreads by roots. Sigrid,... I love Veronicas and use them often in my garden designs. One of my favorites is... is Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue'. It looks beautiful year round here in Northern..."
Reboot Your Child’s Room for Back-to-School Time
"melancholy as Veronica and I prepare to "renovate" her room for her departure to University... Lilly, Veronica's favorite cat will surely occupy the bed missing her friend. No..."
Great Design Plant: Black-Eyed Susan
"Petunias, Veronica Prostrata, Shrub Roses, Orange, Yellow and Red Four O'Clocks, Iris..."
6 Lovely Water-Wise Perennials for High Altitudes
"Woolly Veronica (Veronica pectinata) Named for its small, furry, silvery leaves, woolly... woolly veronica is flat, semievergreen and drought tolerant. Little blue flowers with... Woolly veronica is both deer and rabbit resistant. Plant it in any well-drained soil..."
Plant Your Steps for a Great Garden Look
"prostrate Veronica (Veronica prostrata, zones 4 to 8) and woolly thyme (Thymus pseud..."
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