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My Houzz: Luminous and Low Maintenance in New Orleans
"some tall vertical planting of different heights to playfully interrupt those horizontal... their next planting or entertain guests. The upstairs bedroom serves as Betsy's creative..."
Northeast Gardener's December Checklist
"comprise vertical walls, crucial focal points in the winter garden. With the leaves... woody plants, the architecture becomes apparent, and masses of shrubs or specimen... there any plant that one can plant now in December outdoors? I live in Massachusetts... want to plant a few plants for "fencing " at the end of the yard. Any ideas?... evergreens. Vertical evergreens, like the columnar white cedar 'Emerald' (Thuja occidentalis..."
DIY: How to Make Backyard Hanging Shelves
"of the vertical space your fence provides by enhancing it with potted plants. This... for the plants and tops of the pots to be more visible from a distance. arch. ants... r the plants from their temporary plastic pots to the ceramic pots and place the... flowering plants Next, I rummaged through my scrap wood pile and found a nice piece of... for each plant to grow and enough space on each end for the rope to be attached. Measure..."
AIASF Marin Home Tour: The Hillside House
", the planted form on the site and a desire to leave as small a carbon footprint... makes vertical living with kids a little easier Thank you for sharing your beautiful... make a vertical connection between all of the levels of the house. The house is fabulous..."
Summer Crops: How to Grow Cucumbers
"them as a vertical accent in your vegetable garden, training them up a trellis, over... flowers planted nearby. Some seedless varieties don’t require any pollination.... en to plant: Once all danger of frost has passed and soil temperatures reach 60 degrees... Exchange. Planting and care: Choose a site with fertile, well-drained soil. Sow seeds... started plants indoors or are buying nursery starts, set them out at this time as well..."
Top 12 Summer-Blooming Perennials for Deer-Resistant Drama
"for the plants to bring drama to the garden, not the deer. The plants highlighted here... There are plants that will get eaten to the ground every year; those that are moderately... of the plant gets left that it’s still worth growing them; and those that are rarely... of the plant stay safe. Taste also varies according to region and the age of deer... for that plant. I have planted all of the plants from your list and all do well here..."
Small Garden? You Can Still Do Bamboo
"bamboo plants produce rhizomes and their distance from the main plant is the main... other plants that provide such an elegant screen for unsightly views while requiring... of the plant and choose a variety that fits your site requirements. Bamboo is technically... rking plants in your plot. Here are some considerations and tips to keep in mind... native plants I have planted. Please get your facts straight before maligning others..."
Narrow Trees for Tight Garden Spaces
"is to plant a dense hedge of arborvitae — functional but not terribly imaginative... careful plant selection, they can be as beautiful, inviting and functional as any other... lower plantings of shrubs and perennials, and they make the whole space feel like... low-growing plants beneath and to improve the airy feel. There is a surprisingly wide... reconsider planting some of these so close to a house's foundation as pictured. Not really..."
4 Elements of a Stunning Fall Garden
"to be planting — it’s much easier on you and the plants, while giving the new additions... as some plants will already begin turning or thinning out. In addition, if you want... from plant selection to placement. I’ve come to adore many species of asters, goldenrods... you mix plant types? Where is fall color absent? When you look out of the window in... together a plant grouping or bring you deeper into the design? When spring rolls around..."
Grow a Lush Privacy Screen
"privacy with plants doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait several years before enjoying your... space for planting beds leave you waving at your neighbors. Here are 10 ideas for making... what you plant around pets and kids, some plants are poisonous. I had to remove boxwood... divide plants talk to them. About politics and religion. Sometimes fast growing plants... d the plants planted between THIRTY and 5 years ago in front of it are beautiful..."
3 Steps to Creating Quick, Easy and Colorful Succulent Containers
"Which plants look good together? How many do you need? And then there is the container... Certainly the plants will grow in all of these, but some are easier to work with than others... a few plants are all you need to quickly put together an eye-catching succulent container... like your plants and the containers. @denold, I have planted a jade plant and string... these plants if this is incorrect! I also looked up most of the other plants here..."
Design Dilemmas: 5 Questions for Houzzers!
"sets with vertical trellis. Plant a small flowering vine with a soft growing habit in... pots of plants, some with large ornamental grasses, they come in a wide range of colors... area with plants growing from them, something that is made of wood also, this house is... include vine plants. Use black rocks as filler. Remember guys, if you leave comments on..."
Use a "Regionalistic Style" to Develop a Cohesive Landscape
"home. She planted in pots a variety of mediterranean grasses and perennials. She had... The same plants used in Minnesota were a shocking contrast. It would have been better... native plants and considering microclimates, region and history of site surely stands... picking out plants, hardscape and trees that really DON'T belong in Northern California... house are vertical, helping it to blend away with the vertical form of the pine trees..."
Landscapes Make a Privacy Statement
"endless plant suggestions to achieve sanctuary in the front yard or backyard. This... Houzz use plants and architecture to enclose, divide and obscure the landscape from the... behaved plant, known to take over entire landscapes. That is, unless you plant it in... Vertical panels in a square lattice pattern protect a side yard from view. I love... people and plant friendly. For those within this space, it's nice to glimpse neighborhood..."
40 Great Gifts for Gardeners
"planning for planting season, and others are just objects that those who love plants will... difference in plant health is amazing, year after year... ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wi... some hold plants. Makes the garden more interesting. Emily, I'm so with you, I am... could also plant a virtual flower (starting at $5) for charity for a garden lover without... ll be planting the best kind of flower – one filled with love, support and..."
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