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Color Feast: When to Use Green in the Dining Room
"green walls, chairs or accessories can be delicious if you do them right... tells you to eat your greens, I'm going to encourage you to keep an open mind about injecting... point not to use cooler colors — greens, blues and purples — in a dining room because... thought to be appetite-suppressing hues. Warmer colors, such as red, orange and yellow... on how to make green an appetizing hue in your home.... all four walls and will eventually tone it done to possibly one wall Have a green dining..."
Cooking With Color: When to Use Yellow in the Kitchen
"on the walls, cabinets or countertops... it's best to limit brighter shades of this attention-getting hue to small doses and materials... really want to stand out. Here are my top yellow paint picks and eight eye-catching yellow... from pale to deep, from peachy to greenish are all dated and unappetizing? Not to mention... yellow walls (my other house was beige) but I have really grown to love the wall color... color to floor to ceiling? Every color can be great when done nicely and unappetizing..."
Cooking With Color: When to Use Black in the Kitchen
"kitchen walls or cabinets for richness and impact... comes to decorating our homes, most of us tend to shy away from using black as more... on how to work with black in the kitchen.... would love to add a black backsplash to my kitchen to add drama. What do ya'll think... presents to any kitchen invite not only to cook also to do it with elegance and style... white (to match the painted walls) with elements of charcoal to blend with the black..."
How to Create a Built-In Home Bar
"too soon to resolve to make your next home gathering more stylish, more sophisticated... Here’s what to know if you’d like to get it done.... pushed up to the wall, or moved out to be able to use it as an island. It works great... mixologist to come to your home to make and wow your guests with their cocktail making... entrance to an apartment’s living room. Pocket doors come out of the wall to hide the... quoted here to be much higher than we'll need to spend. Pictures to follow upon completion..."
13 Ways to Dress Wide Windows
"of your wall of glass with window treatments that balance privacy and light... take away to the total cost. Here are some ideas to get you started:... considerations to note before purchasing window treatments: What is your goal? Do you need... treatments to be functional, decorative, or both? What is your budget? There are window... floor to ceiling, maybe waist height to near ceiling...it's been a struggle to find..."
Color Feast: When to Use Orange in the Dining Room
"rooms to inspire you, along with tips on how to successfully incorporate this fun-loving... confidence to test this outgoing hue in their own spaces, I've gathered together 10 tasty... only to turn out so bad during the night. I had to repaint it to white. Same thing... i had to revert back to my original wall color Off white. The orange I used was something... to keep it and all those "Vanilla" prospects are just going to have to deal with..."
10 Look-at-Me Ways to Show Off Your Collectibles
"whole-wall display or a creative shelf arrangement... one gets to see them, the process of adding to them is not nearly so much fun. Showcase... that’s sure to get people talking.... personality to the home. To make sure it's not seen as clutter you need to edit, edit,... I have to work at keeping the collections to a minimum or rotate them to reduce the... belonged to my mother. And there is plenty of room for the collection to grow to the..."
10 Places To Go Bold With Pattern
"Invigorating Wall, Floor, Backsplash, Lamp or Rug... great way to add interest and express your personality. From large surfaces to smaller... commitment to items that allow you to simply test a new look, here are 10 great ways to... to introduce pattern to your home.... Would love to duplicate the feel of that kitchen. Thx! would love to know more about the... (yellow wall mounted ones) in the last pic.. please do something about this 123nmm..."
15 Ways To Be More Inspired by Your Studio
"Workspace Walls, Layout, Lighting, Storage and More... speaks to you is always a good start, but taking the time to consider the functionality... really easy to maintain once you find a routine. Read ahead to see 15 beautiful studios... can go to unwind and hang out. Although this may sound like a lot of rules for such... narrow tall wall to hang sconces that have been given to me as gifts. I have a few more... Nice to see I'm already using some of them. These are some wonderful ideas! The..."
Quick Fix: How to Patch a Drywall Hole
"leaving your walls looking brand new, with this fix that even a novice can do... small- to medium-size holes take little time to repair, and the fix can be done by... home back to being the envy of the block.... prefer to patch drywall with a patch that is flush with the wall as opposed to a patch... and easy to follow, logical instructions. Perfect for people who like to mix up their... in the wall. Cut along those lines being careful to NOT cut the paper surface on the..."
6 Ways to Define Your Workspace at Home
"without walls and watch your productivity and creativity increase... eager to tell you a story. All you want is to be transported to a secluded island... bulwark to protect you from diversions lurking around every corner. Here’s how to get... great to gave the option to leave home and go to a coffee shop, restaurant etc with... nice job to work here. I'm new to having the flexibility of working from home after..."
Guest Picks: 20 Frameworthy Works to Help You Get Motivated
"bound to be something here to suit your taste and motivate you to meet your goals... calendar to the resolutions we all make with the best of intentions, everything seems... yourself to follow through on your goals this year with a fresh, inspirational art print... on the walls. These simple things will add a lot of beauty to the walls. Reading something... your mid to feel relaxed and rejuvenated for the day. Fabulous collection!! More Please..."
How to Keep Your White Spaces Looking Great
"or your walls, furniture, floors ... see the light with these cleaning and maintenance... wondering how to get the scuffs off your white floors, freshen your floaty curtains or lift... switch to cold water. I grew up in a house with white wall-to-wall carpeting. I remember... going to wait to be empty nesters to have a white interior. Life is short anyway... I had to stop. My hubby was finally ready to go to the furniture store so I couldn't..."
Color Feast: When to Use Yellow in the Dining Room
"dining room walls, furniture or ceiling... oking to perk up your dining space? Consider a palette that includes a generous helping... gather to eat and converse with those you care about most.... saying yes to yellow in a dining room. Another way to bring color accent to the room is... can't wait to get it on the walls. my code is to NEVER use yellow anywhere... We used... themes to work with. I hope these themes inspire you to try out different yellows..."
7 Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger and Work Better
"built-ins, wall mounts and decorating tricks that fool the eye... tips to turn a bedroom, office, storage room or attic into a comfy bedroom for friends... closet and wall to wall carpeting removed and new flooring, of the same kind that runs... Try to stick to the decorating, Please! Small rooms are not easy to decorate for... windows open to catch an ocean breeze. But you have to remember to empty it regularly,..."
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