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The Secret Formula for Perfect Pillow Arrangements
"the 2-2-1 ratio. It's a straightforward concept that accomplishes spectacular results... like that?1 Do the same thing with a sectional. I use a longer lumbar pillow in the... the 2-2-1 is just a guideline. It won't look boring with the other accessories and... the 2-2-1 arrangement. While this is technically a 2-2-2-1 arrangement, the effect... The 2-2-1 ratio also works on beds. Rather than arrange the pillows from the outside..."
Houzz Tour: Manhattan Brownstone Hides a Surprise
"Size: 1,975 square feet That's interesting: There's kinetic architecture where it's... and zanzi1 - I'm not sure how not directly engaging with the city at street level is... happen: 1-Porches are raised a half-level or so (think of Brooklyn brownstones), or... zanzi1 - If you're saying that passersby should be more engaged with the ground... re zanzi1's comment and John's response, the facade at ground level does have a forbidding..."
There’s a Party in the Backyard, Says a Houzz Landscaping Survey
"And wear 1,000 SPF sunscreen, because there’s no shade and it’s going to be scorching... http://bit.ly/1hjoQo0 Great piece! Check Out our Landscape Design Work www.GREENBLOTTDESIGN... floor; 1,000 sq. ft.), in Toronto. I am considering layered clusters of planters in... 'Memorial 1/2 acre,' in HoustonTX, with lots of huge pine trees. We always kept a nice... courtyard and 1 in front...and of course, the gas grill... kind of hidden by a camellia plant..."
From Queasy Colors to Killer Tables: Your Worst Decorating Mistakes
"categories: 1. Painting anything yellow. 2. Furniture that wouldn’t fit through doorways... cover. 1/2 an inch on either side doesn't make that much difference. Painting anything... went with 1/2 tint!) throughout. Looks great with the new rich wood trim. Surprisingly... Bosley1" we screamed. He left, after walking through the pool of paint, and sauntered... color: 1. If you don't want to do test patches on walls, pick up some cheap art canvases..."
Clear the Air: A Guide to Indoor Air Purifiers
"nearly $1,000, it can be hard to know where to begin. Check out this quick guide to... for a $1,000 and will be sold wholesale to retail outlets for $700. But because... $700 or $1,000 may seem like quite a lot to some, but the high end of the air purifier... in the $1,000 to $2,500 range and most air purifiers being offered charge handsomely... $100 to $1,000 dollars per unit. Get to know the rating systems. For in-duct air filters..."
Get a Bird's-Eye View of America's Housing Patterns
"number 1,2,3 reason for couple leaving the neighborhood is to find a good school district... even for $1.5 million in Manhattan, and “something nice” is easily in the $2 - $3 million... around 1.5 mill. Nearby project similar Watercolors, lots 250 to 750k. So what is... gallon (1,50 Euros per liter). ;-) Very interesting and thought provoking. Here's a... home $1.46 million. I would love to live in a pre-war flat in the Village, but..."
Houzz Call: What's Your New Year's Resolution for the House?
"nuary 1 provides us with a proverbial blank slate, but it often brings an accompanying... Resolutions", 1st: If you have bought a home in the past 1-2 years, the best advice I can... two-fold: 1) Sort and purge, 2) figure out how to put together a "My Houzz" photo spread... think. 1) Replace all of the lamp shades! I never would have thought this would be... excuses. 1. My clients always come first and I can't be doing something in my own home..."
One Big Happy Expansion for Michigan Grandparents
"children in a 1,600-square-foot one-bathroom home and then they leave, first for college... house (1 bath, 3 bedrooms; at one point four kids in two bunkbeds in one room that... live in a 1,850 square foot home and I've never aspired to own a mansion. One of the... other 1%? .... we just allow them to remain in the dark until they're ready to engage... bedroom 1 bath home - we didn't spend much time in the bathroom then! My "growing up"..."
Houzz Tour: Minimalism Suits an Arizona Ranch House
"Size: 1,500 square feet; 3 bedrooms Photography: Christopher Barr Photography... We used 1/8" thick plate and perforated metal set in a 1x2 tube steel frame. perfect... We used 1 X 2 tube steel for the frame (with the 1/8" metal panel set in the frame)... material is 1/4" rusty steel. We custom fabricated the steel, installed then rusted by..."
Houzz interview: Layla's Romantic Lettered Cottage
"blog 1. I always try to make sure it's an inspiring place for people to visit. Just... 2 and 1/2 weeks. Layla has inspired me to transform my new house into a welcoming... is my #1 fav blog to visit. Would love to get my hands on that adorable bench. I... is my #1 daily read! I would love for Layla to come decorate my whole house. The barn... until 1am checking it out! I absolutely love it. It's so inspiring and refreshing..."
Houzz Tour: Creative Resourcefulness in a 1970s Ranch
"About 1,360 square feet; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Year built: 1972... which is #1 Modern and #2 Shabby Chic....not together mind you! Although that would... look as 1/2 the other people in the world... What color is the paint on your front... imitate the 1x8 wall (without the horns, although, cool, it just won't work in my Master)... stained 1- by 8-inch boards. The whole accent wall project cost about $125.Headboard:..."
Houzz Tour: Updates Honor a 1930s Cottage's History
"Size: 1,900 square feet; 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... 3/8" x 1 1/2" but you need to scale them to the size and shape of your room. @Gatling... applied 1/4" plywood with construction adhesive to the drywall, nailing through to... expanded to 1,300, and Gatling's renovation added an additional 600. The couple nixed the..."
My Houzz: 1950s Rebound for a Cliff May House
"Size: 1,130 square feet; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms That's interesting: Cliff May built... are 3/1s. Somehow, that didn't stop many of the original owners from raising 4-6... from a 3/1 to a 3/2 by adding a tiny (4x5) master bathroom where two closets used to... one is 1,000 sq. ft.). The couple lived very lightly in the home - Everything is... make the 1,130-square-foot living area feel spacious. The Amstones are inspired by the..."
Houzz Tour: From Olden Church to Soaring Modern Marvel
"-TG-C-1.html I want to go to church here.! Where are the six children? This place... golpherpga1 - can you say "rude?" good gracious :) Hmmm... I can't say I'm that impressed... wide x 1.35m high. Regards, Dominic Bagnato Having my younger years in Moonee... up to 6 1/2 meters (a little more than 21 feet). The standard ceiling height in Australia..."
How to Farm Your Parking Strip
"Size: 1,000 square feet (93 square meters)... greens ($1 a bunch ya'll) and pout a bit then move on with my life without it in it... least 1 foot away from the sidewalk and at least 3 feet away from one other to allow... least 1 foot away from the sidewalk and at least 3 feet away from one other to allow... strip: $1,800Pollinator plants: $200Foot-traffic-friendly plants: $300Lumber and hardware:... hardware: $1,700Soil: $600Wood chips: $250Flagstone: $175Dish rock: $200Construction and..."
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