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Basement of the Week: Surprises Around Every Corner
"Size: 1,415 square feet (including 2 more bedrooms and 2 bathrooms not shown below)... house with 1,400+ square feet below and an undisclosed square footage above. I assume..."
Owners Find Their Bliss in a Wine Country Ranch House
"Size: 1,900 square feet before the remodel; 2,500 square feet after... about 1/3rd of an acre....relatively square 109' x 119' Wonderful surprise Amy..."
My Houzz: Artful Character Colors a Textile Designer's Home
"Size: 1,000 square feet; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... won the #1 spot of favorite homes for me on Houzz. The colors, creative decorating --..."
16 Lounges Go Wild for Science at San Francisco's Exploratorium
"back of a 1/3-mile-long building on San Francisco's Pier 15, these unique custom lounges... including a 1/3 scale railroad that is now located and operated in the Santa Cruz mountains..."
My Houzz: Cashmere Adorns a Bright, Cozy Amsterdam Loft
"(about 1,829 square feet); 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... @mollyornati1 All of the pillows and cashmere accessories are from Cashmere Touch: http://www..."
Houzz Tour: A Modern Addition Joins a Historic California Home
"worth over 1 mil. I would so love to see a neighbor "renovate" and maintain the streetscape... including the 1,000-square-foot addition..."
Green and Clean: Sleek Water-Wise Bathroom Fixtures
"less than 1 percent — is available to us as potential drinking water. The rest is tied... flush is 1.6 gallon per minute, which matches conventional toilet building code requirements..."
My Houzz: A Vancouver Condo Hits a Modern Note
"feet; 1 bedroom That's interesting: Liang is a talented guitarist and has played... aggravated by: 1. I live in the Pacific Northwest just a bit south of the border from Richard;..."
My Houzz: Indonesia-Inspired California Home
"Size: 1,456 square feet; 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms That's interesting: A storm in December... Very Pier 1/Cost Plus. Love the floors though. We Americans are blessed to be free to..."
Houzz Tour: Sleek and Minimal in Singapore
"Size: 1,200 square feet That's interesting: The unit is considered public housing... price $1,100. Has video of cabinets. That's the actual kitchen , on the photo.the..."
Houzz Tour: Striking Modern Remodel in Venice Beach
"Size: 1,650 square feet; 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... remodel a 1 car garage. Those of you that felt the bamboo would be a problem are mistaken..."
Houzz Tour: Butterfly Roofs Top a Sydney Terrace House
"meters (1,754 square feet); 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... excess of $1.5m. I have a very cool scupper collector that is designed to integrate..."
My Houzz: Colorful Hand Painting Bedecks a Creative Home
"Size: 1,500 square feet; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... seen a 1st amendment argument coming...on a design blog...wait, what? Lindsay, please..."
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