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The Top 5 Ways to Save Water at Home
"should skip 1 flush of the toilet after a night time number 1. At 1.6 gallons of water... flushes = 1 gallon the average house will save 5 gallons a day. 5 million houses = 25... with only 1 weekend of water in these last 2 months. I am installing rain gutters,and... city of 1.5 Million in 5 more years. Entire cities property values go to ZERO is there... consistently 1/5 of other users. Always reuse pool water when it's time to drain it by..."
The Lowdown on High-Efficiency LED Lighting
"5/8" and 1 1/4". The LED is classified as a 3528 diode. You can also get a 5050 diode... (maybe a 1"x1") that would go all the way across the bottom of your shelf and hide the... to the 1st LED isnt large enough, you will find that the last LEDs on the string will... drilled 1/4" holes through the shelves to plug them in to an outlet above the upper... approximately 1/4" thick. You could use a wood strip just over this thickness (or just over..."
Quick Fix: Find Wall Studs Without an Expensive Stud Finder
"square edge 1' x 1 1/2"(literal measuring looks like 3/4" x 1 1/4"). Real wood(poplar,... would be 1 1/2" between center marks if you marked each edge, mark center. From that... hit only 1/4" from the stud edge! If you assume your magnet found the center of the... maybe it's 1 foot spacer blocks between studs(close to corners). Observe clues if you're... (3/32" or 1/8") hole to find the studs. If I miss, a tiny bit of spackle takes care of..."
11 Things to Expect With Your Remodel
"things: 1) Most construction crews are really sweet guys (and a rare girl or two),... remodel? 1) Get EVERYTHING in writing before the job begins, especially as to the quality... bedrooms and 1 bath. We wanted to add a couple bedrooms upstairs for the kids, and combine... time. #1 recommendation, find a good contractor. We went through 7 (yes, SEVEN), before... control #1 and we just dust a lot. We have had our share of #5's and wondered how that..."
Binge on the Design of ‘House of Cards’
"Season 1 I was mesmerised by the interiors - even pausing a recording just to review... Season 1. The furnishings are tastefully done, if their machinations are NOT. My son... season 1 PLUS the entire season 2 since this past Saturday. Yes, that's 23 hours of... season 1. I'm only 2 episode's into season 2. Frank's SC home has a completely different... season 1 on New Years Eve and the next morning (almost a marathon) We could not wait..."
When to Use Engineered Wood Floors
"another 1-2 grand into a 1,000 foot job which is probably costing them $ 10,000 to... about only 1 chance to refinish is true or not? Thanks kindly! We installed Brazilian... only has 1/4" of re-usable, sandable wood because the nails or staples that hold the... either do 1) Floating or 2) engineered glued down but my flooring company would do a... on the 1st floor. Help! Yes, there are such things as engineered heart pine floors..."
How to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater
"kitchen (1 sink) and bath (tub/shower combo, 1 sink) behind the kitchen wall, 3 people... as of 1/1/2014, this credit expired and is currently awaiting renewal by our government... descaling 1/yr per manufacturer instructions. Heating bills dropped immediately by $20/mo... around 1/4 degree temp loss per hour. This is an important concern as boilers cost... Florida and 1/2 inch pipes is a lot different than what is needed in a cold place like..."
Displaying Kitchen Supplies — Hot or Not?
"drawers: 13 1/2 inches Total depth : 7 1/2 inches Total height: 4 1/2 inches Bottom and... lips are: 1 1/4 inches Dimensions of cookbook section: Length between brackets for the... bracket: 1/2 inch Depth of shelf for books: 7 1/2 inches The more you see in a kitchen... left over 1/4 packets. Now I do so little baking, I prefer to leave things in the packets... extra $1 to have these containers, where else can you get a large container for $1..."
How to Hire the Right Architect: Comparing Fees
"will be 1 payment to start the project, 1 when the design is accepted and 1 when the... paper are 1/1,000th the cost of a design change in wood and concrete. Working drawings... requested: 1) Size here may dictate size there. Especially in a two story. If certain... spending 1.5 hours at my home with the contractor discussing/deciding how to integrate... Effort 1. Schematic Design 5-15%..."
How to Install a Toilet in an Hour
"STEP 1.1 - : Put a couple of plastic trash bags on the floor so you have a place... STEP 1.2 - : Find the water supply line (in his step 9). Turn off the water to the... STEP 1.3 - : Flush the toilet a couple of times to empty the tank. Use a plunger... STEP 1.4 - : Disconnect the water line at the bottom of the tank. Let it drain onto... STEP 1.5 - : Unbolt the tank (his step 8 and 7) and place it on the plastic. STEP..."
12 House-Hunting Tips to Help You Make the Right Choice
"lists: (1) requirements, (2) would-likes and (3) absolute "no's", NOT just the top... realized the #1 side all agents are on, is their own side .. with their clients being #2... down $1,000 when I made an offer. Take a walk around the entire neighborhood, just... patio, and 1/4 acre lot in a residential tract. Now, 25 years later, I still LOVE my... made 2-1/2 times what we paid for it when we sold it 4 years later. Our friend was..."
How to Design an Accessible Shower
"with a 1 1/2" drain line. Having this larger 2" drain line helps out down the road... than a 1 1/2" drain line. Also the further the water falls from the drain down into... Mechanism - 1-1/8" fine cut thread. Zinc plated steel jackscrew." So that means there... beside the 1 1/2" waste pipe for the vanity? As after many of Betram's posts I urge everyone... categories: 1. Slip Resistant: Coefficient of friction is 0.60 or greater (wet). Meets..."
Here's How to Steer Clear of 10 Top Design Don'ts
"advises: 1) 3,2,1 color ratio....one color that is most dominate, a secondary color... Knuck1es the measurement would be from the front of the seat cushion So if I don't... rule #1 . I say #5 is unpractical because the chairs are backed right up to the... eye-level, 1/3 below (I'm an art dealer and know this for a fact.) Need I mention, on... Rule #1, what do you do when your front door is smack in the middle of the traffic..."
How to Add a Kitchen Backsplash
"about 1/8" thick, Mother of Pearl 1x1 on a sheet. I stuck it to an adhesive sheet... of over 1/2 inch between the back of the countertop and the wall at one point on the... opinion of 1 vs 2 bowls, I love my new one. A cookie sheet lays flat in the sink and... Little 1" tiles come in sheets and look great. A beautiful backsplash brings the room... square to 1/4 inch square, but there were also rectangular ones and all of varying colour..."
What to Ask Before Choosing a Hardwood Floor
"(it's a 1 1/2 storey home), but judging by the creaks and a few loose-feeling spots... widths of 3 1/8”, 5 1/8” and 6 ½”, your engineered wide plank floor performs beautifully... from 3 1/2" to 6 1/2". Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. It is a great... made of 1" by 6" solid teak strips, pre-installed on a mesh like mosaic tiles. What... after 1-2 refinishing operations. While the solid will endure another refinishing..."
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