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Reinvent It: Salvage a Birdcage for an Eclectic Chandelier
"deep x 1 Electrical Drill with a special Bit. Photo included. x 1 pkg. of Couplings... (Female) x 1 Ceiling Canopy Kit (Not shown) x 1 Sheet of Fluorescent Lighting diffuser... Lightbulbs x 1 Can of spray paint Primer x 1 Can of Spray Paint ....and that is basically... gd/K2N1kw Wow - way to save $1200, Dianne. Though I do like the crystals... Looks... being x 1 piece for a thin customized washer to support the Lampshade once in place..."
Get on a Composting Kick (Hello, Free Fertilizer!)
"Either 1 x 1" or 1 x 2" mesh. 3 pieces of wire to seal the ends together. Enough... of 500:1 (finished compost is around 20:1). When you add high-carbon materials to... down to 1. I just wish our town did curbside compost collection (other than yard... turned 1/3 of the pile, put the hoop back around, wire it up, and fork the rest of... compost. 1 part wee to 2 parts compost is the primo ratio (that's a lot of urine!) and..."
How to Choose the Right Solar Lights
"reviews has 1/4 or 1/3 of its reviews saying "unreliable," or "quit working" or "comes... only last 1-2 years at best. I haven't had luck at replacing the units to preserve the... edium_1_6 @shieldmaiden I had some solar holiday lights I put on metal plant trellis... aside). 1. Quality of the solar cell. There is not much variance here. All solar cells... WalMart $1 specials will last a year or so (then the plastic clouds up and the batteries..."
Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Space
"from a 1,900 sq. ft. home to 1,500 sq. ft. I have always lived in 4,000 sq. ft. homes... @catz1, I would love to have empty guest room and hall closets. But when you live... home (1,200 sq ft) to a tiny cabin (320 sq ft). Getting rid of possessions was so... questions: 1. Do I either use it or love it? 2. If I store it, will I remember that I... around 1,000 square feet. The two hardest areas for me was the bath and kitchen--but..."
How to Add a Radiant Heat System
"The 1st floor of our house has an accessible subfloor via a crawlspace, which allowed... put in 1" rigid insulation under all concrete and put insulation between the basement... since the 1" cracked when walking on it. We have a ranch style and had the tubing stapled... @christine1ca - hmmm... "potable"? Never heard that one. You should get more info from... ary SE1-Screen and Blind System is an unobtrusive folding blind system which allows..."
Why You Might Want to Build a House of Straw
"AR107.1 dictates that, at a minimum straw bale walls are 1 hour, up to 2 hour rated... ugly. 1 - Bales not kept absolutely dry during and after construction = mold, smoldering... home/gallery w/1,100 sq ft of wrapped porch. highly recommend the porches for wall protection... has a 1 hour fire rating per ASTM E119-05a. Straw bale walls with a cementious plaster... R-occupancy 1 or 2 family homes), appendix R is all about straw bale construction. Covers..."
How Low Should Your Drapes Go?
"all the 1/4-1/2" changes in the floor are apparent. I've never been in any house,... kitty, 1 dog household, and we vacuum when one of us "breaks down" or has a day off... end at 1/2"- just shy of the floor or carpet. I like shorter treatments to end just... cover up 1/3 of those beautiful arched windows with fabric? It not only cuts off the... gorgeous. A 1.5"-2" in a heavily interlined silk looks lush, rich and elegant. In the..."
Bathroom Remodel Insight: A Houzz Survey Reveals Homeowners’ Plans
"glass with 1/2 parts liquid dish soap and 1/2 parts white vinegar and place the solution... found my #1 love of the bathroom is one with a linen closet. Only two of my homes have... approx 1/3 a wet room. the shower is plenty big and comfortable and i love the jetted... did: 1) glass enclosure for shower stalls: yes, requires a one min squeegee . But... with only 1.5 baths, eek! no tub, so first order is a second full bath. subway tile..."
How to Get Along With the Neighbors — and Live Happier at Home
"we own 1 car, 1 land rover and 1 motor bike we opened up our front garden so all our... between 1pm and 4pm. In the community I live in currently my neighbors politely informed... that we 1.mowed our grass at 3" (too high), 2. planted bushes near the property line... to pay $1.00 for the privilege of establishing the boundary and having cleaned their... FDMgod1xQAig @ikwewe, it is true about fences in California. Virtually every house..."
Pearls of Wisdom From a Real-Life Kitchen Remodel
"comfortable. 1 important correction! caesarstone does stain/discolor. My glacier white... Advice #1 is very important. We didn't remodel, but we moved and I had to plan a new... its been 1 yr and our white counters look great, sometimes its even hard to find the... it for 1/2 hour. it is deep...great for pots and pans but you "bend" over to work... remodels: 1.You can raise your dishwasher up about a foot or so and it will make an..."
Your Guide to a Smooth-Running Construction Project
"scale of 1 to 5, meaning 5 is a keeper and 1 is something they can let go. This helps... way: 1. Avoid becoming the project manager of your own home. I agree with this article... puts $1,000 in the contract for lighting make sure that contract defines what lighting... after 1.5" concrete lay over the tube. So far, I couldn't find anyone willing to... been, 1) involve myself completely in the design and planning process whether or..."
8 Lessons on Renovating a House from Someone Who's Living It
"2x4and 1 x material is actually 1 inch sometimes eve more ! Do a lot of ripping and... items #1-8). Beautiful rooms. Would love to see more pictures....inside & out. :)... breakup are 1. Infidelity, 2. Finances and 3. Building or Renovating a home while you live... for 3 1/2 years on a 100 year old craftsman home! I love houzz because it reminds... the 3 1/2 mark of renovating our 1937 Bungalow. We have lived in it the whole time..."
Transition Time: How to Connect Tile and Hardwood Floors
"recessed 1 1/4" at framing stage for endless options in installation methods. JW If... tile is 1' square 1/4" thick porcelain. I have a question... We are supposed to be... me that 1 ft. square tile that is 3/8" thick would weight the same amount per square... foot as 1' x 2' 3/8" tile. Different thicknesses of tile would make a difference of... them a 1/4 span (between floor joists). This way we satisfy the TTMAC framing re..."
15 Cozy Book Nooks and What They Want You to Read
"table, a 1&1/2 person upholstered chair, the dining room table, and clear glass doors... favorites are #1, #8 & #14. #1 because it is in the kitchen and it appears that the dog is... love #1 and 13 for the window seats - I've always always wanted one of those and... again. # 1 in the morning or #9 in the evening are places I would gravitate to and read... Looove #'s 1 and 13...I don't have specific suggestions for books or beverages, but with..."
Contractor Tips: How to Install Tile Flawlessly
"3/4", 1", 1 1/8, etc.). That is needed to calculate floor deflection in addition... below show 1x1 mosaic glass tile with Starglass grout in Diamond (nearly clear so that... using 1/4" or 1/2" backer board instead of DITRA. If you add a decking layer or backer... down to 1/16". Look at the tile edge and ask your supplier for rectified tiles. Yes... thin-set (1/2" notch) to install. That leaves $750 for tile. Divide $750 / 175 sq. ft..."
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