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Patio of the Week: Water and Fire Mingle in a Canadian Front Yard
"their front patio a modern makeover. "He has an amazing sense of balance and style... moving water. What a glorious setting they've created! A true idyll - no small wonder... sitting in front of that fireplace with snow on the ground! Very creative and kudos... on our front step with a note that read "Thanks for the use of the patio. It was much... their front yard, open to all 24 hours a day. They seem happy with drop-in strangers..."
Water-Saving Landscaping Ideas for Traditional Homes
"roses in front of your traditional house? Try some of these drought-tolerant beauties... required water-efficient plants and trees. But what if you own a more traditional-style... other water-hungry plants. The good news is that there are plenty of options for... had to water my lawn except very rarely. If you don't water regularly, the grass... without water. Sigrid is right, mow grass at the highest setting and don't water...."
6 Lovely Water-Wise Perennials for High Altitudes
"Mountains' Front Range and up to elevations of 8,000 feet — and more — the tough plants... into your water-wise garden. Once established they need only occasional supplemental... l watering; a good soaking every few weeks during the heat of summer should do the... running water from the antique limestone fountain along with the incredible selection... zone) Water requirement: LowLight requirement: Full sun to filtered shadeMature size:..."
7 Finishing Touches for a Thoughtful Front Yard
"numbers, water features, garden art and more... about the front of your house, it's even more important. The front yard is what everyone... finished front yard that says, "Welcome."... kept a water bowl filled up outside for them. Standing water can attract a bacteria... provide water, post a sign asking the user to dump the water bowl when finished. We... the dog water bowls, please be very careful. Both of our greyhounds almost died last..."
Upgrade Your Front Yard for Curb Appeal and More
"value, water savings and everyday enjoyment... the new front yard? Before beginning your project, you’ll want to consider all the... to the front. We keep a seasonal big pot on the front steps with annuals. Watch that... another front garden where we replaced the tired and water thirsty lawn with a lawn... lawn in front to avoid watering it. It was a nice small lawn area that we installed... waste of water. The grass was replaced with climate compatible low water plantings..."
Get Along With Less Lawn — Ideas to Save Water and Effort
"lower your water bill while creating a feast for the eyes with diverse plantings and gathering... drain on water resources, and they demand regular mowing and fertilizing, not to mention... precious water using water barrels. My favourite garden book: Front Yard Gardens by... from the front of it". Obviously time for a front yard makeover. Can't wait to... back and front yard. The image is of the back yard: grass where the water first arrives..."
Have Your Garden Fountain and Be Water Wise Too
"which water features are more conscious of conservation, along with strategies for... how much water it consumes. Here are some water-wise tips for incorporating a water... splash, water features often become the focal point of a garden. And nothing brings... about water consumption? In warm climates how you locate, design and maintain your... of the front yard with a vertical water feature. We planted 2 manzanita trees, 2..."
Container Garden Basics: How and When to Water Potted Plants
"time to water and what watering device to use? This guide can help... need to water?” is usually the first question I get from clients after finishing their... should water as often as the plant requires. But determining when, how much and how... garden's watering needs. Planting ideas for your container garden... I've been watering in the evening but after reading this, I'll start watering early mornings... regarding watering in the evening -- if that is the only time you can water, it is better..."
Xeriscape Gardens: How to Get a Beautiful Landscape With Less Water
"serve water and make gardening much easier with the xeriscape approach’s 7 principles... Denver Water utility for a new and comprehensive approach to water conservation. The... strict watering laws. You can only water x 2 days a week, your day is a according... mean no water at all. All living things need some water to survive and thrive. Don't... "saving water"--how ironic, you aren't "saving" water in any sense--either watering..."
Great Plants for Lush, Low-Water Gardens
"Water restrictions making your garden look washed out? Give it living color with... dealing with water restrictions, have a lackluster irrigation system or simply want to conserve... The more water they get, the larger and more beautiful the blooms will be. Are all safe... of my front yard along with other weeds. @Judy I can't say if Zoysia will do well... to be watered twice a month, has better leaf density than the Bermuda grass so prevalent..."
The Top 5 Ways to Save Water at Home
"start water conservation efforts is outside. But water consumption indoors shouldn’t... their water consumption 20 percent by the year 2020. The typical American family... gallons of water every day. According to Rea Gonzalez, a representative at the Los Angeles... of that water — about 60 percent in relatively arid California — is used outdoors for... for watering the yard and filling a swimming pool or hot tub. So, obviously, a great..."
8 Unthirsty Plants Help You Save Water in Style
"supplemental water each year. In contrast, the use of water-efficient designs and plantings... Water is one of our most precious resources, yet each year many households use more... more water outdoors than for all other purposes. Of this, the majority is used for... conserve water, but our wellwater still has some salt intrusion. The plants and soyzia... (where water, relatively speaking, is no issue at all) then great. Otherwise, planter..."
How to Move Water Through Your Landscape
"between water and ground can take many forms. Water can be moved on the surface with... moving water are common challenges for homeowners. They can originate from the way... movement of water in the landscape is a big design opportunity, because the relationship... to move water, when they should be used in conjunction with other techniques and when... to move water I live in California. What is this thing "water" that you speak of? Great..."
Easy Green: Big and Small Ways to Be More Water-Wise at Home
"conserving water. Whether your goal is to help your community during a time of drought... your home water bill, there are many simple, effective changes you can make around the... to save water and protect our waterways are a good place to begin.... of cold water I use less water. I use my dog's left over water to water the plants... drinking water in the watering can to water our houseplants. They prefer filtered water..."
Dry Riverbeds Solve Water Runoff
"redirect water runoff and add beauty to your landscape... mismanaged water is not just inconvenient; in some areas it is truly dangerous. In my... too much water can lead to slope destabilization, slides and ocean pollution as runoff... manage the water on a property, whether you expect flash floods or simply hope to ensure... direct the water that enters your site as productively as possible.... in the front yard; haven't had any water problems since. BTW, we used the large copper..."
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