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Gardens Tap Into Rill Water Features
"this water feature is popular again as a way to help contemporary landscapes flow... all the water features we use in our gardens, the rill perhaps has the most interesting... moving water. The earliest style of rill was found in ancient Persian gardens, but... popular water feature of Edwardian garden design and often used by Gertrude Jeckyll... Does the water recycle underneath? Or is water stationary? Thanks for these great ideas..."
Tap Into Stud Space for More Wall Storage
"used to tap into stud space all the time. But I was single then so it was different... it with water) and the doors that fold out of the way when I'm using the appliances..."
Color Magic: Tap Into Psychology to Better Use Blue at Home
"blue is a water element, excellent for use in the east (health and family) and southeast... office — water energy is said to nourish the wood element of these areas. Deep blue..."
Simple Pleasures: Beat the Heat With Water
"joys by tapping into the many wonders of water... feet, water provides some of the best, simplest pleasures on summer days. Being mindful... the joy water brings can help you get into the spirit of the season. Get ready to quench... when I water my plants on the deck. The cat in the last picture has the right idea... fill with water, put in fridge, remove, spray sweaty bod, repeat spraying till thoroughly... rounds watering and grooming their plants by hand. I do. A lot of my plants are..."
How to Choose a Home Water Filtering System
"which water purification method is best for your house, from pitchers to whole-house... your own water at home is an easy way to get great-tasting purified water, without the... best? Do water filtration pitchers really work as well as undersink or whole-house models... pick the water filtration system that best fits your needs. Learn how to find out what... in your water, how the most common types of filtration systems work, including their..."
How to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater
"tankless water heaters (a standard in Europe and Asia), there seem to be some growing... tank water heater. Since these water heaters heat water as needed, you will never... amount of water waiting for the hot water to get to its destination tap. I've got a Rinnai... the cold water when the hot water tap is turned back on. In general terms, today's... on the tap, and hot water coming. Much faster than waiting for the hot water to rumble..."
Easy Green: Big and Small Ways to Be More Water-Wise at Home
"conserving water. Whether your goal is to help your community during a time of drought... your home water bill, there are many simple, effective changes you can make around the... to save water and protect our waterways are a good place to begin.... of cold water I use less water. I use my dog's left over water to water the plants... of hot water. A bucket under shower head or bath taps to catch water while it heats..."
Xeriscape Gardens: How to Get a Beautiful Landscape With Less Water
"serve water and make gardening much easier with the xeriscape approach’s 7 principles... Denver Water utility for a new and comprehensive approach to water conservation. The... strict watering laws. You can only water x 2 days a week, your day is a according... mean no water at all. All living things need some water to survive and thrive. Don't... "saving water"--how ironic, you aren't "saving" water in any sense--either watering..."
Just Add Water: Rain Barrel Magic
"collect the water that would otherwise drain off your roof and use it to water your garden... adherents as water issues affect more and more of us. It's a practical approach — you collect... conserve water & stop using municipal drinking water to water our plants. I admit I... used the water for laundry and wash water, and hauled up their drinking water out of... Municipal tap water; and water costs for homeowners! To use, provide a pump, or tap..."
Water Sense for Big Savings
"classic water-saving tip, “Save water; shower with a friend”? While there may not... to save water, new technologies and products have enabled a whole universe of options... can save water, save money, help the environment and maybe have a little fun doing so... Many water-saving strategies are easy DIY projects too. Even switching out an old... homes more water efficient. Here are a few things you can do.... running water to heat it up I put the watering can under the tap to catch the unused..."
Green and Clean: Sleek Water-Wise Bathroom Fixtures
"loads of water and money without sacrificing style... predicting water shortages in 36 states by 2013. Being water wise can cut your utility... water future. The bathroom is the place to start since it's the water hog in your... indoor water you use. Check out these water-wise plumbing fixtures that don't compromise... called the "water planet," but remarkably little of the blue stuff — less than 1 percent... drinking water. The rest is tied up in saltwater, ice caps and other less-accessible..."
Protect Your House From Winter Water Damage
"make sure water won't find its way indoors. There are ways to spot the problem areas... had a water leak caused by faulty guttering. The water entered the inside wall and... that had water damage inside the wall and on the flooring. This was probably caused... sending the water inside along the brick fireplace that was not caulked properly. It cost... tips!!! Water, and in the northern climes, ice/snow...and the repeated fall and spring..."
The Top 5 Ways to Save Water at Home
"start water conservation efforts is outside. But water consumption indoors shouldn’t... their water consumption 20 percent by the year 2020. The typical American family... gallons of water every day. According to Rea Gonzalez, a representative at the Los Angeles... of that water — about 60 percent in relatively arid California — is used outdoors for... for watering the yard and filling a swimming pool or hot tub. So, obviously, a great..."
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