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4 Steps to the Perfect Garden
"beginning gardener, and your garden is in an eternal state of winter hibernation, the... Whether your garden is big or small, doing any type of upgrade can be fairly simple, as... and easy garden plan that will satisfy all your outdoor needs.... own. A pond is well worth the effort. I installed one myself, including digging the... a koi pond, which is lovely and provides some very soothing water sounds to our urban..."
Lay of the Landscape: Cottage Garden Style
"cottage gardens charm with their billowy abundance. These tips help you bring the look... "cottage garden" and most of us imagine a colorful, fragrant garden filled with billowing... cottage garden of today, but what many admirers don’t realize is that the cottage garden... garden began its life as a purely functional space for growing vegetables and herbs... cottage garden has become less practical and more decorative. It has also been adapted..."
Australian Vertical Gardens Create an Artful Outdoor Retreat
"vertical gardening before, but in this residential renovated garden near Perth, Australia... envisioning a garden inspired by natural and low-impact elements that would fulfill the clients’... requires a garden space which acts as a kind of living meditative sanctuary to sustain... idea of a garden... Would the brick wall garden work if the wall gets the afternoon sun... pebble garden! I'm impressed with the use of the gutters. These are beautiful inventive..."
Bid Bad Garden Bugs Goodbye and Usher In the Good
"creating a garden that draws pollinators and helpful eaters... enjoying your garden. Finally, all the work you've put in over the past year is paying off... beneficial garden insects. But how do you get rid of the bad guys and welcome the good... and your garden. Here you'll learn some of the more common insect threats to your... your garden and how you can persuade the bad bugs to leave on their own volition.... The Garden Guardian’s Guide to environmentally-responsible garden care.) DE and..."
Get the Mystery of a Gothic Garden for Yourself
"othic gardening may bring thoughts of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Victorian novels... Gothic garden design simply follows the architectural style predominant in Western... create gardens of mystery and serenity. Many features of Gothic style, including... comfortably in gardens today without turning them into a pastiche of a horror film. Combined... contemporary garden design. Does Your House Have a Medieval Heritage?..."
Gardening for Happy Kids
"mother’s garden or the calm water down the hill beyond the trees. No, some of my most... in the garden. I couldn't find the one image I had used to portray a kids garden... pastures and ponds, and wonderful magical gardens full of moss and flowers. We explored... to make garden sculptures and stepping stones for the veggie garden. Teepees for climbers... in our gardens as adults. I've had many transformative experiences sitting in the..."
3 Fuss-Free Ways to Garden
"terrible at gardening. Mother Nature has heard every excuse in the book, and that lady... beautiful garden that won't require much (if any) care. First things first though:... a type gardening that doesn't require work. No matter what, you'll have to put at... with gardening — and part of what makes the final result so sweet. If you do it... Not-So-Secret Gardens" about gardens for small spaces--check it out here for even more tips:..."
Explore Your Garden Personality: The Philosopher
"for a garden design that’s a study in balance, texture and intriguing art... designed garden is one that reflects both the spirit and the needs of its owner. Some... values a garden of solitude and reflection. Perhaps you have a reflective or introspective... build a garden that tells that story. Or perhaps you have a philosopher friend with... with a garden that just doesn’t make sense to you, and you’re seeking to understand..."
11 Perfect Plants for a Moonlit Garden — in Pots
"summer gardens must be seen in the daylight for us to truly appreciate their beauty... a moon garden can help you create an outdoor space that's just as enjoyable in the... a moon garden is the moonflower vine that opens large while trumpet-shaped flowers... in the garden - so lovely in the evening. and white clematis. We're pretty limited... white garden. Another beauty is white hydrangeas. We have several huge bushes that..."
Wild Gardens Bring Excitement and Beauty to Landscapes
"’ Bold gardens teeming with site-appropriate plants make for a richer experience... American garden” designer, I see beauty and utility in the wild garden. I design with... in the garden. Seeing home after home, you can note how acres of treated lawns blanket... thriving. Gardens can be much more than mere ornaments for the house; they can be grand... kinds of gardens contain appropriate plants, not just native plants, which is a confusing..."
Native Plants Inspire and Educate at NYC's Botanical Garden
"Plant Garden with us to get great ideas for plant choices and sustainability... Plant Garden, which opened earlier this year at the New York Botanical Garden. There's... Shade gardeners will find plenty to look at in the dappled layers beneath a canopy... ago. My gardens haven't been the same since! Well done. How wonderful to see native... local garden center. Where can one purchase these plants on Long Island? I just..."
Mid-Atlantic Gardener's January Checklist
"Mid-Atlantic garden. Few plants are in bloom, there's barely any green in sight and there... make most gardening tasks things to avoid. Most of our feathered friends, save the... interior pond liner that encompasses the whole interior area, so water can not permeate... January's garden in a new light. This is a time for renewal in the garden. It is a... winter garden is the contrast of brilliant red against the wheat-colored hues of winter..."
Garden Tour: Edith Wharton's The Mount
"Their Gardens that was published in 1904. She designed the formal gardens at The... historic garden you will know, I am sure of it; Longwood Gardens and Winterthorpe. Not... cactus garden. I can never get enough of their beauty and am always looking for... my own garden projects. Although, if I lived further north in a cooler climate, the... Mount gardens would be all the inspiration I would need. It's just stunning! I am..."
Lay of the Landscape: Tropical Garden Style
"container garden that you can enjoy throughout the summer and bring indoors over the... indoor garden will brighten your space while seeming completely at home. No matter... outdoor gardens, especially in maleria and dengue prone tropical countries. Great article... tropical garden but in a tropical country but still, love your article.... squeeze in pond, surrounded of course by plenty of greenery and with a lily pad or two..."
How to Harvest Rainwater for Your Garden
"irrigating gardens. According to Sustainable Sites, an American certification program... in the garden. That’s where rainwater tanks and barrels come into play.... watering and gardening. Kathy in Canada Our garden collection One is hidden by Hermans... water my garden, that is feasible because I do square foot gardening in raised beds... in the garden of our new build. We will use the water to flush toilets, run the washing..."
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