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Container Garden Basics: How and When to Water Potted Plants
"best time to water and what watering device to use? This guide can help... as the plant requires. But determining when, how much and how often can be more c... I need to water?” is usually the first question I get from clients after finishing... type of plant material, climate and other environmental factors. Observation and knowing... knowing your plants' requirements will help you learn about your container garden's watering..."
How to Decorate for the Holidays When Your Home Is for Sale
"appealing to potential buyers and still celebrate the season. Here are 7 tips to keep... they have to stifle the spirit and eschew traditions entirely if their house is on the... attractive to potential buyers. Here’s how.... Thieves go to open houses to see what the pickings are and come back when they can take... overtime to take your things so be sure to protect what you don't want to lose. I completely... I need to leave . Plant-based essential oils and the plants themselves (fruits, spices..."
Cooking With Color: When to Use Green in the Kitchen
"Green Tea to make your kitchen walls or cabinets the freshest ones around... stick to greens found in nature, especially the color of foods you like to eat,... tend to associate green with nature, renewal and youthfulness, making it a fantastic... yellow to a light green, and you have a terrific neutral celery hue that can add a... little zing to a traditional kitchen. Of course green has a negative side too, as it also..."
11 Essential Herbs to Grow Right Now
"better with herbs plucked from your own backyard or windowsill pot... from an herb plant you’ve grown yourself. Herbs tie all gardeners together, whether... trips to the grocery store and cultivate a connection with nature with a few sprigs... Whether herb gardening is a summer ritual or your first edible venture, here are 11... 11 herbs we feel no gardener should fare without this summer.... happened to add some strawberries to the mix. Right outside the door. Love to pick..."
Grow Herbs for Fresh Flavor and Good Looks in the Garden
"right outside your door. Here's how to get started... But most herbs are easy to grow. They’re minimally fussy and suffer from few pests and... full-blown herb garden. Here's how to get started.... Herbs have been used throughout recorded history for a huge range of purposes: culinary... landscape plants. They can be used as part of a regular garden bed, set off as a garden... Get plants from the nursery for any empty spots in your pots or borders — or take..."
Herb Garden Essentials: How to Grow Basil
"committed to sweet basil as your herb garden mainstay, it’s worth taking a look at what... out at 1 to 1½ feet — great if you don’t want it to take up quite as much space — or... native to Asia, has become a seasoning staple in cuisines around the world. The familiar... addition to the landscape. Use the smaller varieties as a low border edging and mix... doesn't like to be babied or too wet (found this to be true), so I generally plant it in..."
Budget Gardener: 8 Easy Container Plants to Grow From Seed
"blooms and herbs in summer by starting these choice garden picks from seed in spring... how deep to plant and when to start.... of easy-to-grow flowers and herbs from seeds. Another good reason to grow container... starting to wake up. Most seeds will need to be started indoors prior to the last frost... of them to fill all those containers gets expensive. One way to combat this is starting... Be sure to follow planting instructions on the seed packets; they are a wealth of..."
Herb Gardens for Indoors and Out
"Plant a Plot or Steal Some Counterspace for a Fresh Addition to Mealtime... a few planted herbs you can clip what you need when you need it, and the rest can... bundle of herbs next time you're at the supermarket and drive to the local nursery instead... guac. Herbs make almost any meal more enjoyable. The only problem is that pretty... continue to grow in all its green glory. Whether in a sprawling garden or on a kitchen..."
Herb Garden Essentials: Grow Your Own Fragrant Lavender
"do-it-all plant is ideal for almost any garden, and its uses are abundant around the... f any plant can be said to have it all, or at least a good portion of it all, it’s... is easy to grow even outside its preferred growing conditions, is mostly pest- and... easy to harvest and use. Use fresh flowers in bouquets and to flavor ice cream,... flowers to use in wreaths, swags and arrangements or to place among clothes or in closets..."
Fix It or Not? What to Ask When Prepping Your Home for Sale
"n how to decide whether a repair is worth making before you put your house on the... When you make the decision to sell your home, it can be tricky to know which changes... questions to ask yourself before making any changes to prep your home for sale.... going in to our new home. It's easy to move in, get used to flaws, and 'not' see them... our area to our house to give us some idea of value, and for advise on how to get the..."
Front and Center Color: When to Paint Your Door Black
"depressing to come home to a black door every day-- to them I say, "Then you should not... courage to do so. We're planning to add brass hardware to make it the color look less... color to match the stone, hoping to reduce the heat. I do agree that the doors get... appeal to me too much at a distance; I prefer to look at the grain and texture of... tends to bring out the details from up close. To House of Doors...a big thank you..."
Color Feast: When to Use Purple in the Dining Room
"lavender to plum can make a dining area a treat for the eyes... tricky to work with, as it can make a space feel heavy and gloomy. It needs to be... colors to stimulate our appetites. But I think since purple is so unexpected there... the room to add warmth or shimmer. Below you'll find seven stunning examples of dining... purple hues to try in your own dining space.... I'll have to take a photo tonight to attach... I love it, and you want to make your guests..."
When to Paint Your Home Yellow
"toned to more electric and brash, yellow serves a home's exterior well. Whether... villas to the bright, almost neon palette of some 19th-century exteriors, yellow keeps... white to those most rational and platonic of home styles, such as colonial and modernist... Don't want to spend thousands having it repainted, so I'd like to go with the yellow -... mystery to me. I enjoyed coming home to my different home and did receive a lot of..."
5 Ways to Protect Yourself When Buying a Fixer-Upper
"laws seek to protect homebuyers, sellers can always claim ignorance to problems like... you have to risk getting stuck with a money pit. Here are five ways to project yourself... tweaks to its layout. Unfortunately, even seemingly straightforward projects can... we need to shop around for the proper person to help us make a decision and to negotiate... something to talk to her about so that I don't just sit on this end of the phone hemming..."
Ten Things to Consider When Choosing a Coffee Table
"section to add to the ideabook! When picking a coffee table, think about some of these... table to do for you aesthetically? Will it need to be the star of the room or do... need it to fade into the carpet? Will it bring in the only color to a neutral palette... adjacent to the table. You don't want the table to tower over the seat height of the... guaranteed to plop down sweaty drinks without coasters, you may want to stay away from wooden..."
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