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The Top 5 Ways to Save Water at Home
"track to preserving a valuable resource and saving money too with these smart, effective... According to Rea Gonzalez, a representative at the Los Angeles Department of Public Works... place to start water conservation efforts is outside. But water consumption indoors... Californians to save water at home, detailed below. Now, if we could all just organize a... water to live before California has the sense to stop building where life cannot..."
Summer Crops: How to Grow Tomatoes
"summers to the cool Pacific Northwest to the hot and humid South. But there are other... you want to return to your roots with heirloom varieties, plant one of the newer hybrids... which one to grow? There are tomatoes for every region, from Alaska with its short summers... committed to “traditional” dark red fruits, or are you intrigued by tomatoes that are... spread to 16 feet and do best with support; they produce a crop over a long season..."
How to Stage Your Kitchen for a Home Sale
"decide to replace them, don’t feel pressured to go super high end. A clean, fresh... not need to cost an arm and a leg. Here are 15 tips to prep your kitchen before you... can make to update your kitchen. Paint rather than replace cabinets, swap out hardware... would use to trek to the cat food in the laundry room. I had to clean up the kitchen... convince me to buy. After buying our first and only house, I learned that the purpose..."
Great Design Plant: Retreat to the Shade of Hardy Catalpa
"energy to maintain, but the payoff is worth it. Large, fragrant flowers cover the... cling to the branches and look like multiple exclamation points against a silhouette... I gave to a friend who loves it! Can't wait to get moved to our new place, a friend... you like to fish) but definitely NOT one you want to have close to a deck or patio.... it had to be removed. Yes, it's probably better not to plant too close to a house..."
How to Give Your Driveway and Front Walk More Curb Appeal
"they get to the front door), which makes the driveway and front walk the keys to maximizing... would have to plant to start with. We tried to use a snow blower to remove snow our first... driveway to a long sloping gravel driveway. We used to use a snow blower to clear the... moved to South Carolina where we'll only have to deal with the occasional storm that... can help to slow the entrance to a home - a great way to let visitors take in their..."
Is It Time to Consider Fake Grass?
"courses to become more common in home landscapes. I'll show you how this material can... 'escort' to remind them where they need to go but their progress has been good so far... not here to argue, I'm here to answer to the misinformation and/or questions people... happens to "fake grass" as it's exposure to sun starts to break it down. Is it bio... you have to touch them to know they are not real. My daughter is allergic to grass and..."
5 Ways to Naturally Win the Weed War
"places to reproduce and multiply, but those places tend to be right in the middle... ability to thrive. What’s a weed warrior to do?... other tips to suppress weed growth...mulch, mulch, mulch around your plants! Mulch helps... in is to pin chicken wire flat to the ground along the fence to discourage digging... gravel, to name a few. And use drip irrigation to direct water just to the plants... you want to water vs. spray which tends to water areas beyond where desired and can..."
Home Staging to Sell: The Latest Techniques That Really Work
"et up to speed on the best ways to appeal to potential buyers through accessories... planning to hire a pro or want to learn a few tricks to do it yourself, these tips will... professionals to find out what works these days, from the tried and true basics to fresh... you up to speed on the latest techniques in staging to sell.... I hate to move so much out to storage and then have to move it to the new home when... REGARDS TO PURCHASE OR NOT TO PURCHASE AND ONE SURE WAY TO KILL A DEAL ARE ANIMAL SKINS..."
How to Outsmart Backyard Critters
"Learn to think like a raccoon, skunk or squirrel to keep your home safe and your... instinct. To finish my story, I traveled to a near state where is legal to rehabilitate... I had to release that I gave up on the mesh. What to try next to stop the deer?... impossible to eradicate, and fairly easy to co-exist with. The trick it to create and... you want to try to avoid getting them to do it on your roof, I don't know if an adult..."
10 Ways to Boost Your Home's Resale Value
"were, to put it mildly, it's only natural for homeowners preparing to sell to be... of ways to up their home's value. But it simply doesn't make sense to throw money into... homeowner to do? Learn what buyers want, then start early (so you can enjoy your hard... small (to avoid excessive spending) for the best possible results. These 10 home... decided where we wanted to go next. So we really didn't want to pay to store extra..."
How to Keep Your Citrus Trees Well Fed and Healthy
"prefer to grow, they all require nutrients to grow their best and produce fruit.... citrus tree to grow in a pot, to bring in in the winter? I live in Memphis TN, where the... this is where you will see what to plant. Citrus tree care Floridians, be sure to... comes to frost. So, take care to protect it with frost cloth when temps dip below... search to find the office in your area. It will tell you how and what to plant for..."
Build a Raised Bed to Elevate Your Garden
"garden bed to house just the right mix of soils... these easy-to-follow instructions, you'll be slicing into your very own homegrown tomatoes... certain where we wanted to locate our garden --we didn't want anything permanent or... or hard to move. We loved it so much we are continuing to use it, with fresh bales... chicken wire to the bottom to protect against burrowing diners. you could stake your beds... screws to use with treated lumber. The chemicals used to make the current "safe" treated..."
Real vs. Fake: How to Choose the Right Christmas Tree
"Morrison used to love going to a tree farm and picking out a real Christmas tree with her... switch to artificial trees. "I love the artificial trees. I want one in every room... the fake to a family who can't afford to buy one. I love real trees, but after buying... sense to me to buy USA when I can. Plus they smell good! I have concrete floors so... your yard to be enjoyed for years to come. My brother lives in our old family home which..."
Finish Your Remodel Right: 10 Tasks to Check Off
"details to ensure that everything works properly and you’re all set for the future... easy to forget to nail down those key last details (like making sure everything actually... the rush to get your house back. So grab a notepad and be sure to check off these 10... seemed to be everywhere you turned are suddenly gone, it can be surprisingly easy... places to put light switches, and also think about where you might need to switch..."
Everything I Need to Know About Decorating I Learned from Downton Abbey
"Not just to see what impish shenanigans the hapless Lady Edith and perpetually constipated... O’Brien try to pull, but for the valuable decorating lessons.... tried to get everyone to join together to pave it, but we objected vehemently --... season to start to tonight! I still don't understand why we have to see it 6 months... tower to redecorate it, you might need to engage a recycling metal hauler to revitalize..."
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