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How to Fix Bare and Yellow Lawn Spots
"comes to status symbols, one feature in many neighborhoods still can outweigh the... lawn. To many people a healthy lawn shows you’re invested in making your neighborhood... place to live. (Except, of course, in areas afflicted by drought, in which case you’d... do best to avoid needless watering and embrace the beauty of brown.) There are a... lawn has to deal with these issues at one time or another. But if you reseed regularly..."
Pave the Way to Landscape Style With Flagstone
"information to get you started, but remember to always check with local experts at landscape... questions to ask when you shop for your project: How much should you get? Why all the... It's hard to do, but try not to have intersections where 4 stones meet. (Try to make... it's hard to get it to behave long-term in our extremely hot and extremely cold climate... stone is to use for a permanent wflat walkway into the house. I assume it would to have..."
9 Ways to Change Up Your Vegetable Garden for the Coming Season
"good time to think about cool-season vegetable plantings, but in addition to testing... ideas to help you get started. Crops to plant in late summer for a fall harvest... don't need to be posted to Houzz. Bring it back to the breath while meditating and you... best way to steer a conversation to the topic is to talk about the topic. Complaining... & link to it instead. These poetry posts take up way too much space to scroll through..."
20 Ways to Work White Magic in Your Yard
"never seem to go out of style. If you're looking to spruce up your property or try something... isn't hard to add a touch of white with flowers, fences and other elements for some o... style, to create a soothing backyard retreat or dress up your front yard.... going to be here soon. I wanted to ask a similar questions to Gardenarian's. So... I ache to have my garden mature to such beauty. I am in the process of recreating..."
Gardening With Kids: How to Plant Bulbs
"expertise to get flowering bulbs in the ground in fall — but kids will feel like gardening... going to make it through. Planting bulbs in fall is easy, and it's a fun project... familes come to learn to plant daffodils and crocus with the green committee and volunteers... gave one to my granddaughter who is 6 to plant in her favorite color (pink) Mine will... idea is to hide the digging site right away and also make it unattractive to dig if..."
How to Make a Stacked Stone Fire Pit
"e how to build a cozy outdoor gathering place for less than $500... difficult to find exactly what I was looking for. So in an effort to generate another... its way to fruition. But before anything was built, there were a few decisions that... that had to be made. Details such as location, size, cost and type of stone, along with... corner to sag, or a crack to develop. So dig to the frost line. A quick call to... going to move around. I don't think anyone really needs to get below frost to put..."
How to Grow Your Own Luscious Cherries
"fruit to grow. But with spectacular blossoms and pies as possibilities, cherries... beauty to your landscape and deliciousness to your dishes. Cherries are quick to produce... don’t want to do extensive pruning. Whatever cherry you decide to grow, be sure that... comparison to the other stone fruits, such as peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots... always easy to grow, especially sweet cherries. One grower describes them as suicidal —..."
6 Ways to Grow Edibles in Small Places
"these days to experiment with growing their own food and reaping the rewards of an edible... of ways to produce a wide variety of edibles in small spaces. The first step is... is to take a good look at your space and assess what resources you have available.... also key to healthy crops and should be considered when you're configuring a food garden... time/budget to build raised beds on poor soil it will work. Throwing some mulch on top..."
5 Easy Ways to Break Free of a Gardening Rut
"over, to try something different. These suggestions are meant to be manageable; no... thought to consider is allowing some of your yard to return to its natural habitat... and due to time factors and trying to downsize, I allowed an acre to just become wild... I want to source that glass and see if I can afford to add some to my landscape. Therese~... xeriscaping or where a 'real' stream isn't possible owing to maintenance or other issues ruling..."
3 Fuss-Free Ways to Garden
"simple to create a beautiful garden that won't require much (if any) care. First... you'll have to put at least a little effort in. It's inevitable with gardening — and part... also love to replace my front lawn with a rock garden, but not sure where to buy even... Tried to email you. Went to website but didnt see these. For those trying to reach... the link to the railing planter - I've been looking for something to grow some herbs..."
How to Grow Your Own Peaches and Nectarines
"good way to tell them apart. This also means that if you can grow peaches, you can grow... decided to grow peaches, nectarines or both, your decision making is over, especially... an easy-to-eat freestone? What about the semifreestone? Perhaps you want something... standard tree to a height that makes for easier picking or growing a true dwarf, some of... resect to the seasons. To be successful is what we set out to do but sometimes we..."
How to Make Your Oceanfront Garden Thrive
"will have to buy a BIG,BIG,BIG,American refrigerator to store your store bought veggies... you want to grow fruit and vegetables! I'll take the view over planting vegetables Awesome... started to read "Beachfront living is tough ...", I thought: WHAT? lol If I owned... I'd love to have this "problem". What is the pink flowered vine plant in the first... mounted to a tree. It was awesome! Rough Linen, my daughter lives in Florida on the..."
California Gardener: What to Do in July
"you want to devote to it.... fertilizing, mulching and watering. As July stretches into August and beyond, you will... deadheading, mulching, watering, weeding, staking, tip pinching and harvesting the bounty... takes to keep those flower pots looking beautiful, your veggie garden producing and... is time to define what type of gardener you are and create a garden that works for... California, is to make your garden as low maintenance and “unthirsty” as possible — with..."
Your Mini Guide to Great Garden Edges
"trenches to the skinny on bender board, to help keep your garden beds as tidy as you... grass to stay in the lawn and out of the beds and mulch to stay in the beds and off... plants, mulch, gravel, grass — so how do you keep everything neat and orderly? We want... many ways to separate, or edge, your different garden and yard areas, from inexpensive... quick to costly and involved. Here's a rundown of some of the more popular edging..."
7 Areas to Accessorize With Style
"s how to make your table, entry, mantel, bedroom and kitchen shine... afraid to try and fail and try again. Move things around, buy items (more than you... tabletop to be seen. How do they do it? Well, first off, most the rooms in professionally... images to make their homes fabulous as well. The main rule: experiment! Don't... or use. Buying accessories is one of the first and hardest parts of accessorizing a..."
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