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Your Kitchen: Where to Stash the Dish Towels
"13 Ways to Keep Them Handy and Dry... day, but where to put them seems to be a constant question. They're either too wet,... towels tend to be an afterthought when it comes to kitchen accessories. We use them every... never where you need them. This can particularly become a problem if you have a lot... pretty ones to add colour to the white kitchen. So they become a feature not an eyesore... (close to sink). P.S. Towel rack over stove is accident waiting to happen - very..."
Bath Remodeling: So, Where to Put the Toilet?
"a lot to consider: paneling, baseboards, shower door. Before you install the toilet... framers need to know where your toilet should go — whether it'll be mounted on the floor... wall and where the water supply should be positioned. If that's not complicated enough... more! Where to put the toilet in the bathroom? Don't. Aussies tend to have (generally... shower next to the toilet seems inconvenient to me. Imagine wanting to use the wc just..."
Design Dilemma: Where to Put the Flat-Screen TV?
"Placement: How to Get the Focus Off Your Technology and Back On Design... idea how to display it in a tasteful way. I don't want to make the TV a centerpiece... carpentry to take the focus off the technology and back on to the decor.... sculpture to go above the tv recess to fill in the space above it to line up with the... rspknse to the question of where to hide components, get an IR repeater which allows... Lots to ponder. I like the sliding door panels ideas if you can committ to wall..."
Tech in Design: Where to Put Your Flat-Screen TV
"info on where your flat-screen should go, how big it should be and how not to miss... 24, Lie To Me, and Brothers and Sisters, I had been consoling myself with the fact... intend to miss a single second of it. In honor of the new TV season, I have all... more ways to get your TV placement right.... don't want to do when I go outside to enjoy the outdoors is to watch TV. I suppose the... niche to get at the cables. We are putting the components inside of cabinetry to..."
Where To Put The Microwave? 14 Tips
"is kept to a minimum, while the upper cabinetry does not have to be interrupted by... appliance to place. In fact, I could write a book on placing the microwave alone. First... planned to integrate with wall cabinetry, the depth WILL be an issue, I promise. Not... prefer to find any place but this location for ergonomic and safety reasons. Think... would have to reach to the right to do so. There don't seem to be any that open in the..."
Bathroom Storage: Where to Keep the Towels
"only to make an appearance upon the arrival of visitors. Or, your hand towels are... better way to display my towels in the bathroom in an organized and stylish fashion. My... several ways to suitably sneak bathroom towels into your décor. Scroll through and say a... towels where they are easy to see... There are lots of options to do this in a decorative... objects to work as towel racks. I might have to steal the ladder idea. Cheap, simple..."
Design Dilemma: Where to Put the Media Center?
"place to put our TV is in an open area," says Houzz user joanne000. "I have tried... this link to see the rest of the question and post your ideas!... the wall where the couch currently is...the back of the couch is better to look at and... the TV to the wall with low line tv unit underneath. A console/table next to the window... in next to it, at an angle facing the tv (currently where that tall bookshelf is)... mounted to the wall where the existing couch sits. You will have plenty of room to..."
Where to Find Home Color Inspiration
"strategy is to make the process unique to you and what you like — not what others are doing... colors to use. After all, there are a million colors out there. If you like so many... easy to clean, frameless design. For a matte finish or a more traditional look,... TangoHow to Find the Right GrayHow to Find the Right BlueHow to Find the Right WhiteHow... can lead to great color choices. How to Choose the Right Yellow You can often find..."
Collect With Confidence: An Art-Buying Guide for Beginners
"speaks to you is a worthy goal, but it may seem out of reach ... and more than a little... confusing. Where do you begin? What is the difference between an original work, a lim... poster? Where do you shop for art — especially if you don't have thousands of dollars... dollars to spend on a single piece? We will tackle these questions and more in this handy... handy art-buying guide, including resources for collecting on a smaller budget...."
Simple Pleasures: 10 Ideas for a Buy-Less Month
"goal: to not buy a single thing you don’t truly need for a month. The purpose: to... Ready to give it a try? Just decide what sort of spending you want to give up and... great time to try buying only what you need for a month because of the abundance of affordable... 10 tips to make your no-buy experience a success.... opportunity to enjoy life truly. Buy once, buy well. I prefer to save and buy the best... new book to read, or a DVD to watch, or a new band to listen to. Movie night for us..."
What to Consider Before You Buy Vintage Lighting
"may call to your heart, but read this before you plunk down any cash... guide to help you shop for vintage lighting with your head as well as your heart... great tip to add? Share it in the Comments!... trips to hardware stores, and more than the $8 garage sale price, but I love my working... solution to getting a true antique - find a piece that successfully mimics the patina... From 1840 to 1940, our Online & Retail Showroom maintains Antique chandeliers and wall..."
10 Things to Consider When Buying a Sofa
"When buying a new sofa, here are some things to keep in line:... they need to last for a long time. And literally, well, they're big. They take up a lot... not want to use it! We chose to get one long cushion for the seat of the sofa, and... going to sit at the left end (for instance to watch the tv) definitely don't get... give them to my own clients! I especially LOVE vintage sofa's with pops of color or fun... nails to go with. I painted some on a chair one time and it was fab! Thanks and..."
My Houzz: 'When We Buy It, It's Forever'
"our time to buy something, but when we buy it, it’s forever.” Kempenaar and Roodnat... comes to furnishing her own home. “When you attend furniture shows in cities like... patient when buying their apartment. But Kempenaar knew they’d found the right home after... shoulders to peek into the windows at the large, open white space with high ceilings... seems to have to own at least 1 set of Eames chairs like the ones pictured here,..."
Guest Picks: Strategic Buys for a Sophisticated Reading Nook
"feeling to my living room with a few strategic buys. Follow along this decorating session... floor-to-ceiling bookcases and the distinctive smell of aged paper. They somehow... I'd love to hide away in and let my mind wander with my favorite novel characters. Alas... out how to purchase them. I would live some book frames, scrabble pillows and the unique... out how to click on them and get info:) A comfortable chair is essential, as is a..."
A Cook’s 6 Tips for Buying Kitchen Appliances
"opportunity to remodel my own kitchen, the appliance selection process was the most ti... tough to solve. But I eventually found the answers.... it used to be. Sandy, All the cookware needs to be able to have a magnet stick to... contrary to popular belief you don't have to buy expensive ones. Just stay away from... pays not to cheap out on appliances. Buy only what you need and buy the best you can... did this to avoid a problem I see often in friends' kitchens where they have to duck..."
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