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Smart Shopper: How to Choose a Dining Chair
"never had to wonder if the pieces worked together. But the results were so predictable... challenging to put together. So before you invest in a set of dining chairs, make sure... going to work with the table, the room — and even the size of your guests.... I plan to. I want to paint the chairs ivory & antique and distress them to match... chairs to be one of the hardest pieces of furniture to find, especially something..."
Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower — the Fixtures-Shopping Phase
"prior to determining the depth of the fixture, since this will allow you to see the... important to understand the basics of shower controls. What options are there? What will... hooked up to the water lines. The second part is the tile trim. Have your plumber install... relative to the size of the numbers. When we went to the hardware store to buy longer... you need to know about buying fixtures that are not made to American standards is that..."
From Queasy Colors to Killer Tables: Your Worst Decorating Mistakes
"about buying blunders, painting problems and DIY disasters... while to read 300 comments, I collected some of the most memorable tales from fellow... Houzzers to share with you. Schadenfreude alert: Some of the following stories may cause... trying to get that yellow to be opaque. Another room, I decided needed to be tomato... would like to add some advice here about buying stuff online. I used to work at a print... nowhere to leave it. When I was on the verge of tears he agreed to take it to his..."
A Handy Guide to English Antiques
"Buying and owning old furniture is more fun and interesting when you know a little... And to be a smart shopper, it’s helpful to have at least a rudimentary idea of... wondered to yourself, “Who is this Georgia guy, and why did he have a lot of furniture... be able to pick out the difference between Chippendale, Adam, Hepplewhite, Duncan Phyfe... you like to know at least approximately when those furniture periods were? For me,..."
Budget Decorator: 15 No-Cost Ways to Invigorate Your Space
"ng as buying something new — with feeling resourceful as a bonus... the itch to make some changes around the house? Before you head out shopping or hit... inspiration to see your space with fresh eyes. Let these 15 ideas spark your imagination... motivate you to see your own space anew.... unseen-to-me photos & editing. I want to add each one to my Ideabook. Now I will... forethought to only buy matching coloured items, since these are easier to keep colour..."
First Things First: How to Prioritize Home Projects
"What to do when you’re contemplating home improvements after a move and you don't... moved back to the States and bought their first home. As excited as she was to be close... Adding to the pressure, in this age of instant everything, it’s easy to think that... of us to buy a can of paint. If you are in my friend’s shoes, looking around your... close to family and settled down, she was also exhausted from the move. In her email..."
6 Easy Ways to Skillfully Hang Your Art
"Buying art or posters, or printing out pictures, is the easy part. We've all been... rule is to overcome your fears. Don't leave your art in a box for years, your walls... or next to is so important - they need to "talk" to each other Just the right time... cluttered to me. My own personal taste, if I didn't have room to spread the artwork... would be to select 3 or 4 to hang in a group, then put the others in storage and perhaps..."
Decorating 101: How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?
"plus where it’s good to splurge or scrimp... ready to decorate. Or you’ve been in your home for a while and want to give the place... you want to do it yourself. The big question is: What’s it going to cost you? There’s... take to figure out what the project might cost and where the money should be spent... expect to spend on decorating. (Trust me — I asked.) But there are steps you can take... wants to save money, right? The biggest issue is where to spend and when to hold..."
Decorating 101: How to Choose Your Colors
"Learn where to look for palette inspiration — and one commonly advised place maybe... you want to spend, your next decision is: What colors should you use?... place to start. If you have to buy furniture etc. you can almost always buy it in... going to try to find a palette suited to that to use throughout the house. I remain... hard to stick to a theme or colour for me, but this is a great article to help with... to paint a whole house I am about to move in to! As far as color scheme: How difficult..."
What to Know About Adding a Reclaimed-Wood Wall
"advice on where to put it, how to find and select wood, what it might cost and how to... reclaimed wood to your interior is a quick way to introduce warmth and texture. Used in abundance... you need to know before getting started.... Illinois to move to Oregon and my father tried to bribe me to stay on the farm by saying... key. Go to industrial safety store or where you can buy respirators and cartridges... needs to be pointed out to enthusiastic DIYers that one should carefully check out..."
How to Choose the Right Solar Lights
"lights, where to use them and why you might want to avoid the bargain bin... measure up to hardwired electric lights? And what if your yard is shady or you live somewhere... it's up to the purchaser to do some of his/her own maintenance on the product to get... areas where I don't want to go to the expense of wiring lights. engineerdude -- good... panel to send power to the 12v bulb inside the globe Nice looking home to come home..."
The Latest Info on Renovating Your Home to Sell
"about where to put your remodeling dollars for success in selling your home... planning to sell your home, the list of potential improvements to consider before staking... about how to remodel smart and small when you are prepping for sale.... disclosure to buyers. To me....cleaning/de-cluttering your home top to bottom is THE most... going to want to change stuff out to how we like it !!! (unless we amazingly find..."
House Planning: How to Set Up Your Kitchen
"Where to Put All Those Pots, Plates, Silverware, Utensils, Casseroles...... no idea where to put anything. Should the silverware go in the drawer next to the sink... people know where to put things, regardless of whether or not they've just re-done their... get back to my hometown this weekend to help my sister organize, I'll do what I can... plates go to the left of the sink, or the right of the oven? Do you put all dry foods..."
How to Build a Better Shower Curb
"installers to ensure a safe, stylish curb that keeps the water where it belongs... comes down to the ever-important curb. Understanding how to build a shower curb and what... enough to step over and look seamless, but high enough to keep water out. Many states... products to use can get complicated. But getting the curb right makes all the difference... points to keep in mind when designing a curb for your new shower...."
11 Ways to Have More Fun at Home
"always easy to come to grips with, but at least we can give one small patch of it a warm... evidence to suggest that physical, emotional and social blessings flow from looking... some ways to enhance your lifestyle and your home through the best medicine of all.... would like to know where to purchase that elephant shower curtain! Acorn the cow greets... added to our bathroom vanity. Helps me remember where I put my hairspray. This always..."
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