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How to Lay Out a Master Bedroom for Serenity
"relaxation where you need it most with this pro advice for arranging your master bedroom... family room to plan and lay out, mainly because of precisely that one big feature: the... next door to the bedroom but you have to go out of the bedroom to get to the bathroom... philosophy is to keep a bedroom purely as a place to sleep, but still to make it attractive... energy to enter rapidly and disrupt sleep. Instead move bed to a position where you..."
15 Ways to Ready a Summer Home on the Cheap
"getaway where stress goes down the drain, without sending wads of cash along with it... scrounging to pull off your dream, it may be that there isn’t much left over for actually... it’s time to make your place your own. Here are 15 budget-friendly ways (including a... splurges) to get your holiday cottage ready for summer, so you can get busy doing what’s... starting to look like a hoarder's! Ooops! To: PWBennett - where did you get your Lake..."
Denim by Design: Where the Jeans Always Fit
"Feeling to All Kinds of Spaces... seems to work. So whether your interior is a seaside cottage, eclectic mix or you... so easy to live with. Thank you for the photos to inspire. Love the look of denim!... was cool to see rooms dressed the same way. Also try white denim for upholstered pieces... and easy to clean! Love these photos. What a great inspiration! Like the idea about... moved to our new house I did a room for my grandson with denim valances lined with..."
So You Bought a Cave: 7 Ways to Open Your Home to Light
"learn to appreciate some shadows, too... when you buy a cave, which my husband and I did, inadvertently. Of course it wasn't... contributed to our home's lack of light. From the day we took possession of our home until... working to increase and maximize its natural light.... rush out to buy curtains to cover them up. Yuck. So first thing when we bought this... I did to the house was to build a sunroom. It really helped to change the character..."
So You Want to Build: 7 Steps to Create a New Home
"guide to building a new home... you want to live and where you want to be. It’s a chance for you to define your re... relationship to the world, to your family and to yourself. Creating a home is more than... you’ll want to do some research and plan your trip. You’ll want to have a sense of what... be able to go it alone, having a seasoned and experienced guide show you the way will... money just to talk to a professional, but I don't want to waste money talking to the wrong..."
4 Obstacles to Decluttering — and How to Beat Them
"wanted to get rid of them but didn’t think I ought to — that was the tension. It wasn’t... wanted to do, it was that what I wished to do conflicted with what I thought I should... the urge to travel back in time and smother my teenage self with a pillow and maybe... comes to cleaning and organization. “If reading those letters brings you down, get... you need to keep them.” Finally I called Tanner, my older brother. We laughed about..."
8 Ways to Add a Little Tradition to Your Style
"doesn't have to mean a complete redo. Get a traditional feel with these small swap-outs... be hard to know how to change to traditional without completely redecorating your entire... place where heirlooms are lovingly displayed, furniture is rich with heritage and... attended to. But if your decorating style until now has been transitional, contemporary... house to cultivate that traditional vibe, no matter what your style is right now..."
6 Steps to Get a Garden Off to a Glowing Start
"decisions to make. Where should they go? Will they clash with that bush in the side garden... going to give you a few steps to get started. Don't be overwhelmed; go step by step... that need to be made. Bring home 10 new plants from the nursery and you have 10 decisions... would have to water fairly regularly for them to do well in a desert climate, but I am... Nice way to create a garden. One important note: it is illegal to propagate (by cuttings..."
7 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster to a Younger Buyer
"appealing to their tastes, with these guidelines from an expert decorator... marketing to is one of the most important things a home stager can do. When you put... market to sell, you should know that the next owner will likely be younger than you... intent to move out. It doesn't have to be something you do to "cater" to anyone.... regards to how they want their home designed. Plus, they know where to go to get ideas..."
How to Tackle Your Home To-Dos
"things to get done around the house? When those things remain undone, they can add... add up to make a big difference in how the home looks and feels. Here you'll learn... learn how to make a thorough list of minor home improvements and find the motivation you... you need to check everything off.... tools to buy, like "pegboard, screws" as they occur to me. A second "to buy" worksheet... stuff to take back to the hardware store, baskets to put stuff in to bring it home..."
So Over Stainless in the Kitchen? 14 Reasons to Give In to Color
"clung to white and sometimes black, and sometime during the 1990s, stainless steel... started to hide the appliances, camouflaging refrigerators and dishwashers with panel... and want to make them stand out. Once only offered by a few companies, a wide range... heavy pot to the sink to drain. Truly appreciate all the color. In addition to being... Unable to come up with a differing hood solution, I went to my go to color...black..."
11 Reasons to Love Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Again
"it time to kick the hard stuff? Your feet, wallet and downstairs neighbors may be nodding... ready to embrace wall-to-wall carpeting again. In fact, I’m not sure why it fell... place to sit and play, and gives a room such a warm feeling. To be honest, for me... reasons to ditch the hard stuff in favor the softness. Let me try to convince you.... the 60's to get wall to wall to cover the wood, complete turnaround! There is a time..."
Edit Keepsakes With Confidence — What to Let Go and What to Keep
"here's how to lighten your load with no regrets... easier to hold on to something than let it go. But the reality is, things have to... you had to leave your home quickly, could you locate your most treasured (nonliving)... blessing to them or a burden? If you have a basement, a garage or an attic (and perhaps... learn how to confidently decide what is worth keeping for all time and what is not.... it's time to give it to someone ELSE to read. And I go to the LIBRARY!! When my s..."
How to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater
"things to consider when deciding if it’s time for you to switch to a tankless system... starting to come around to the idea of efficient tankless water heaters (a standard... there seem to be some growing pains in understanding how to switch from a conventional... parts to be replaced. Sixth, you used to be able to get a tax credit for up to 30%... anyone know where I can get more information or how to find the right people to talk to..."
How to Switch to an Organic Landscape Plan
"of ways to switch to an organic landscape plan. First, survey the areas and plants... be best to phase out chemicals in different places over time. Here are some ways to... supposed to indicate a poor soil growing next to weeds that are supposed to indicate... forgot to take pictures. Again! It's too much fun to garden to bother documenting... Thanks to all for the input. The temperature dropped yesterday to the point where..."
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