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Wild Gardens Bring Excitement and Beauty to Landscapes
"professionals to understand. I do hope to inspire homeowners see to beauty in the regional... trouble to maintain. I agree- work with what you have and the plants indigenous to... regional to the garden to be developed and finding value and inspiration and beauty... folks try to recreate specific plantings or aesthetics with little to no knowledge of... interesting to see that some pros would like to create interesting designs and they can't..."
How to Turn a Side Yard Into a Glorious Garden Room
"wonderful ways to design even a narrow side yard, but if the space is wide enough — measuring... say, 8 to 10 feet or more — you can practically treat it like a garden room. In a... scene to be observed from indoors. There are so many great ideas for side yard designs... sense to divide this theme into two parts. The solutions you see here are mostly... great to grow plants, plants do provide a means to absorb carbon dioxide and produce..."
Considering Wallpaper? Here's How to Get Started
"exposed to interior design via TV and the Web. Wallpaper can transform a room in ways... options to choose from today — including fabrics, grass cloth, cork, metallics and... addition to conventional paper and vinyl — the effects that can be achieved are limitless... about how to put it up so that it really is easy to get off, I'd love to hear them. I... thing is to allow chemicals to do the work -- Give it plenty of time to break down the..."
How to Grow 10 Favorite Fruit Trees at Home
"winter to enjoy fresh-off-the-tree fruit next year... you have to bend over to avoid staining your clothes; or a crisp fall apple. So it makes... the time to plant. Get around this latter problem by using your summer months to taste... trees to a smaller yard and keeping the fruit within easy picking reach. You can... will need to provide sufficient nutrients and deal with occasional, or more than occasional... going to need to net your fruit, you need to make sure your tree is small enough..."
20 Ways to Work White Magic in Your Yard
"never seem to go out of style. If you're looking to spruce up your property or try something... isn't hard to add a touch of white with flowers, fences and other elements for some o... style, to create a soothing backyard retreat or dress up your front yard.... going to be here soon. I wanted to ask a similar questions to Gardenarian's. So... I ache to have my garden mature to such beauty. I am in the process of recreating..."
Kitchen Workbook: 8 Steps to Surviving a Remodel
"doesn't have to wreak havoc on your household. Follow these tips to make the construction... ready to begin! Now comes the hard part: making do without a fully functioning kitchen... costs more to do what needs to be done. That lesson allows me to try and relax and go... hooked up to the utility sink. We put our small kitchen electrics to good use and repurposed... eating/prep to the living room. as much as possible we ate in. we were fortunate to have..."
How to Clean and Care for Your Butcher Block
"contributes to the character of the food that is prepared there. It acquires a good seasoning... merciful to knives and can be refinished countless times. Take good care of your butcher... some tips to help keep your butcher blocks and cutting boards in clean and attractive... article to share with my clients!! We use wood tops a lot to add some warmth to a kitchen... order to know how to clean it is to first know what kind of finish is on your wood..."
How to Add an Indoor or Outdoor Ramp
"they need to be purely utilitarian, though. By working with an experienced pro, you can... suited to the style of your home. And because they are safer than stairs, ramps can... feature to your home or yard below.... encouraged to continue to visit, because of the easy access to our front door. I'm in... hideous to try to move an elderly person from wheelchair to a car in the outdoors,... ound. To all the "experts" her house was ready for her to come home to being that..."
What to Shop for in Cabinet Hardware and Millwork
"cabinets to pick the options that will work best for you... that need to be made. The cabinets’ hardware and millwork will help determine how the... finished top to cabinets that don't go all the way to the ceiling. They also give you the... drawers to be 3 feet wide. This seems quite large to me. Is this a good plan in terms of... the same to the untrained eye. They work poorly and fall apart. Buy Blum or don't bother..."
Gardening With Kids: How to Plant Bulbs
"expertise to get flowering bulbs in the ground in fall — but kids will feel like gardening... going to make it through. Planting bulbs in fall is easy, and it's a fun project... familes come to learn to plant daffodils and crocus with the green committee and volunteers... gave one to my granddaughter who is 6 to plant in her favorite color (pink) Mine will... idea is to hide the digging site right away and also make it unattractive to dig if..."
8 Ways to Decorate With Love and Meaning
"is easy to do, and easy on the wallet. Here are eight creative ways to put your personal... creations to shadow boxes and old-school map displays, finding or creating unique and... trying to figure out a way to include something as a nod to the fact that I lived... wedding down to buying our first home to the arrival of our first child all tucked away... expected to pass them to the relevant kids as adults, I would write up something to do with..."
Houzz Products: Say ‘Prost’ to Oktoberfest
"the trip to Cincinnati or Munich, these picks from Houzz Products — and two party recipes... it . Where can I buy the lamp? To buy the lamp, click on the green "Buy" button... Read on to see some super cool ideas on how to host your own Oktober Fest! I love it... swivels to make those skins fly right off. The secret to amazing Wiener Schnitzel... beer down to a frosty 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and can be rolled wherever you want..."
How to Get a Pizza Oven for the Patio
"with wood to a temp of 700 to 900 degrees...i can bring my oven up to temp in about 45... it take to warm up to cooking temp? You say you take longer to warm it up in the winter... disintegrate to quickly. You'll have to do your homework to find a supplier and it's not... things to build once we upgrade the house. So many beautiful designs to choose from... agent to add next to your grill outside! Everyone loves pizza so why not have your..."
7 Things to Know About Foo Dogs
"tracing back to ancient China. If you’ve ever spied these creatures and found yourself wondering... things to know about foo dogs.... They tend to move around. I never knew! I am going to find a pair to protect my home... one to the back yard where bees took in residence. so when we moved I left that one... are tail-to-tail rather than nose-to-nose. Since they are 'facing' the viewer and not... they seem to be back-to-back? I should think they would seem more 'protective' if they..."
13 Ways to Keep the Peace With Roommates
"(you) to clean up, or brings a significant other home to stay for weeks (or months)... along to your roommates, so you can all start off on the same page.... discussion where anyone was free to say or complain about anything else to the others... comments had to listen to understand and had to let the other one speak his mind without... this blog to her. It is good for her to also hear this from a different person than her..."
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