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Be Your Own Wildflower Nursery
"ather seeds from your garden in fall, and you'll have a selection of plants for next... promoting seed propagation. I've been getting my seeds ready for fall planting and love... seed, the likelier it needs sun to germinate. I'll try getting the seeds out of... store seed correctly (google how). Oh yes , those 2 yr. old seeds are probably fine... to buy seeds fresh every year or two but I've been planting gardens with seeds I bought..."
Great Design Plants: A Bevy of Beauties from the Meadow
"crowns. Sow seeds in autumn or winter and let nature do the work of stratifying for you... Johnson Wildflower Center or Xerces Society to find native plants for your area --... rust-colored seed heads have a lovely sheen in late autumn. These plants will slowly spread... attractive seed heads. In the background here is E. purpureum, and in the foreground is..."
Want a More Colorful, Natural Garden? Try a Perennial Meadow
"“perennial meadow,” which uses the best parts of both the previous formats.... actually use seed. Over-seeding and the design of the plot discourage weeds while the natives... leaving the seed heads for the birds made me smile and repost that part on FB. I'm working... since meadows are not something they see very often and the insects and birds will... prairie meadow and large perennial bed requires so much work. The number of invasive..."
What We Can Learn From Longwood Gardens’ New Meadow
"86-acre meadow garden are lessons about sustainable gardening practices, which have... from the meadow for our own gardens? Info: Longwood Gardens is open year-round; days... these wildflowers not weeds go to seed. Those cor ten pieces would be harder to destroy... Beautiful meadow. Lots of Inspiration for our exurban lot. I wish we could support bees... loves meadows, if ever in the area visit Tyler Arboretum. I was there this past..."
10 Native Wildflowers to Beautify Your Winter Garden
"enormous: seeds and cover for wildlife, litter for overwintering butterflies and stems... mysterious seed heads, the ghostly echo of wind-rustled stalks. Let’s look at some of... native wildflowers that make a trip out to the winter garden worth putting on gloves... cheers for seeds and pods! Wild Indigo, pretty little plant. I have a few in my back... of its seed heads. In any case, even after the seeds are gone, a stand of ironweed..."
5 Prairie Wildflowers That Can Heal Your Soil
"ornamental seed heads. Bush clover prefers full sun to some shade in medium to dry soils... has fall seed heads that are ornamental, and in bare soil it will self-sow moderately..."
Great Design Plant: Meadow Blazingstar (Liatris Ligulistylis)
"bloom on meadow blazingstar (Liatris ligulistylis). I’ve come to learn it is by far... s for seeding of meadows, gardens, or prairies seems counterintuitive for pollinator... prefer* the meadow blazing star. If both are together they completely ignore the "regular"... positions on meadow blazing star. I am not making that up. Cottage -- Kids today will see... to prep meadows and gardens. This herbicide is dangerous not only to our pollinators..."
Give Your Lawn a Taste of the Wild
"trimmed meadow lawn: It’s ecofriendly, visually interesting and still good for romping... revert to a wildflower meadow, or will it just become an unkempt mess? Though wildflower... wildflower meadows are more in line with gardeners’ growing environmental concerns and urban... For a meadow look, don't mix grass seed with the clover seed. Warning, if you mow... our mini-meadow. Lol, they then objected (politely) to the mini-meadow until we explained..."
Southern California Gardener's November Checklist
"Sow wildflower seeds while ye may, give berries some love and pay attention to produce... Sow wildflower seeds in anticipation of winter rains. Choose a Western wildflower... flower seeds and make your own mix. A few showy wildflower species that do great in... Sow the seeds per the package label.• Top-dress the area with fine compost.• Keep the... through seed catalogs. Sow onions and garlic this month for harvesting next June...."
Great Design Plant: Black-Eyed Susan
"Plant seeds this fall for rich swaths of golden blooms in the garden come summer... native meadow mix. It's also a great cutting plant to add to a sweet wildflower bouquet... they seed so quickly, you will have plenty of them to transplant where ever you... love the seed-heads and so far the deer have left this plant alone. I have a hard time... midsummer; sow seeds in fall or spring. Distinguishing traits. The golden-yellow petals of..."
California Gardener's September Checklist
"lawns, wildflowers and more. Our primer covers 'em all... Sweetpea seeds! I would like to know name for of this beautiful tree with yellow foliage... slowly with wildflowers. Another California myth: Scatter some wildflowers seeds and you... spring meadow. California wildflowers are clearly wonders of nature but are not miracle... to sow wildflower seeds in November or even later, when the rains may be near. Choose..."
Unleash Your Guerilla Gardener
"some seed bombs around the yard for easy, beneficial plantings... gather seeds from my region’s native perennials. I have a little paper lunch bag for... store the seeds in. Sometimes I take a mix of six to 10 carefully selected plants, put... e for wildflowers and hang the bag out of my car window until it’s empty. I have... making seed bombs? Before we go any further, you should note that I’m not encouraging..."
Great Design Plant: Blanket Flower Brings Year-Round Cheer
"but this wildflower's drought tolerance, copious blooms and versatility draw human fans... native wildflower, blanket flower brightens America's wild places from sea to shining... save the seeds and plant them in the spring garden for blooms in the same year. Gardeners... after the wildflowers have gone to seed. I battle the deer when it comes to flowers,... let the seed heads mature, then harvest the seeds and plant them in spring for flowers..."
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