250 window sill Stories

How to Become Friends With the Kitchen Again
"in the window sill and more... to your window sill and will allow for quick access. Snipping a few leaves or sprigs..."
Architect's Toolbox: 3 Window Details That Wow
"over your windows with low sills, tall heads and deep reveals... sizes of windows, my favorites have low sills, tall heads and deep reveals. Low sills... of the window is closer to the floor line) create windows that tend to have the p... above the windows. Deep reveals (shown in the first photo below) enliven a window by... lower sills also can make a smaller room feel much larger. Tall heads (meaning the... of the window is closer to the ceiling line) provide much the same visual impact as..."
"frame of a window hits bottom, you'll find the sill... portion of a window frame adjacent to the bottom rail of the bottom sash. The sill is also... of the window assembly that extends outward from the window. On the exterior, it is... terms "sill" and "stool" are used interchangeably. This windowsill is sleek and t... This sill is beefy and matches the look of the apron.See more of this house in Santa..."
Great Solutions for Low Kitchen Windowsills
"over the window so that the bottom portion of the window becomes inaccessible. This... clean the window. Instead, think creatively. Here’s how.... moved the windows!! So many great ideas for dealing with low windows! ingenius idea... inside a window is 1/10th the lumens it is outside the window. It looks the same to... have low silled windows, no counters/cupboards and baseboard heaters. Was considering... cover the windows. A window seat would be too low and anything permanent would make..."
How to Work With Awkward Windows
"placement and window coverings to balance that problem pane, and no one will be the wiser... off-center windows come from. Often they're the result of a moved or added partition wall... butted window in the article, the windows with screens on the inside, the windows... outside your window and put a strip of artificial turf on your window sill to brighten up... as the window frame butted against the window in the corner? It should fool the eye..."
How to Get Your Window Treatment Right
"about window treatments. It must be weird seeing an overly energetic, tall designer... wall of windows mouthing “MWOH-MWUH-WUH-WUH-MWA-WAW,” then asking for a check. It may... wall of windows draped or ready to place an order with a local workroom, here’s an... looking into window treatments. I feel almost lucky that our front three windows (out of... above the window frame. In a prior life, I had a living room with a windowed door on..."
How Low Should Your Drapes Go?
"prevent window treatments from funneling the heated air into the window space instead... awing windows look silly at a cafe length only a bit longer than the windows themselves... below the window sill. It would have been nice to see that, too. I think all my radiators... below the window sill. To me they are a big no-no. If radiators (a lot of northern houses... break. Window sill height looks so fuddy-duddy to me. Unfortunately I cannot hang..."
Which Window for Your World?
"from your windows make a huge impact on the experience of being in your house... replacing some windows, you'll be confronted with a maze of window choices and options. From... and a window sill or (2) wood window casing with wood returns and a window sill.... sliding window or single/double hung window). You can also fully swing the window in... warranty. A window is a window is a window. Based upon today's advertising by many window..."
Replace vs. Restore: The Great Window Debate
"do with windows in disrepair isn't easy. This insight on the pros and cons of window... restoring his windows. He calculates that replacing his windows would have cost him $16,000... retain old windows and fix them up for energy efficiency — it prevents material from entering... that new windows may not have. But there are cons too. Pros: On the House in Progress... Restoring his windows cost him about $8,800, and he will recoup his investment in energy..."
How to Replace Window Trim
"finishing new windows or freshening the old, window trim gives a polished look with less... aluminum windows with energy-efficient double-pane vinyl windows in our kitchen nook... adorning the windows with beautiful trim. I was excited for the end result, but since... under the window sill. When I cut my trim to go under the sill I go from the outside... Replacing window trim is WAY above my skill level but I do like trim that looks crisp..."
How to Cover Windows Above a Radiator
"e the window treatments — and window treatment combinations — that can work in this... choose window treatments with those big, blocky structures in the way — especially... under windows. Before windows were made to be energy efficient, the windows of a... of one window/radiator and a sofa is in front of another window/radiator. If I pulled... across the windows and block out the cold from the windows - not the heat from the radiators..."
A New Decorating Book Celebrates Expert Style Mixing
"Stephen Sills' gift-worthy new decorating book... Stephen Sills will give your coffee table chic touch and teach you countless lessons... editing. Sills is one of America's premier interior decorators, and the book features... namely, Mr. Sills design talent ? I find his look to the point without being overdone.... Given Mr Sills' new book is probably now outselling Dan Brown's latest after this loving... speechless. Sills' interiors are works of art. I was part of his decorating staff as a..."
Guest Picks: A Whole Lotta Wonderful Window Coverings
"give your windows a polished, put-together look... every window. We’re slowly working our way through, removing blinds and finding... every window for functionality, with curtains layered over them. Curtains can add... on the window sill. Regarding the extra blind slats -- I felt giddy knowing I'm not... on the window sill. At night it looks gorgeous and no worries with an open flame.... article on window coverings for various types of window casements/trims, i.e. crank windows..."
Play the Trading Game With Kitchen Storage and Views
"between the window sill and the sink, these windows allowed the person washing dishes a... single window above the kitchen sink. Usually tiny and with a lot of space between... small windows used a minimum of wall space, allowing for the maximum amount of upper... little window and extra cabinetry at all.... small window with the sill high above the sink. While I *can* see everything when... having a window there. @writercook - Though I've not had windows like these in my kitchen..."
9 Creative Window Designs for All Kinds of Spaces
"standard windows just won't cut it, these innovative options are a breath of fresh design... double-hung windows, but what if you want something more creative? From pivoting, French... style windows to the truly different (tree trunks, garage doors), these nine window... flipped the sill closed, thus creating a window-less opening. The windows were counter-weighted... tilted window. Interesting! How do you put a screen on a center-pivot window? Or the..."
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