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DIY Fix: How to Repair a Broken Glass Door Pane
"an old window against my mudroom's old glass paneled door, I heard the heart-wrenching... glass pane? Not only did I not know where to begin, but I didn't even know where... door and window sealantPaint and paintbrushProtective gloves and goggles To ensure easy... glass pane, tape off the remaining glass with painter's tape. To remove the window... The new pane should be cut up to ⅛ inch smaller than the opening, which will allow..."
A Single-Wall Kitchen May Be the Single Best Choice
", are single-wall kitchens, where the three elements of the semisacred work triangle... efficiency of single-wall kitchens happens through the spacing and location of these three... how the single-wall kitchen relates to the rest of the house, particularly the adjacent... of the single-wall kitchen to eating and other areas requires a higher maintenance... using a single wall kitchen in the house I will be building, but I am not a neatnik..."
Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows
"common window types differ in the number of movable sashes... A single-hung window is made up of one fixed sash at the top and a movable sash at... double-hung window is made up of two sashes that travel vertically in channels independently... details a single-hung window. The top sash is fixed, while the bottom sash moves. Double-hung... Double-hung windows give you more options for altering the airflow. Single-hung windows..."
"glass in a window is known as a window pane. It can come in multiples or hang solo... In a window, a pane is a section of glass. Windows are available with single, double... triple panes. Multiple panes, which are filled with gas, increase the window's insulation... modern windows, the entire sheet within a sash. This is a single-pane window. The... A pane can be an individual square of glass or, as is most often the case with modern..."
How to Work With Awkward Windows
"placement and window coverings to balance that problem pane, and no one will be the wiser... off-center windows come from. Often they're the result of a moved or added partition wall... butted window in the article, the windows with screens on the inside, the windows... outside your window and put a strip of artificial turf on your window sill to brighten up... as the window frame butted against the window in the corner? It should fool the eye..."
Frame the View with Divided-Light Windows
"Multi-pane windows add architectural interest to rooms of any style... divide a single window sash or casement into a grid system of small panes of lights... large windows and doors. Expensive homes were often outfitted with window panes laid... divided-light window, a broken pane of glass is easier to replace than an entire window.... divided-light window, the panes of glass are separated and held by muntins — strips of wood..."
Replace Your Windows and Save Money — a How-to Guide
"out old panes for new, in this DIY project for handy homeowners... in the window department; we have only four single-paned windows to replace. The four... four old windows were a break from the new, builder-grade vinyl windows that had been... replacing windows, take a little more know-how. We took advantage of nice weather being... of our windows — just in time for our winter rains to return.... on our windows. Upstairs we are keeping the original single pane wood windows with..."
How Small Windows Help Modern Homes Stand Out
"expansive panes of glass and unbroken light, smaller windows can provide relief and focus... small windows still remain in many modern buildings. In many cases small windows... small windows against larger ones, and for some we'll go inside to see why these... room) windows are called, if they have an official architectural term. Thanks John... 'small windows' followed suit. many thanks from your fan, Kenji Interesting and beautiful..."
Single-Sloped Roofs Ramp Up Modern Homes
"called single-slope roofs. This ideabook looks at a handful of houses with shed roofs... with window coverings or use of the type of window that will become opaque with... have any window coverings for privacy. I realize you can purchase window coverings... use of a single shed roof. Here is another example accross the border in BC. In this... use of a single shed was 3 fold- to follow the topography of the landscape, to make..."
Single-Wall Galley Kitchens Catch the 'I'
"known as a single galley, is a must for some, a choice for others. If you live in an open... Removing window and placing the stove and fan there. That window offers little light... of the window. I would want to maximize the counter area between the sink and the... interior window. (there is another door into the space about 4' away) the refrigerator... - the windows and doors will be a factor in being able to add that to your kitchen..."
Single Design Moves That Can Transform an Entry
"through window or she'll stand guard and bark all day. I thought of a half window to... inches of window molding but it works. Above is a metallic spray painted hook in which... neighbors with window in door ( after all, that leaf that just blew by the door may have evil... a big window for plants) but I never felt 'observed'. However, their house was on... both her "window on the world", seeing all that goes on outside, and also her way of..."
Single Design Moves That Make the Whole Bedroom
"from the windows and tall enough to extend above them. A frame with interest and 'presence'... adjoining windows for light for it, and would "warm up" that space without being ove... by the window Loved these ideas. Confirmed my life long preference for white/cream... be the single thing, as with this imposing Chinese armoire. Even tucked into the... Again, a single color — in this case the golden yellow of the bolster and the lumbar..."
Single Design Moves That Make the Whole Dining Room
"to the window wall. Illusion or fact? If a fact, does the table get moved farther... custom window treatments embody so much great design, and they are the single item... a big single item, but imagine this room without them!More: Single Design Moves That... of that single design move as an accessory or add-on, rather than one of the primary... under the window in this dining room. Their blue upholstery provides lovely contrast..."
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