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Is It Curtains for Curtains? Smart Glass Eliminates Window Coverings
"Windows can now control light and heat through electricity and high-tech formulations... Smart windows are made with a special high-tech glass that can quickly change from... blinds and curtains. Residential smart glass is expected to cost about twice as much... heating and cooling costs, so you can theoretically recoup the added expense.... goes out and so do your windows and they have to be reset. Good idea but still need..."
How Small Windows Help Modern Homes Stand Out
"glass and unbroken light, smaller windows can provide relief and focus for modern... small windows still remain in many modern buildings. In many cases small windows... small windows against larger ones, and for some we'll go inside to see why these... relief and sometimes whimsy. The following houses present a few examples that juxtapose... 'small windows' followed suit. many thanks from your fan, Kenji Interesting and beautiful..."
Houzz Tour: Airplane Efficiency for a Minimalist Hong Kong Flat
"sliding doors, window desks — this tiny modern Chinese apartment is big on small-space... walls and adding 10 sliding doors that can transform the now-open space into a variety... kitchens and a minimalist mentality, they made their tight space feel like a spacious... before and it's very different than in North America. We have space and greenery and... space) and a bathroom. With a tiny little sauna. And I'm not a minimalist. :) As..."
Stop That Draft: 8 Ways to Keep Winter Chills Out
"stripping and door snakes? Check and check. If your house is drafty and cold in the winter... hedges and reviving the lost art of portieres to using windows with the tightest seal... informative and well written article! As a professional in the steel Window and Door... (unused) door and frame. Every window, old and new, (except the kitchen) is done, fourteen... point #7 and #8 which briefly discussed the benefits of window position and the vast..."
Architect's Toolbox: 3 Window Details That Wow
"oohs and ahs when you make over your windows with low sills, tall heads and deep... styles and sizes of windows, my favorites have low sills, tall heads and deep reveals... of the window is closer to the floor line) create windows that tend to have the p... proportions of doors. As such, they provide stronger connections between indoors and outdoors... above the windows. Deep reveals (shown in the first photo below) enliven a window by..."
The Key to Designer-Look Window Treatments
"wrong — and how to get it right... component of a window treatment relates to the other components, to the other windows and... look at a window treatment and know in my gut that it’s wrong, it’s almost always an... smallish windows and patio door look like a wall of windows. Re: fluffing draperies... newer home and have window treatments to consider, and may of the windows are tricky in... the wall and doesn't have light coming through. And part hangs in the glass and shows..."
Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light
"shades and more designed to keep out bright rays while letting stylishness in... myself and the sun. I’ve even been known to hang blankets over the windows in hotels... the bed-and-breakfast. If you sleep better in darkness, there are plenty of alternatives... look for and how to install it.... a/c unit and at night slides in front of the window. And still my bedroom is well lit... outside the window, and the light from the a/c unit and alarm clock. Alarm clocks are..."
Microunits Are Coming to NYC. See the Winning Design
"only arm-and-a-leg Manhattan rents. This plan for small prefab units opens the door... Preservation and Development launched an adAPT NYC competition to develop a building with... million one- and two-person households (comprising more than 20 percent of its 8.4 million... one-bedroom and studio apartments. Furthermore, the current zoning code restricts the size... apartments and their density (number of units per lot), making it impossible to build..."
Houzz Tour: Elbow Grease and Steel Create a Modern Texas Farmhouse
"designer and general contractor to build a one-of-a-kind home on a budget... addition, and all we have to do is cut a hole in the Sheetrock and install a door without... contractor and steel fabricator all in one. And his wife, Holly, a wildlife preservationist... an up-and-coming neighborhood of Austin, Texas, he quickly has to explain that the... do that and take a year out of your life, you can do it for the same price. Sure, you’ll..."
Old Doors, New Charm
"vintage door into wall art, sliders, cabinet doors, garden gates and more... case of doors, there are motifs and intricate mouldings that are expensive to make... paint and sanding to bring old doors back to life. A look a the following ideas... pantry door. Those pantry doors are fabulous! I have a pair of double Dutch doors... for a door for my kitchen pantry too! We restored a vintage door and added an old... them out and show them off somehow! INSPIRATION!! Old doors, old shutters...the po..."
House Hunting? Look Carefully at the Light
"sider windows, skylights and the sun in any potential home, lest you end up facing... husband and I bought. If there had been a category on Facebook for posting the status... yards and many gardens, surrounded by lovely woods. It was close to my husband's... office and in a fantastic school district. Most important of all: We could afford... ceiling windows, french doors, and clerestory windows in every room of our Cliff May..."
10 Extraordinary Door Designs
"Ping Pong Door, Bookcase Door and More... of the door to the next level. Going beyond painting doors in bright hues, they have... of the door. As these clever products demonstrate, a door can be much more than the... entrance and exit to your home — it can make a big and bold statement about the character... often, the door becomes an abandoned product in our home. Chock full of potential for... individuality and flair, it's just one of those things we tend to think of solely as a functional..."
9 Ways to Configure Your Cabinets for Comfort
"height and door style — or no door at all... type, door style, hardware and more. I hate to add to your list of selections to... comfortable and efficient workspace for you and your family.... you use and wash constantly and look lovely on display. And even then, I wouldn't... dishware and glasses. Wehave soft close dampers on all drawers and doors. Never have... freezer, and a stainless work table. And I love that I can close the door on it and..."
Solve Privacy Problems With Window Film
"light in and keep prying eyes out with an inexpensive and decorative window film you... keep some window shades open to take advantage of the cheerful light and long days. But... consider window films — summer's version of storm windows, in a way. But instead of... leaks, window films stop passersby from peeking in. Light-filtering films allow... energy. And films with fun geometric patterns have a design benefit, too...."
Charming Window Style Hinges on Hoppers
"bottom and opening at the top, hopper windows are a great choice for bathrooms, basements... hopper window, a sibling of sorts to the awning. Hopper and awning windows are members... casement windows are side hung, awnings and hoppers are top and bottom hinged. The hopper... hopper window in particular is hinged on the bottom and opens inward from the top... awning windows for an upcoming project at our family lake home, I learned of the hopper..."
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