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Make Your Roses Even More Beautiful With These Companion Plants
"urish your rosebushes and create a visual feast with these 7 classic and unexpected... plants for your roses, opt for ones that have the same sun and water requirements first... 3 new roses yesterday. For more tropical gardeners, plumeria trees and roses benefit... beds with roses or around roses will help prevent deer from getting to them. I like the... hostas & roses - most hostas generally tolerate a lot less sun than roses require. Just..."
Roses and Rosettes in Your Home Design
"white roses, yellow roses or dyed roses to add different moods to the space when... Live roses bring their fragrance and flowering beauty to your yard or a vase inside... inside of your home. Rose designs on pillows and art pieces bring a burst of prettiness... femininity to your home. Roses are great pieces to add to home design in part because of... out with roses to create a unique pattern or look for your house. In other words,..."
Expert Pruning Secrets for Exquisite Roses
"prune your rosebush in winter for health and shape... back the roses. While gardeners may share different insights on the art of rose pruning... armed in your toughest clothes and sharpened pruners for the annual task of cutting... While roses’ winter dormancy persists, it’s time to prune, ensuring a prolific bloom... County Rose Society in California and an ardent rosarian since 1994, considers this... award-winning roses. Most of her January days are spent outside, pruning and tidying her..."
5 Favorite Yellow Roses for a Joyful Garden
"name of your garden game when you order your roses sunny side up... yellow roses can brighten and warm any corner of a garden. Yellow roses signify joy... colors. If you're a rose aficionado that also believes in using NO POISONS in your green... isn't a rose. I love Graham Thomas since seeing the rose garden at Mottisfont Abbey... look for roses that grow well in your area so that they can be grown without harmful..."
Groom Your Rooms With Kentucky Derby Decor
"for the roses! Celebrate the Kentucky Derby at home with decorative touches that evoke... style to your home. Long after the winner's rose garland has wilted, you'll remain at... for the roses and the lucky winner is draped with the garland, rose bouquets tucked... they bear your monogram in a well-mannered script. OK, so it's from a horse show and... around your house will add to the festive air. This one looks right at home amid a..."
Simple Pleasures: Your Home Is Your Château
"elegance into your daily life with these 8 ideas... can’t your home be your château? Why not do what you can to make daily life a bit... that. Your life — and your home — will be the richer for it.... this! Your home is your sanctuary ! What ever it is, to you is most important. I... jjasper for your comment s, especially buying the house a present at Christmas! Made me... smell the roses and to do things that fill my days with joy and satisfaction. So...each..."
Your "first meeting" with your house to be
"How was YOUR first meeting with your house to be? Share your stories (and photos!)... impact on your decision. For us- it was eventually the house's location and layout that... below for your chance to win a $100 Lowe's gift card. Comments are accepted until Sunday... Woodrow Rose Manor and in time, we hope that this home will grace our community with..."
Roses: Crowning Touch of Gardens
"approach, roses can be a winning addition to your landscape... ether you're the Miss or Mister America of gardening or take a hands-off approach... classic rose. Add the fragrance of old English roses and you have a combination that... news: All roses are not created alike. If you need a low-hassle rose, try rugosas. Do... Austin rose climbing overhead in your outdoor room.... problem? Roses can be hard to grow. Some are susceptible to many pests and diseases..."
5 Favorite White Roses for a Purely Beautiful Garden
"does your garden glow? With roses that look like light and smell divine... Whether you're looking for a climbing rose to enhance your pergola or a deliciously... flank your entryway, white roses are a classic choice.... white roses — they are cool and elegant, and instantly add class to any garden. In... white roses symbolize sincerity, purity and chastity. They also indicate innocence... here so roses are on their own. Beautiful roses! I have the Winchester Cathedral and..."
6 Wonderfully Easy Roses for Any Gardener
"even if you're just starting out, with these low-maintenance gems of the rose world... lling roses "easy" may seem like an oxymoron, but there truly are some varieties... Many roses are susceptible to black spot, aphids and fungal diseases and need a... these roses scoff at all that nonsense. Take a look at these easy-care beauties and... Gshneider, your patio is beautiful. Roses grow inside too! Roses are always a good choice..."
6 Captivating Roses for an Alluringly Fragrant Garden
"rfume your garden with aromas from richly spicy to lightly sweet, without sacrificing... Aren't all roses fragrant? And don't they all just smell like ... roses? The answer to... Some roses lack any kind of fragrance altogether, and the ones that are fragrant... in the rose world. Here are six kinds of scents you can find and flowers that deliver;... hybrid tea roses when you mention roses. There are so many different types of roses and..."
5 Red Roses to Stir Garden Passions
"Show your devotion to color, scent and more with these regal landscape beauties... Now that you're all in love with this rose, here are some of the standouts you should... a red rose? This timeless classic signifies love, passion and courage — and the number... of red roses sends a message as well. One shows love, a dozen signifies gratitude... standard rose (tree form) but Scarlet Meidiland is typically a ground cover rose...."
How to Grow a Rose Garden in Pots
"come up roses, even without a plot of soil in sight. This step-by-step guide to growing... growing roses in containers shows you how... even for roses. While potted roses have additional watering and fertilizing requirements... growing a rose container garden easier.... you keep your roses healthy during the winter? I planted a rose in a container/pot last... protection for your roses.. I have tried this and it works pretty well, they the roses will..."
Etsy Designers at Home: Jessica Rose from vol25
"Jessica Rose, thank you so much for opening your home (and your shop) to the Houzz... about your "first meeting" with your house Our first meeting was definitely memorable... When your done take inventory of your ideas. Keep the ones that really get you excited... Jessica Rose through her Etsy store, vol 25 - and it was totally love at first sight... Jessica Rose's art is sweet and cute without being overly cutesy. Perfect for kids..."
How to Grow Your Own Sweet Summer Crops
"planting your first seeds. Related Houzz guides: How to grow the top summer crops,... smell your roses, and realize you're still in bed at 4 am and there's no real threat... specific to your area. 3. Select your seeds, soil, fertilizer and plants at a local,... "Marking your turf" only works if you're a meat-eater, and it works for a while, but... checking out your site!! :) @Steve, i DID just learn from your site that my cilantro, (which..."
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