4 Ideabooks by MFAMB aka Jenny

Guest Picks: Set Your Table Dutch-Master Style
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Not sure what direction to go with your Thanksgiving table this year? Leave the fall foliage, pumpkin tureens, chestnuts and iron squirrel candle holders alone, and turn instead to the distinctive, light, rich saturation and still-life ephemera of a Dutch...
Guest Picks: The Perfect Bath Experience
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I like baths. They make me feel like a romantic lady from romantic lady times. Plus, afterwards I feel clean and smell like things a lady should smell like, such as fancy roses and pure awesome — not dirt and dried hummus. And with the temperatures...
Guest Picks: Modern Cabin Decor
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Hey guess what? It's almost fall! And I can't wait to head on up to my cabin in the Georgia mountains! Okay, no... sorry, I do not actually have a cabin anywhere. I don't even own my own house. BUT! If I did, I can assure you it would be super-deluxe...
Guest Picks: 20 Sconces for Under $100
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First of all, allow myself to introduce myself. My name is Jenny, aka MFAMB, and I like wine. I write a blog called My Favorite And My Best. It's a design/lifestyle/dumb blog and I use bad words on it sometimes (a lot of times). I have had to clean this...
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