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Mid-Atlantic Gardener's August Checklist
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If you thought July was hot, you had better buckle down before August is full steam ahead. The steamy temperatures and blazing sun aren’t going anywhere, and your plants are either showing off or slowing down. It’s time to get ready for the fall...
Bring on the Birds: Natural Habitat Ideas for Gardens of All Sizes
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I recently traveled to Costa Rica, and I was immediately struck by the amount of birds fluttering around in the treetops from dawn until dusk. We took many jungle hikes and enjoyed private gardens, all of which offered various habitats for the birds....
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Mid-Atlantic Gardener's November Checklist
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November in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. is a time to wrap up gardening for a while, finish up those lingering to-dos and start enjoying cozy fires and seed catalogs indoors. It is also time to start thinking ahead and prepping for next year....
Mid-Atlantic Gardener: What to Do in July
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July brings steamy temperatures, less rain and plenty of blooms here in the Mid-Atlantic. This month begins the harvesting of various fruits, vegetables, herbs and even...
Gussy Up Your Garden Shed
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I don't know about you, but I can't help but collect beautiful things when I find them selling for cheap. The only problem: Many of these things just don't fit in with my home's decor. If you have the same problem, treat your garden to these pieces...
Garden Musts for May
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The trees are leafing out, the flowers are blooming, the rains are finishing up and the mercury is rising. May is a glorious, busy month in the garden. Break out your clippers and snip arrangements to brighten your interiors, and keep an eye out for...
Mid-Atlantic Gardener's March Checklist
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March in the Mid-Atlantic is all about the hunt! Every morning I step outside my front door and am amazed at what has changed at ground level. Look closely this month, peeking under those dried leaves and crusty mulch, and you will be surprised at the...
7 Homes Brimming With Modern Cottage Character
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Classic and cute, the typical cottage has been part of our design vernacular for years. As far back as medieval England and cemented in American design from coast to coast, a cottage signifies a cozy home. It is a smaller space, without pretense and...
Mid-Atlantic Gardener's February Checklist
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February in the Mid-Atlantic is when winter really shows up. It is icy and cold, and the snow blows in drifts, then for a few days there is a break and the whole earth thaws. Of course, that means, slushy, muddy gardens and sad, waterlogged plants....
Line Up for Intriguing Horizontal Elements in Design
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A horizontal line might be the very first line humans were aware of. As our ancestors watched the sun set over a flat, straight horizon, they were introduced to a classic design motif that never gets old. Let's look at some new ways designers are accenting...
5 Ways to Go Bold With (Almost) All White
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You've heard it all before. Add color for punch! Give your space life with color, color, color! White is boring! Though the sentiments may be true for many, there is always a place for white. White is refreshing, relaxing and the classic perfect...
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