25 Ideabooks by Andrika King

Guest Picks: Simple to Stunning Kids' Tepees and Tents
20 photos
Every child would love a tent or tepee in their room or playroom. Fulfill your child's wishes with a stylish tent that would actually look good in your home. Here are a few of my favorites available on the market. — Andrika from Nursery...
Guest Picks: Top Mirrors Under $600
22 photos
I think that almost every room should have a mirror or a mirrored surface somewhere. They are not only decorative, but also functional in two ways: They let you check yourself out, and they reflect light and make a room seem bigger. Here are a few of...
Guest Picks: Pink & Purple Trend in Girls' Rooms
21 photos
Pink is a common choice for girls' rooms, but why not spice up the design and pair it with lavender and purple? Believe it or not, the combination can actually create a more sophisticated and layered room. Here are a few top choices for the perfect girls'...
Guest Picks: Cabin-Inspired Kids' Decor
21 photos
Snow is falling, so why not cozy up with some cabin-inspired decor for your child's room? I've found some great looks for any mountain house, modern or traditional. — Andrika from Nursery Notations...
Guest Picks: Stylish Blankets for Kids
24 photos
Now that the weather has officially turned, it is time to warm up with an extra layer of blankets on your child's bed. Here are a few of my tried-and-true favorites. — Andrika from Nursery Notations...
Guest Picks: Affordable Kids' Prints
22 photos
Putting up interesting artwork is the easiest thing that you can do to decorate a child's room. My suggestion is to either create a gallery wall of different prints in varying sizes or have oversize prints made of your favorite prints. Most Etsy artists...
Guest Picks: 25 Delightful Daybeds
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Daybeds are wonderful pieces of furniture to use in smaller-scale children's rooms and playrooms because they are designed to lie flat against a wall, opening up floor space. Additionally, most daybeds have room underneath for extra storage or a trundle...
Guest Picks: Live Large in the Land of Legos
21 photos
Thanks to a recent trip to Legoland with my family, my son and I are now obsessed with Legos. First, you need a creative and organizational way to store them. And second, if your child really does love playing with them, why not bring them into the decor...
Guest Picks: Tree Decals
19 photos
Decals are an easy way to decorate a wall without spending a fortune. Tree decals are one of my favorites to use in children's rooms as they can be whimsical or realistic and bring a sense of nature into a room. — Andrika from Nursery...
Guest Picks: Wallpaper for Kids
29 photos
I'm loving the return of wallpaper in children's decor. Yes, wallpaper can be a little pricey once you purchase it and have it installed, but consider it instant artwork. You literally don't need to put up anything else on the wall, except for maybe...
Guest Picks: Suzani for Kids
25 photos
The suzani textile pattern is now making its way into children's decor. It has an ethnic vibe that can be translated into traditional, eclectic and modern interiors suitable for both boys and girls. — Andrika from Nursery...
Guest Picks: Chevron for Children
26 photos
Chevron is all the rage, and I think the pattern is here to stay for a while. This classical graphic pattern is getting an updated push with new color combinations that make it suitable for children's rooms. It is seen everywhere from rugs to bedding...
Guest Picks: Pirate-Inspired
21 photos
Most boys become obsessed with pirates, cars or dinosaurs between the ages of two and three. Although designing a room in a complete theme is passé, it is fun to add whimsical elements with your children's favorite items or colors into the decor to...
Guest Picks: Table Lamps for Kids' Rooms
21 photos
Lamps for children's rooms should be affordable yet make a statement. Have some fun with the shape, color or shade. — Andrika from Nursery Notations
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