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Guest Picks: Add a Little Patina to Your Decor
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I think the most interesting home interiors have a mix of new and old. Those older, vintage items add so much personality and warmth to a home. Here are a few of my picks for adding a little vintage flair to your space. — Donna from A...
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Guest Picks: Sticks and Stones
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Sticks and stones might not always break your bones, but they will always look great as decor in your home. As a savvy Houzz follower, you’ve probably noticed a big trend towards natural, organic elements. Check out these natural sticks and stones...
Guest Picks: Heavy Metal: Add a New Element to Your Decor
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I love fresh interiors, something that’s just a little departure from the traditional. I’m looking to add a few new pieces to my own home, concentrating on furniture and decorative accents made from metal and iron that will kick up my existing decor....
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Guest Picks: Fresh Flatware
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When you pulled out your flatware at Thanksgiving, did it look a little dowdy? I know mine did. Whenever we have folks over for a meal, I spend time sorting through my pieces: the worn ones go to the back of the drawer, and the fresher pieces go out on...
Guest Picks: Fun With Magazine and Newspapers Holders
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I am just finishing up furnishing my husband's new office space, but it's still missing a few small pieces. One of which is a newspaper and magazine holder that will sit between two high-backed chairs in the lobby. I've found that a few key accessory...
Guest Picks: Desks
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Whether you have a dedicated office space in your home or are forced to carve out a workspace in your den or living room, your desk is the workhorse of your office area. I've picked a few of my favorites from around the web for your consideration. —...
Guest Picks: The Elegant Look of Black Garden Accents
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I'm nuts over touches of black in the garden. Black garden accents have a quiet sophistication that allow your plants and flowers to be the stars of your space. Whether it's a large piece of furniture or a small planter, I'll choose black for my outdoor...
Guest Picks: Lucite and Acrylic Furniture and Accessories
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If I have one decorating goal for my home, it's to update my traditional look with more unusual and youthful furniture pieces. And to do that, I am seriously looking at a few clear acrylic or Lucite pieces. They are fun, fresh and available in a range...
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