5 Ideabooks by Artesano Copper Sinks

How to Ensure the Authenticity of Copper Sinks
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Copper is one of the most preferred cookware metals because of its antibacterial property. Compared to stainless steel and porcelain, germs such as E Coli get killed earlier in a vessel made from copper. In fact, in the case of stainless steel or porcelain...
Sink Installation Types and Maintenance Tips
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These days, you can choose from several types of sinks, andthe decision about the type to install in your home depends on your personalpreference. However, in all cases, it is advisable that you take the help of a professionalwho has in-depth understanding...
The Future of Copper Bathroom Sinks and other Fixtures
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America and copper share a glorious past, and in fact have a 10,000-year history together. This relation has greatly contributed towards laying the foundation of a bright future for the country. In fact, it’s believed that in the years to come, bathroom...
Get Copper Bath Tubs for Cleanliness and Other Benefits
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Copper can bring about several positive changes in your home, both in terms of décor and hygiene. That’s because copper not only adds a warm aesthetic appeal to your home, but also lets you benefit from its antimicrobial properties. So, in case you...
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