13 Ideabooks by Bekka Palmer

Guest Picks: It's Time to go Outside
20 photos
It's finally warming up enough outside to spend more time outdoors. I've collected some of my favorite products for outdoor entertaining in spaces large and small. — Bekka from Bekka Palmer
Guest Picks: It's in the Details
18 photos
I love items with that extra little detail that makes them special. This is a collection of things with that extra pop of color or that one extra element that makes them better than your average home items. — Bekka from Bekka...
Guest Picks: Wild and Wonderful Words for Your Home
21 photos
You can use these wordy objects to add some personality to any room. Some things go well in the kitchen, while others are best in the bedroom or even in your bathroom. — Bekka from Bekka Palmer
Guest Picks: Have a Party!
20 photos
Decorating for a party doesn't have to be expensive. Throw in a few higher-price items with a plethora of fun paper and plastic things, and you can have a perfectly decorated party! — Bekka from Bekka Palmer...
Guest Picks: Bright Into Fall
20 photos
Fluorescents and other super bright colors are trending right now. Make minor updates to a few pieces in your home for now, and when the trend dies down, you won't have spent an arm and a leg on neon pink furniture! — Bekka from Bekka...
Guest Picks: Made With Love
20 photos
Most people's favorite home items are not their most expensive or designer pieces, but the ones that have a story. This ideabook is dedicated to handmade and vintage items made with love. — Bekka from Minted...
Guest Picks: A Well-Adorned Office
20 photos
Every office needs a few fun things in addition to lots of functional items. — Bekka from Minted Condition
Guest Picks: Green!
20 photos
I love the color green. It reminds me of summer and freshly-cut grass. This ideabook showcases some of my favorite summertime (and some all-the-time) products in my favorite hue. — Bekka from Minted Condition...
Guest Picks: Colorful Kitchen
20 photos
Every kitchen needs some color. Choose a few (or all) of the items in Guest Picks: Colorful Kitchen to add a little color to yours. — Bekka from Minted Condition
Guest Picks: All That's Gold
20 photos
Spring is just around the corner and it's time to get ready for sunshine. What better way to welcome the sun than with gold accessories around your home? — Bekka From Minted Condition
Guest Picks: Couch Time
20 photos
I am on the hunt for a new sofa, so I'm compiling my favorites to find the perfect balance between style and price. — Bekka from Minted Condition
Guest Picks: Cozy Up
21 photos
Because it's almost the middle of winter, I made this ideabook all about ways to get cozy. It's the time of year to snuggle up with a blanket and a book, or invite some friends for hot cocoa. These items will help you make a living room, dining room or...
Guest Picks: Brighten Your Winter
20 photos
When winter gets bleak, it's easy to lock yourself in your home and never want to leave. You can brighten up your indoor space with some fun accents to bring a little sunshine to your winter home. — Bekka from Minted...
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