28 Ideabooks by Bicultural Mama

Guest Picks: 20 Terrific Space-Saving Dining Sets
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Whether you live in a compact apartment or just have a house with a small kitchen, finding furniture that does not overwhelm a tight space can prove challenging. And it’s even harder to find something that can accommodate more than two or three chairs....
Guest Picks: 20 Hello Kitty Decor Ideas for the Ultimate Fan
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Whether your Hello Kitty fan is 3 or 13 years old, they’ll love these 20 Hello Kitty decor ideas. They’re great for the bedroom, playroom or office. You can never have too much Hello Kitty! — Maria from Bicultural...
Guest Picks: 20 Toddler Beds Your Child Will Love
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When your little one is too big for a crib but not quite ready for a real bed, it’s time to consider a toddler bed. It’s just the right size for young children and low enough to the ground so that falling out in the middle of the night won’t cause...
Guest Picks: 20 Doll and Accessories Storage Ideas
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Whether your child has just one doll or is an avid collector, these doll and accessories storage ideas keep everything neat and tidy. Many of these also serve as a fun way for girls to tuck their dolls away at night. — Maria from Bicultural...
Guest Picks: 20 Too-Cute Headboards for Kids
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Looking to jazz up your kids' bedrooms? Try changing the headboard! They can really bring a stylish pop of personality into the bedroom. Here are 20 too-cute options for kids. — Maria from Bicultural Mama...
Guest Picks: 20 Stylish and Practical Desks for Kids
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A desk specifically for your child gives them their own dedicated area to do artwork, reading and homework. Find inspiration for the best desk for your little one from these 20 picks. — Maria from Bicultural...
Guest Picks: 20 Cute and Functional Seats for Kids
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To little kids everything is too big, and it can be frustrating. Make them feel special by giving them their very own seat that's made specially in their size. The seat can be used as a reading spot, eating chair or just a place to relax. Here are 20...
Guest Picks: 20 Super Cute Jewerly Organizers for Girls
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Little girls love to mimic mama, and that includes wearing jewelry. If your little one has an ample collection but no way to organize all of the pieces, then check out these 20 super cute jewelry organizers for kids. — Maria from Bicultural...
Guest Picks: 19 Shoe Storage Solutions for Kids
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If you have kids, there are probably a lot of loose shoes scattered on the floor. It's especially tough to keep pairs together when the kids are on the go. Help things along by creating shoe storage solutions. No more tripping over little shoes! —...
Guest Picks: 20 Ways to Store Baby Items and Reclaim Your Space
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Having a baby means having lots and lots of baby items. From strollers and swings to toys and diapers, all of these things take up space. Reclaim your space by finding storage solutions that are innovative and smart. While reading this, you'll be thinking,...
Guest Picks: 20 Fabulous Dollhouses
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Dollhouses come in all shape and sizes, but one thing is for sure: They can provide hours of fun for kids. Some dollhouses are so large and intricate that they can act as a focal point in a room. Others are small, portable and meant be tucked away into...
Guest Picks: 20 Ways to Organize Kids' Art Supplies
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You want to encourage creativity in your kids, but sometimes all of those art supplies can be overwhelming. Finding loose markers, scissors, glue sticks, crayons and more all over your house can drive you batty. It's time to take control. Here are 20...
Guest Picks: 20 Fun Ways to Store Bath Toys
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Kids are notorious for having tons of bath toys. The problem? They end up all over the tub or bathroom. All those toys need a storage option that allows them to dry easily to prevent mildew growth, and you need something large enough to hold plenty of...
Guest Picks: 20 Ways to Create a Magical Fairy-Themed Bedroom
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When it comes to creating a magical fairy-themed bedroom, it's all in the details. Find items big and small to transform a plain room into a whimsical fairyland for girls who dream of fluttering wings and pixie dust. — Maria from Bicultural...
Guest Picks: 20 Stylish Ways to Keep Kids Cozy
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Quilts, blankets and duvets not only add style to bedrooms, but also function as a way to keep kids warm at night. Whether you have a baby or a teen, these ideas can transform the look of a room while keeping little ones cozy. — Maria from
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