5 Ideabooks by Brilliant! Lighting & Design

Lights: Clusters and Groupings
40 photos
Clusters of light. Grouping small pendants can have a big impact in a space. Whether aligned or at varied levels, these will dress to impress!
Beauty, eh?
13 photos
Here are things that resonate with me, that make me smile, that I enjoy for sheer beauty...
Lights to find a home for...
53 photos
Extraordinary lighting that we've come across that we'd love to incorporate in one of our next designs... Any takers? Representing a variety of styles, with wood veneers, silk, glass & metals, and each beautiful to behold, lit or not. Luckily,...
Layers of Light
10 photos
We work in Layers of Light. We create the layers to offer options in how a space looks, how it can be used, and how the light is controlled.
Night Light Ideas
34 photos
In the search for interesting nightlights... something to provide enough light so parents can check in, without being obtrusive, with enough visual interest or dynamic quality to keep as kids grow.
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