222 Ideabooks by Bud Dietrich, AIA

Reflect on This: 6 Waterside Homes Gaze in the Looking Glass
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There's this story about the building of the Taj Mahal. It seems that Shah Jahan not only built a white palace for Mumtaz Mahal, but he also was building a black one as his final resting place. As the story goes, construction of the black one stopped...
Plan Your Home Remodel: The Interior Renovation Phase
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Follow the progress of Mike and Leann Rowe of Lutz, Florida, as they renovate a 1970s-era ranch house in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Over the past few months, we've shown how they found...
Belt Line
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In architecture a belt line is a horizontal exterior trim element that wraps around a building. The belt line helps organize a home design's exterior into zones and creates a reference line for the placement of windows and other architectural elements. While...
Home Building: The Case for Cautious Optimism
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Question: What do you get when you put the chairman of the Federal Reserve and a few thousand home builders in the same room? Answer: A strong sense that there still are a whole lot of gray clouds, but some silver linings beginning to peek...
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Face Frame
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A cabinet is essentially a six-sided box that has two sides plus a top, bottom, back and front. A face frame is typically the front of a framed cabinet and is attached to the cabinet carcass (top, bottom, sides and back). A face frame provides strength...
Water Table
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A water table is an architectural element at the base of a building; its purpose is to direct water away from the building's foundation. A water table is typically curved or has a similar shape that enables it to direct water away. A water table...
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An oculus was originally a round opening at the center of a dome designed to bring light from above into a space. The most famous oculus is at the Pantheon in Rome. Since then "oculus" also has come to mean any round opening in a ceiling. One of the...
It Takes a Village: 2 Homes Made of Multiple Structures
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While most people want to build a home that is all under one roof, there are times when building the home as a series of connected or freestanding pavilions is desirable. Maybe the home serves multiple generations or must accommodate an ever-changing...
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No home exists without a context, which is simply the surrounding setting. The context can be urban, suburban, rural, mountainous, prairie or some other kind of environment. In many ways the context for a home can drive the overall design approach....
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A piloti is a particular type of thin column that supports a building by lifting the building above the ground plane. A building constructed using pilotis tends to be visually light and have a transient quality, because the pilotis lift up the main architectural...
What's the Big Idea? In Architecture, It's the Parti Pris
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The term "parti pris," usually shortened to "parti," literally translates as "departure point," but in architect lingo it most often refers to...
Architect Lingo Decoded for the Average Homeowner
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As with any profession, architecture has its own jargon — words even the most experienced layperson may not understand. Here are a few translations. And believe me, there could be a lot more.
Saving Grace: Reconstruction Rescues a Michigan Barn
13 photos
One of the first pieces I wrote for Houzz had to do with my love of barns. Barns are just wonderful structures. A renovated barn is old and full...
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An oriel, or oriel window, is a type of bay window that is located at an upper floor of a building. An oriel projects from and is attached...
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