14 Ideabooks by Rooms and Words

Guest Picks: Hanukkah Party Hosting Gems
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Everyone has a favorite holiday that they look forward to. Mine is Hanukkah, hands down. And when I think about Hanukkah, I think of my grandmother's legendary Hanukkah parties: evenings bubbling with family, conversation, gelt (the traditional holiday...
Guest Picks: 22 Essential Picks for a Happy and Functional Home Office
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I've been working from home for almost six years now. After four years of spending the better part of the day at the dining table (with my laptop, not lunch), I felt especially grateful when I moved and got my own home office. Here are some products that...
Guest Picks: 21 Seats That Work as Extras
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If you're anything like me, you're always on the lookout for pretty and functional extra seating. I'm in just a family of three, but there's always a need for a place for guests to sit in the living room, or somewhere for a client, a spouse or even my...
Guest Picks: The All-In-One Bedroom
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I feel like more and more, the so-called borders (or just plain walls) between different rooms and their uses are disappearing. I like to sometimes work (or check Twitter) from my bedroom, but I also use the space to get dressed, sleep and play with my...
Guest Picks: Accessorize Your Kitchen for Summer
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I love my white kitchen for its sleek modern lines and the fact that it's the perfect blank slate for styling and accessorizing. This summer I'm trying to bring the sun into my not-too-sunny kitchen with fun, bright props. — Chedva from Rooms...
Guest Picks: The Perfect Throw
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A throw may seem like it belongs in winter, but as the days get warmer and duvets seem less and less functional, a good throw will fill so many functions. This summer I'm looking forward to cuddling up with a throw while reading at the beach after sunset,...
Guest Picks: The Unisex Nursery
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It almost seems like blue and pink are the only colors on this planet when it comes to babies, but even if you don't mind the gender stigma, there are so many beautiful colors that don't get enough attention in nursery design: peach, orange, yellow, green,...
Guest Picks: Ice Cream Tones
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We recently got hit with a heat wave in my area, which instantly made me long for the cooling effect of delicious ice cream. This year, my craving also happens to be one of the strongest fashion trends of the season, with the cold treat's soft hues cropping...
Ecofriendly Fabrics Make the Cut
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I always strive to make my home more sustainable and ecofriendly, but every year around Earth Day, I'm reminded to pay more attention to the environmental impact of my decor choices. I hope you can all gather ideas below for choosing ecofriendly fabric...
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Pin Down a Fabric for Your Couch
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So you've seen a couch that you've liked on Houzz, or maybe you're lusting after a piece in your favorite furniture store. But now you're wondering: Will the fabric be durable? Will it blend in with your design style? Will it stand out just enough? Luckily,...
Block-Printed Textiles Add Solid Style
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Lately it seems like you can't turn your head without finding a trend alert or a fabric line inspired by block printing. This ancient Indian technique has existed for centuries, but the trend gives us another opportunity to look at different ways of using...
Guest Picks: Bringing Pattern Into Your Home
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I have to admit, I'm a pattern lover. Recently, I helped a friend put her bedroom together and was amazed at how scared she was of using patterns in her space. Here are some easy way to incorporate them into your home decor, whether you're a pattern newbie...
Guest Picks: Update a Traditional Living Room
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I'm currently helping a family update their living room décor. The traditional wood cabinetry they've had for years dictates the vibe of the room, so we're looking for furniture and accessories that will work well with the classic look yet portray the...
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