31 Ideabooks by Walden Homes

Shaker Style Kitchens: A Toronto Arts & Crafts Signature
12 photos
The Shaker Style is a very popular finish for kitchens in the Toronto Area. Even new-builds make use of this style to evoke a sense of Toronto's heritage. The majority of original construction homes in the Toronto area were built in the Arts & Craft's...
Outdoor BBQ Areas Perfect For Ringing In (/Recovering From) Canada Day!
19 photos
Have a look at our latest collection of impressive yet attainable outdoor eating/cooking areas. These spaces really become the "hearth" of the home, especially while entertaining friends and family. You'll find that the combination of cooking and being...
Canada Day Weekend: How to Bring Some Nationalism Into Your Home
23 photos
In light of Canada Day Weekend, we thought we'd share a compilation of photo's that are quintessentially Canadian. Red is the colour of our flag, it is also the colour of love, passion, boldness and alertness. Bring some patriotism to your interior by...
School's Out: Spaces That Will Make Your Kids Drool
20 photos
Because today is the last day of school before it's out for summer, we thought we'd share with you a collection of kid inspired places that would make some adults green with envy. These spaces use smart design, but keep the interests of the inhabitant...
Floor to Ceiling Windows: Maximizing Natural Light and Ceiling Height
20 photos
Floor to ceiling windows are the perfect way to bring an abundance of natural light into your home, while making the interior a more enjoyable spatial experience. Apart from bringing more light in, floor to ceiling windows also accentuate ceiling height...
Towels In A Washroom: When Convenience Meets Practicality and Design
25 photos
Towels are an essential for any washroom, but they don't have to be strictly functional. How towels are used and how they are incorporated can make all the difference. They can be worked into the space to produce a thoughtful washroom that makes use of...
When Privacy Matters; Design Oriented Ways to Keep You Covered
15 photos
Privacy is an issue at the forefront of many people's minds when searching for a home or undergoing renovation/construction. Especially with modern design's emphasis on an exposure to the outdoors, creative and effective privacy devices have never been...
Modern Garages and Car Ports That Will Keep Your Ride Cool
14 photos
Since the dawn of the personal automobile, the issue has always been how to accomodate your beloved piece of machinery at home. Since then, various applications have come and gone, so we've compiled a collection of garages that have stood the test of...
garage house
one photo
What Is The Focal Point In Your Family Room - The Fireplace or the TV?
14 photos
It's interesting to pay attention to the direction people take with their family room - whether they choose to keep their great wall exclusively for the fireplace, the tv, or a combination of the two. We're not saying that it is reflective of the home...
Cool and Functional Side & Back Doors
13 photos
Here's a collection of awesome side, back, and garden doors that really add to the space. They are mostly modern in style and vary in size, shape and material. Have a look and get in spired for your next side or back door project.
Painted Glass for a Sleek Finish in your Kitchen or Bathroom
12 photos
Painted glass seems to be a burgeoning trend in the realm of modern and contemporary kitchens. They offer a sleek, minimalist and durable alternative to traditional use of ceramic tiles or natural stone. They can also be customized to the colour...
Contemporary Fences That Will Make Your Home Stand Out
20 photos
Here's a collection of distinctive contemporary style fences serving a wide array of functions in and around the property. The emphasis on these fences is simplicity and function; they're high on design but not too imposing. Have a look and see for yourself....
Cool Add On's and Considerations for Pet Friendly House Holds
11 photos
Todays Idea Book has those of you who are pet owners and lovers in mind. We know how important it is for you owners to ensure that your furry family is accommodated to the utmost standard, so we've compiled these pictures to give you...
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