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Guest Picks: New Baby Kitchen Items
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With a new baby arriving, there are a lot of new kitchen items that you need to prepare. This list will prepare you for the first year of a newborn. — Ewa from Delishhh...
Guest Picks: Holiday Entertaining Essentials
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The holiday season is always a busy time. To make life easier, we all need a few essentials in the kitchen. Here are my recommendations for 20 holiday essentials that will make your life easier. — Ewa from Delishhh...
Guest Picks: Tea Towels
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Everyone needs a few absorbent strips of cloth — commonly known as tea towels — in the kitchen for wiping up spills, drying, cooking, wiping your hands, etc. Why not choose something that is fine to have around the kitchen? — Ewa from
Guest Picks: Aprons
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I have never been a fan of aprons. I am not sure why — maybe because I always had over-sized ugly things laying around. But the more I cook the more clothes I seem to ruin by grease or fruit stains of all sorts. So I thought that I needed a nice little...
IKEA Kitchen Products 2012
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The fabulous IKEA 2012 Catalog just came out and here is a list of things that everyone needs in their kitchen from it. These things are useful, handy, cheap, simple and will make your cooking experience easier. — Ewa from
Guest Picks: Colorful Appliances
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Instead of adding color with new paint, tiles, countertops or floors, why not just add a colorful appliance into your kitchen to brighten it up? It can always be removed or exchanged once you sell the house for quick, easy and colorful changes. Here...
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