17 Ideabooks by Hank and Hunt

Guest Picks: New Year, New Decor
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I know 2014 is going to be amazing, and one of my goals is to really freshen up the house. I want it to be bright, airy and a little quirky. I want modern lines to meet natural textures. And then there is always that pop of gold that will always be somewhere...
Guest Picks: Merrily Modern Holiday Decor
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Looking to add some merriment to your holiday decor this Christmas? Unpacking your decorations and feeling a little bored? It can happen to the best of us, no matter how much we love our past picks. This month I’ve rounded up a few of my current favorite...
Guest Picks: Add Pop and Whimsy to Your Dining Room
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Don't take life, or home decor, too seriously. Dining rooms, especially, can get stale, but add one or two pops of fun, and you'll make your guests feel at ease. Go simple with some color or gold, or make them laugh with something delightful and fun....
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Guest Picks: New Year, New Office: Get Organized in Style
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If I redecorate, I'll be more organized, right? Either way, it is time to add a few key pieces of furniture to my office, and there is no reason for them not to have style. I want my office to play with patterns, simple lines and punches of color. As...
Guest Picks: Last-Minute Gift Ideas for People Who Love Home Decor
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It's that time when we all wrap up our shopping. Still need ideas? Instead of the traditional "I don't know what to get, so I will buy a sweater," why not surprise someone with something to use in their home? Here are a few items that will be cherished...
Guest Picks: Holiday Entertaining Ideas
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I can't explain my holiday style. I guess I have a base of traditional and vintage with Dean Martin and Bing Crosby, but I love to add a twist of modern and fun. For example, this year I added a big pop of hot pink. Oh, and I never, ever forget a large...
Guest Picks: No Turkeys Allowed: Must-Haves for Fall Entertaining
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As the leaves start to change and we all crave our fall favorites (like pumpkin spice lattes and warm, fuzzy sweaters), we go into nesting mode. I like to add a few new pieces to my classic entertaining staples to cozy up my fall parties. From touches...
Guest Picks: Black and White Living
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I've been craving black and white in my house for a while now. It feels clean and fresh, but as cooler temperatures arrive, it also feels cozy. Black, white and gray work with any color scheme to help pop up the patterns. — Jenny from Hank...
Guest Picks: Black and White Modern Rustic Boys Room
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A modern, campy-style room for kids is on my mind. Black and white (or deep linen creams) make for a serene yet bold background for those colorful boys of mine. I also love a hint of the outdoors mixed with vintage schoolboy. Throw in some modern white...
Guest Picks: Gild the Lily — or the Home
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Everywhere I turn, I see shiny bits. Like a magpie, I like to hide gilded goodies in every nook of my house. Here are a few of my favorite picks. Use these sparingly, for you don't want to look like King Midas. — Jenny from Hank...
Guest Picks: Ocean Inspired Minus the Nautical
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Beautiful blues have been swimming in my head lately. I have a craving for the ocean, so bring on the deep midnight blues and playful aquas. Add just a pop of color, or layer them to make your room serene and tranquil. These picks have me wishing for...
Guest Picks: Cartoon-Free Finds for Kids
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My two sons share a room, and I'm finally redecorating it this summer. I am trying to incorporate fun into their room without going bonkers with mass-marketed cartoon characters — OK, fine, I am avoiding them altogether. I will use bright colors and...
Guest Picks: Fiesta
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I've seen the sun a few times and it was warm enough for sandals. Can't we forget this spring stuff and head right into summer? Besides, Cinco de Mayo is only a few weeks away! Viva Fiesta! — Jenny from Hank...
Guest Picks: Sprung For Spring
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Give me a peek at the sun and I am completely sprung. This is a collection of everything I have to have this spring. I'm ready to entertain come rain or shine, inside or outside, are you? — Jenny from Hank and...
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