13 Ideabooks by Gardening with Confidence®

Southeast Gardener's August Checklist
8 photos
August air is thick. Walking through the garden in the early morning is like stepping into a sauna. While morning is the coolest part of the day, it’s still sultry. August gardening in the Southeast is not for the faint at heart. Some even give up and...
Southeast Gardener's January Checklist
9 photos
January is a good time to look back on your gardening year and plan for the year ahead. Walk around your garden and take photos. Seeing your garden through the lens is telling, and looking at these pictures can help you see where you may want to make...
Great Design Plant: Coreopsis 'Redshift'
5 photos
One of the very first perennials I purchased for my urban country garden over two decades ago was a coreopsis — Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam'. A garden later, one that has seen drastic changes as I defined my gardening style, still...
Southeast Gardener: What to Do in June
10 photos
June is a good month in the South; the humidity has not yet arrived (for the most part), the days are long and the kids are out of school, putting us in summertime. Our routine has changed — a change that is welcome indeed! Summertime...
Southeast Gardener's May Checklist
11 photos
May brings the end of pine pollen and the unofficial start of summer with the long Memorial Day weekend. Let the prime gardening season begin. Here's what you can do in the Southeast garden this month. More...
Southeast Gardener's April Checklist
9 photos
The entire month of April is wrapped in spring. With March madness behind us and the merriment of May ahead, many feel the need to stop and appreciate our gardens in April (or at least I do). The month of April is full of tulips, daffodils, Virginia bluebells,...
Southeast Gardener's March Checklist
8 photos
March is a good time to drum to a different beat. As you plan your garden this year, think about doing something different. Flex your horticultural muscle and mix veggies with ornamentals, add a wildlife pond, grow herbs in containers or add a vine to...
Southeast Gardener's February Checklist
10 photos
Before the gardening season kicks into full gear, evaluate your landscape with regard to sustainability. Are you doing all that you can to reduce water, pesticides, herbicides...
Southeast Gardener's December Checklist
8 photos
December can be a quiet time in the garden. Most of us are busy with other things, so the timing is good. But there is much to enjoy, and some tending to take care of. Here is some of what we are doing in our Southeast December gardens.
Southeast Gardener's November Checklist
9 photos
Fall is a fantastic time to be in the garden. Soon enough there will be a killing frost; once that happens, it's time to tuck your garden into bed for the winter. Our first frost date is unpredictable in terms of regions and microclimates. The...
Southeast Gardener's October Checklist
10 photos
Fall for me brings the beginning of the new gardening year, and October is fall’s most festive month. Shorter days and cooler temperatures mean bringing in plants for a changing season. I’m not sure what excites me more: the foliage color...
Southeast Gardener: What to Do in July
9 photos
July is your prize after many months of gardening — from fall prep to spring planning — and you now get to reap your rewards with fresh fruits, vegetables and fragrant flowers. It is a time of abundance. July...
Southeast Gardener's September Checklist
10 photos
With the dog days of summer behind us, September opens with cooler air, creating a fresh scent and a sense of excitement. The source of this excitement may be no other reason than the weather being bearable enough to spend time outdoors once again. Reds...
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