20 Ideabooks by Jennifer Bishop Design

Houzz Tour: Elegant Carmel Beach Bungalow
10 photos
It's always refreshing to see a coastal home that hasn't overdone the beach theme, and this is exactly what designer Regan Baker did in this beach bungalow in Carmel, California....
Pick the Right Carpet Material
6 photos
One of the most important parts in selecting carpet is understanding what it's made of, because different carpet fibers have different characteristics. Before you head to the showroom, figure out which type is right for your room's style and traffic pattern...
Pattern Play: Zigzag Jazzes Up a Kids' Room
11 photos
We are doing things a little different on Pattern Play today. In past ideabooks, readers have expressed desire in seeing the patterns actually implemented in a room. I love the idea, so let's use this children's room as our example. For children's...
Pattern Play: Subtle Southwest Style
7 photos
I'm really loving all the Southwestern influences I've been seeing in fashion and interiors this past year. Many times I get asked how to achieve certain looks without necessarily making them a theme. By playing with textures and colors I was able to...
10 Great Laundry Room Ideas
10 photos
Many would agree that the task of laundry could be a hair more pleasant should the spaces be beautiful to work in. Add a few time savers, handy storage and colorful details, and you may never have your wash loads stack up again. Browse...
Get Organized: Let Your Shoes Shine
8 photos
Organizing doesn't have to be all function and no form. Our beloved shoe collections offer just the right opportunity to join the worlds of organizing and beauty. Whether your closet is palatial or puny, I think you'll find that these ideas can be adapted...
Pattern Play: Mix Prints for a Traditional-Modern Look
10 photos
Mixing patterns can be hard enough without trying to mix different design styles as well. Sticking to 4 basic steps in choosing patterns can ease the confusion. For this pattern play I wanted to show you how you can mix a traditional pattern...
Pattern Play: Masculine Ruggedness, Modernized
11 photos
Using patterns is often near the top of the list of homeowner design concerns. Suggest using multiple patterns together and some nearly have an anxiety attack! There are a few simple rules you can follow to ease the scare factor of mixing patterns. ...
Tackle a Tornado of Ribbons with Simple Storage Ideas
12 photos
Whether you're a crafter, scrapbooker or just have gift-wrapping ribbons galore, these organizational tips on storing ribbons can keep your home less cluttered. And the best part is they are simple and inexpensive ideas that anyone could handle. You may...
Designer Trick: Take Your Shower Tile to the Ceiling
8 photos
Creating illusions for the eye can do great things for design. In this case, a simple trick can make your bathroom feel larger. Most of us don't have the grand bathrooms shown to us in magazines or in this ideabook. But that's the great thing about...
Room Tour: Reinvented Thanksgiving Table
9 photos
Ashley Russell has loved to create ever since she was a girl. She grew up with a passion for the home and was always inspired by her mother, a wedding florist. When she started her own family, she had to become a DIY gal on a very tight budget. She feathers...
Vanity Towers Take Bathroom Storage to New Heights
8 photos
I'm sure most of us can agree that our bathroom storage is never enough. Enter the vanity tower. Because it sits above your existing vanity or bathroom counter, it's a great way to add storage without increasing the size of the vanity or taking up precious...
Easy, Colorful Toddler's Birthday Party
13 photos
Entertaining at home is all the rage, especially with all the fun ideas available to us now. If you use items you already have or start collecting pieces that can be used over and over no matter the theme, your party can look like a million bucks, even...
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